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Eligibilitatea in Coaching.

In calitatea sa de “proces revelator care se construieste pe filosofia constientizarii si responsabilizarii”, coaching-ul transformational este o abordare deosebit de eficienta doar atunci cand clientul care beneficiaza de pe urma acestui serviciu indeplineste o serie de conditii esentiale, care sa asigure atingerea obiectivelor propuse si implicit, succesul programului. 

Rentabilitatea programului de coaching depinde exclusiv de implicarea, determinarea si perseverenta clientului, care este unicul responsabil pentru propriul sau progres. 

In coaching, sintagma “merge si asa” este inaplicabila – numai clientul este cel in masura sa cerceteze, sa evalueze si sa hotarasca ce, cum, cand si in ce directie se va indrepta dezvoltarea sa personala si profesionala. Acestuia nu i se ofera solutii “la cheie”, sfaturi, indrumari care sa il distraga de la constientizarea realitatii si asumarea responsabilitatii.

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Grace, Love

Arta Pretuirii de Sine – Respectul pe care ni-l datoram


“Respectandu-te pe tine insuti, impui respectul celorlalti.”
– F. Dostoievski

Ce este stima de sine?

Toti avem momente in care ne lipseste increderea in fortele proprii si nu excelam la capitolul imagine de sine.
Astfel de momente sunt inevitabile, dar periculoase pentru sanatatea mentala, atunci cand se inradacineaza drept atitudini pe termen lung fata de propria persoana.

Stima de sine reprezinta parerea pe care o avem despre noi insine – cu cat aceasta este mai buna, cu atat ne putem bucura de o viziune pozitiva asupra vietii, o capacitate de rezilienta sporita, intelegere si toleranta fata de noi insine si fata de ceilalti, echilibru emotional si deschidere fata de nou.

La polul opus se afla stima de sine scazuta, determinata de o imagine de sine negativa, care conditioneaza un puternic sentiment de autocritica, lipsa de respect si acceptare fata de sine si fata de ceilalti, o igiena emotionala precara, frica de esec si teama de necunoscut.

Pozitionarea noastra fata de cei doi poli este determinata chiar de discursul interior pe care il avem fata de noi insine, fie el unul optimist, incurajator, motivant, sau, din contra, unul pesimist si excesiv de critic – ambele perspective au capacitatea de a pune in functiune motorul profetiilor autoimplinite – predictii a caror realizare o atragem in mod subconstient prin propriul nostru comportament.

Stima de sine influenteaza deci comportamentele – o imagine de sine pozitiva va insufla energie, entuziasm, determinare – ea sta la baza mindset-ului flexibil, care faciliteaza atingerea obiectivelor, transformand obstacolele in provocari si experientele negative in lectii; datorita ei, relatiile se desfasoara in mod armonios.

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Grace, The Universe

Crisis is the Best Coach #6

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Happy Friday, darlings!

Please mind my lack of presence online but I have decided to make an appearance online only to celebrate my achievements.
I feel this is a wonderful opportunity to infuse my posts with more enthusiasm and make a greater use of my virtual persona, in order to inspire and motivate my audience during the age of changes and challenges.
That is what #CrisisIsTheBestCoach is all about – facing uncertainty with open minds for what lays in the silver lining of the events shaking reality and shaping history before our eyes.
One thing is certain – we all reign over our ability to invest time and attention in what matters the most or doesn’t at all, therefore we should use our resources wisely, think through and maintain calm.
These being said, today I am celebrating the completion of Coaching & Mentoring for Business Success Diploma Course provided by @Centre_of_Excellence with Distinction, receiving the feedback of a “superb result”.
Meanwhile, enjoy this accurate depiction of how I let my potential flourish as a referent authority during challenging times. I heard “With great power comes great responsibility” so I am definitely looking forward to applying a distinctive touch to the next professional role.

#PrincessaPetra #GloryToTheHoly #Proph3ticJustice


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Royal Endeavors – Dubova Over Danube


My beloved audience,

I am very pleased the Lion’s Gate energy enhancing portal will mark the completion of one of the most cherished Royal Endeavors episodes to be lauched this lovely summer, which is dedicated to a calm and charming weekend I spent in excellent company by the Danube, at my friend’s delightful summer residence.

It was one of the best weekends I ever had this summer, touched by the shining sun and great fun, which rekindled old relationships and started new friendships over a glass of prosecco under the starry sky, blowing sacred wishes at the falling stars. What a wonderful time to be alive!

I must admit the low wifi connection might have stirred up communication and joyful soul sharing, even when the different paths of spirituality seemed quite parallel and the spirits appeared to boiling up a bit due to the subjective angles of reality, it was still a weekend to remember for doing nothing and everything that pleases us in the same time. That might have been Mercury retrograde sparkling on the verge of action but it didn’t mess with us at all, nor did the pouring rain and the mighty thunders lightening up the summer sky.
I have solid proof the storm was full of glory until the wind took a toll on us.


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