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Cum alegi coach-ul potrivit?

“Onoarea nu inseamna sa faci alegerile potrivite, ci sa ai de a face cu consecintele alegerilor tale.”

Pornind de la premisa ca suntem ceea ce suntem datorita (sau din cauza) alegerilor pe care le facem in fiecare moment, devine esential pentru oricine doreste sa beneficieze in mod real de pe urma coaching-ului, sa isi asume in mod responsabil alegerea constienta a coach-ului profesionist care il va insoti pe calea plenitudinii prin atingerea potentialului sau creativ maxim. 

A naviga prin apele involburate ale coaching-ului in cautarea profesionistului ideal, intr-o industrie in continua crestere, care estima in 2019 la nivel global peste 71000 de practicanti, conform Executive Summary pentru 2020 ICF Global Coaching Study, devine o sarcina din ce in ce mai dificila, in special din cauza multitudinii de coach-i “self-made” la foc automat si pe banda rulanta care, din pacate, atunci cand nu se ridica la nivelul competentelor de baza si nu respecta standardele codului etic, nu aduc deloc cinste si vizibilitate mediatica pozitiva acestei profesii nobile.

Cu toate acestea, eficienta demonstrata a coaching-ului, in calitatea sa de “parteneriat cu clientii intr-un proces provocator si creativ care ii inspira sa isi maximizeze potentialul personal si profesional”, dar si ca “proces revelator care se construieste pe filosofia constientizarii si responsabilizarii” este de necontestat, in special atunci cand alegerea coach-ului respecta o serie de criterii de bun simt.

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Royal Endeavors – Dubova Over Danube


My beloved audience,

I am very pleased the Lion’s Gate energy enhancing portal will mark the completion of one of the most cherished Royal Endeavors episodes to be lauched this lovely summer, which is dedicated to a calm and charming weekend I spent in excellent company by the Danube, at my friend’s delightful summer residence.

It was one of the best weekends I ever had this summer, touched by the shining sun and great fun, which rekindled old relationships and started new friendships over a glass of prosecco under the starry sky, blowing sacred wishes at the falling stars. What a wonderful time to be alive!

I must admit the low wifi connection might have stirred up communication and joyful soul sharing, even when the different paths of spirituality seemed quite parallel and the spirits appeared to boiling up a bit due to the subjective angles of reality, it was still a weekend to remember for doing nothing and everything that pleases us in the same time. That might have been Mercury retrograde sparkling on the verge of action but it didn’t mess with us at all, nor did the pouring rain and the mighty thunders lightening up the summer sky.
I have solid proof the storm was full of glory until the wind took a toll on us.


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