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Princessa Petra 060


My beloved audience,

Welcome to the last fashion editorial of 2k18 – a super special anniversary edition which marks the splendid delivery of 60 Princessa Petra Registered Style Statements along the 2 years+ rich content creation experience. 

In spite of having postponed this one for ages (actually, by “ages” I mean less than a month, as it was scheduled to enchant your pretty little eyes on the 1st of December – Romania’s Great Union Day), I am now experiencing the wonderful blessings of Angel Number 60, which is a message from angels stability and harmony will reign in my life as long as I put all my trust in Divine Source. 
Angel Number 60 is a reminder that all supply comes from the Universe, including the material one. It is about time my spiritual wealth and intelligence would manifest itself into the material world. 

Since my Faith is stronger than ever, I will exclusively dedicate this anniversary edition to the communication with the Divine Source and its elaborate interpretation, as well as the abundance of prophetic symbols and signs enhancing my fascinating (dream) world. 

Meanwhile, please note my splendid traditional blouse is hand-sewed and embelished by my great grandmother therefore it is a legacy of unestimable worth.
It also seems to possess magical powers since everytime I wear it I feel protected and shielded as if I was wearing an energetic armour. You’ll probably see it further in my 2k19 style editorials – I am planning to revive all immortal art pieces I own. 

Photography: Volker Vornehm // #volkervornehm
Fashion Styling: Petra Paitici // #princessapetra

#PrincessaPetra #GloryToTheHoly #Proph3ticJustice

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Royal Endeavors – Lost In A Moment

imageThe Stronghold – Civitella Val di Chiana, Tuscany, Italy.

Hello ladies and gentlemen of the nightlife,

Have I mentioned my latest international adventure to Tuscany on the 24th of July – Lost in A Moment in the Magic of natural forces unleashed into the divine order of rave, faith and luck? Enchanting, a mystical gathering, predominantly dressed in black, invoked by the Berlin monks under the tuscan sun. And the rain that followed.  Highly exclusive, only reachable by car, open airy meditation to spiritual techno under the moody skies of Castle Calcione in Lucignano, reigning with grace on a Sunday afternoon over extended fields of grass, bathing in the sun and colorful twilights.

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Royal Endeavors – CABAL 02

imageBubbling with Joy – CABAL 02, the Bothanical Gardens.

Hello my raspberry cupcakes,

It’s time for the third lucky charmed CABAL 03 featuring Navid Izadi !live, Crazy P Soundsystem, Fish Go Deep, Fouchat – see you on the 27th of August – a supreme Saturday afternoon raising highest vibrations, uniting frequencies with the Universe, igniting musical trips, all united in the glory of fun! Future.

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