• Princessa Petra – Glory To The Holy

    Princessa Petra x Daniela Barb – Breathing Space Collection My dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the second enlightening Spiritual Fashion Editorial wearing my favorite Romanian Designer, Daniela Barb, dedicated to Freedom, possibly the most desired non-material dimension of both Body, Mind and Soul and the name of the ethereal silk cotton jumpsuit I am […]

  • Princessa Petra – The Sacred and The Profane

    “Concision in style, precision in thought, decision in life.” – Victor Hugo Hey, babes! 💜 Long time, no see! Literally. Fun has been had so little Me Time was left to indulge into the Pleasures of Writing and revealing myself virtually. My life is hype and I live it !live. It’s time for the last […]

  • Royal Endeavors – Luxor, Egypt

    The Adventures of CleoPetra in the Land of the Pharaohs – Karnak, Egypt Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the latest Spiritual Manifestation of my Heart’s True Desires – the Art of Traveling through History and Space with Style and Grace – dedicated to my beloved Egypt and all of its majestic Greatness. It is the second […]