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Jurnal de Burnout – In Cautarea Sensului

“Multe lucruri nu le vedem pentru ca le privim prea de aproape.”

– Lucian Blaga

Contextul VUCA, caracterizat de volatilitate, incertitudine (uncertainty), complexitate si ambiguitate, a fost dintotdeauna o provocare la nivel individual si organizational in vremurile solicitante in care traim, favorizand astfel efecte puternice si reactii negative ale psihicului uman si a inconstientului colectiv.

Tinand cont ca singura certitudine a realitatii distantarii sociale a fost incertitudinea, sindromul epuizarii profesionale – unanim recunoscut drept “burnout” – fenomenul deja existent dar subtil ignorat la nivel organizational a prins amploare in sens negativ.

Desi aceasta afectiune complexa, asociata cu epuizarea fizica, mentala, emotionala si spirituala, care apare in urma unui stress excesiv cronicizat, este recunoscuta oficial de Organizatia Mondiala a Sanatatii ca sindrom profesional asociat cu cresterea riscului de boli cardiovasculare, depresie si sinucidere, responsabilitatea sa, in cele mai frecvente cazuri asociata factorilor de stress prezenti la locul de munca, este rareori asumata de catre angajatori, care esueaza in a realiza efectul devastator pe care burnout-ul il are si care se rasfrange asupra familiilor angajatilor, comunitatii, societatii si inclusiv asupra performantei in afaceri.

De altfel, cum poti sa sustii un business profitabil cu angajati aflati la limita rezistentei psihice?

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Glory, Transformational Coaching

Eligibilitatea in Coaching.

In calitatea sa de “proces revelator care se construieste pe filosofia constientizarii si responsabilizarii”, coaching-ul transformational este o abordare deosebit de eficienta doar atunci cand clientul care beneficiaza de pe urma acestui serviciu indeplineste o serie de conditii esentiale, care sa asigure atingerea obiectivelor propuse si implicit, succesul programului. 

Rentabilitatea programului de coaching depinde exclusiv de implicarea, determinarea si perseverenta clientului, care este unicul responsabil pentru propriul sau progres. 

In coaching, sintagma “merge si asa” este inaplicabila – numai clientul este cel in masura sa cerceteze, sa evalueze si sa hotarasca ce, cum, cand si in ce directie se va indrepta dezvoltarea sa personala si profesionala. Acestuia nu i se ofera solutii “la cheie”, sfaturi, indrumari care sa il distraga de la constientizarea realitatii si asumarea responsabilitatii.

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Princessa Petra 061


Have the Courage to be Disliked

“Leaders lead in face of discomfort, leaders lead in face of disagreement, leaders lead in face of breakdown.
It’s not a convenient job, it’s a job of conviction and service.”

– Lisa Nichols

My beloved audience,

Absorbed by the delicate remembrance of royal endeavors, bathing in the afterglow of my impressions, I have disregarded the trials and tribulations of my evolution, which deserves a warm and honest praise, without a shadow of complaint – this is a future forward fashion throwback to the hype of the former days,  as my signature never goes out of style and time is just man made.

I have decided to celebrate my personal development, professional accomplishments and wellbeing through this distictive photoshooting with the world famous photographer Cornel Lazia, an artist devoted to surprise the fierceful elegance of my presence behind a healthy dosis of multi-layered animal prints.
The truth is it takes courage to unfold a character, as well as a public dosis of stamina and I have come a long way not to step into the power of my greater purpose, to which the whole Universe resonates.

I have started blogging three years ago, with three eyes on my mind to glow, since public displays of investment are quite low and shallow. My mission has always been to inspire a generous wave of personal growth, as each stepping stone we face births the context in which we become more. Some of you know I have always been more – way too much to handle when the less is more. I can’t even complain because fortune favors the bold and my voice rings the bells into the depth of your souls. That’s a gift only I can endure.

This is the story of how I grow, glow and flow.

Photography: Cornel Lazia // @kornel27

#PrincessaPetra #GloryToTheHoly #Proph3ticJustice

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Royal Endeavors – Iulia Hasdeu Castle

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Hello sweethearts,

Weirdly enough, I keep releasing Royal Endeavors exclusive episodes this summer, much more frequent than before, when I was focused on conveying my message regarding self-esteem, self-image and confidence through the signature Princessa Petra photo shootings.
I assume I have reached that level of inner peace to shift the perspective from showing off myself and my accurate sense of fashion to being of service to others through emotional self-expression and spiritual storytelling. #iLoveMyLife

Thank you for bearing with me – it has been an intense journey matching the spiritual knowledge and divine wisdom I receive through inner channels and personal revelations to the external Universe, which reflected my energy blueprint, the one that was and still is a work in progress, by shedding off the facets of the fragmented reality that I did not own but it was imposed to me, to the level I am currently on – one of positive (self) manifestation, limitless blessings and unconditional love.

The real deal is to have the insight and the desire to overcome limitations is not enough to secure the success of transformation; we need to be ready and aligned with the greatest good – if you are wondering what the stars have in store for you. Apparently all which does not serve me comes tumbling down as I am done going through. I am not energetically welcomed to contexts which defy my freedom and question my frequency. I am denied access to where I do not belong and there is no turning back to the old, as farther I would look back but I don’t.

The particular journey I took to Campina for an extended weekend of team work, in order to obtain my Project Manager certification, recognized by the National Authority for Qualifications (ANC) has played an important role in the realization I have healed from the negativity coming through from a toxic corporate environment which failed to match my positive intentions and growth mindset.
It had validated all my assumptions and past actions of what I thought to be a real team player acting from a genuine positive leadership position and a respectable frame of thought. And that is not all – that is just an expected professional accomplishment matching my experience and expertise – the real deal was having the chance to take a step forward in my career and have the long awaited chance to visit Iulia Hasdeu Castle in Campina, which has been on my bucket list ever since I found out about its fabulous esoteric history and the spiritist activity which it hosted, the first I know to ever have been recorded in Romania.

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God, The Universe

On the Law of Change.

Charles Chaplin – A Beauty with Doves (19th century)

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Happy Happy 2019!!! I am confident this will be an exceptional year for all of us, sprinkled with high levels of awareness, creativity, talent, self-confidence, enlightenment, important breakthroughs, countless blessings and endless opportunities to shed the aged thinking and behavior patterns, along with 365 chances to be truthful to ourselves and others and daily manifest Joy, success and abundance into our lives. 

“Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.”

Benjamin Franklin

This is my first spiritual blog post of 2K19 and it gives me nothing but a great sense of reverence towards the Universe for the inspiration to deliver it to you in the first month of the year and initiate its manifestation into writing on the 11th day. 

You do know how fascinated I am with synchronicities and numerology, therefore it shouldn’t come as a great surprise this particular day is charged with the great energy of alignment. Moreover, I am delivering this spiritual guidance on my 3rd year blog anniversary. I had no idea I started it on the 13th of January but WordPress just reminded me of this precious notification highlighted in fuchsia. I have no idea if I chose the color myself or it is one of the Universe’s great mysteries but it surely gives me hope for the best (as always), as well as the white dove appearing in my dream last night. I am not sure if I have mentioned the two eclipses of this month yet but there is serious astrological evidence there is real magic floating in the fresh air of winter. There is also an abundance of snow beautifying the grey streets of Bucharest, while I am hanging out most of my time with my precious puppy, Joy. 

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”

― Eckhart Tolle

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