• Royal Endeavors – Rosslyn Chapel

    #PrincessaPetra x #RosslynChapel #GloryToTheHoly #Proph3ticJustice Ladies and Gentlemen, Esteemed Audience, “If thoust can comprehend these things, thoust know enough.” – William St Clair We have gathered in the virtual space on this glorious All Saints’ Eve to cherish and honor the last outstanding episode of the Royal Endeavors – Scotland series, which is introducing the breathtaking […]

  • Royal Endeavors – Cairo, Egypt

    Ladies and Gentlemen, This is the very moment you all have been waiting for – it is the time to enchant your View and Vision of the World again with my initiatic journeys, as I am about to step into the Truth and bring into Light the breathtaking Legacy of the Pharaohs. Nothing amazes me […]

  • Royal Endeavors – Luxor, Egypt

    The Adventures of CleoPetra in the Land of the Pharaohs – Karnak, Egypt Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the latest Spiritual Manifestation of my Heart’s True Desires – the Art of Traveling through History and Space with Style and Grace – dedicated to my beloved Egypt and all of its majestic Greatness. It is the second […]