Glory, Transformational Coaching

Cum alegi coach-ul potrivit?

“Onoarea nu inseamna sa faci alegerile potrivite, ci sa ai de a face cu consecintele alegerilor tale.”

Pornind de la premisa ca suntem ceea ce suntem datorita (sau din cauza) alegerilor pe care le facem in fiecare moment, devine esential pentru oricine doreste sa beneficieze in mod real de pe urma coaching-ului, sa isi asume in mod responsabil alegerea constienta a coach-ului profesionist care il va insoti pe calea plenitudinii prin atingerea potentialului sau creativ maxim. 

A naviga prin apele involburate ale coaching-ului in cautarea profesionistului ideal, intr-o industrie in continua crestere, care estima in 2019 la nivel global peste 71000 de practicanti, conform Executive Summary pentru 2020 ICF Global Coaching Study, devine o sarcina din ce in ce mai dificila, in special din cauza multitudinii de coach-i “self-made” la foc automat si pe banda rulanta care, din pacate, atunci cand nu se ridica la nivelul competentelor de baza si nu respecta standardele codului etic, nu aduc deloc cinste si vizibilitate mediatica pozitiva acestei profesii nobile.

Cu toate acestea, eficienta demonstrata a coaching-ului, in calitatea sa de “parteneriat cu clientii intr-un proces provocator si creativ care ii inspira sa isi maximizeze potentialul personal si profesional”, dar si ca “proces revelator care se construieste pe filosofia constientizarii si responsabilizarii” este de necontestat, in special atunci cand alegerea coach-ului respecta o serie de criterii de bun simt.

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God, Grace, Love, The Universe

On the Sparkle of Intuition.

Michelangelo – The Dream of Human Life (after 1533)

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.”
– Dean Koontz

Dear audience,

A series of fortunate events which shaped my perspective in the past few years have inspired the decision to raise awareness on the Sparkle of Intuition, which is an amazing opportunity we are given in order to tap deep into our spiritual senses and connect to an instinctive knowledge which is extremely important in self development. The last experience on this matter was having a little wrench during a call with a recruiter a couple of days ago for a Marketing Copywriter position for a financial product, which honestly does not reflect my sphere of interests. In spite of the short call being polite and decent, I realized she did not say any word about the company she was recruiting for and I was presented with a test to complete in 48 hours. The test itself was not a big problem, considering Google, my skills and imagination, but the shortage of details, such as company presentation, position on market, job description and other important matters were awfully missing. I don’t know about you, guys, but if I am handed over with a test, I need to know who and why I am investing my time and effort for.

The same rationale applies for the countless time consuming recruitment phases in some companies, which for them might count as a “strict” selection but, for me the process reveals a lack of prepared recruiters able to use their knowledge and intuition to find the most suitable candidate for a position. Let’s just think about the availability of junior, middle and top managers to interview a candidate in advanced phases, which suggests the pace of the company is rather slow. I dare say the professional advancement might as well follow this particular trend. What do you think? I decided to deal with my wrench by being thankful for the opportunity and honest in regards to my lack interest for the field, which she appreciated by sharing my opinion the field and product are very important for the creative.

As most of my successful decisions in life were based on intuition, which was behind finding reasonable and quick responses to every challenge, especially in the professional environment, an ability which was enhanced since I have started walking on the path of self-development, I am pleased to follow my annual tradition to dedicate the first post of the May birthday celebration month to my spiritual duties of spreading knowledge and enlightenment. I choose not to discuss the so-called “magical phenomenon” of intuition from a psychological standpoint as the information might become hard to follow and swallow, but rather encourage everyone to practice an exercise of dimming the outside “noise” or distractions in favor of peace and quietness, by shutting down rumination and clearing inner space for that particular sparkle of higher intelligence, commonly called The Intuition.

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