• Princessa Petra – Christ Consciousness

    My beloved audience, Welcome to the last fashion editorial of 2k18 – a super special anniversary edition which marks the splendid delivery of 60 Princessa Petra Registered Style Statements along the 2 years+ rich content creation experience.  In spite of having postponed this one for ages (actually, by “ages” I mean less than a month, […]

  • Royal Endeavors – House of Dimener in Paris

    #PrincessaPetra x #ClaudiuCiubotaru @ #GaleriesLafayette – #Paris 2k18 Ladies and Gentlemen, Long time no see, you wish you were me but you can’t, lol. What a genius line.  I am living such a great life that I hardly want to spoil it by taking a million shots just to prove how cool I am but […]

  • Proph3tic Justice – Osunlade – My Reflection

    You are my Reflection So all that I have to say must Penetrate You are my Reflection There’s no other way to Communicate You are all I need to survive You help to Sustain my Life I don’t know what I would do without you cause if I don’t breathe, you don’t exist If I […]