• Proph3tic Justice – On the Law of Success.

    Gerald David – Virgin and Child with Four Angels Dear ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the last episode of the Manifestation Trilogy, a mesmerizing spiritual masterpiece dedicated to Success and Prosperity, just in time for the second eclipse of January in the sign of Leo, which marks the grand finale of a challenging eclipse season […]

  • Royal Endeavors – Port Cultural Cetate

    PrincessaPetra x Port Cultural La Cetate – Eclectic Relaxation, May 2k18 πŸ’œ Hello, my beloved Geminis rising all around the world! πŸ’œ πŸ‘‘ Our time is now. Unite or perish!Β πŸ‘‘ I would like to apologize to my beloved audience for neglecting my Spiritual duty of sharing my Wisdom and Knowledge lately. I have been distracted […]

  • Princessa Petra – Earthly Archetypes

    Daniela Barb – Earth Collection – Archetypes Concept – Exotique. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, We have gathered today for a wonderful moment of celebration – a superb milestone recently achieved by Team Supreme – the launch of Daniela Barb’s new Fall/Winter 2k17-2k18 Collection at Noblesse Palace during the enchanting Christmas Fair happening as we speak. This is the beginning of a […]