• Evoke Awareness – Synchronicity and Harmonization

    “There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Shakespeare In my previous article – Ten Psychological Laws To Use To Your Advantage – a sustainable direction was brought into attention to neither waste or misuse the inherent power that springs from the psychological forces every individual […]

  • Evoke Awareness – Ten Psychological Laws to Use to Your Advantage

    “Only the development of his inner powers can offset the dangers inherent in man’s losing control of the tremendous natural forces at his disposal and becoming the victim of his own achievements.” ⁃ Roberto Assagioli The current disruptive events taking place around the world, such as conflict, pollution, pandemic, poverty, starvation, scarcity, disease, crisis – […]

  • The Price of Power – Trezirea Spirituala – Organizatia Viitorului

    “Fara schimbare, nu exista inovatie, creativitate sau impulsul pentru dezvoltare. Cei care initiaza schimbarea vor avea oportunitati mai bune de a face fata schimbarilor inevitabile.” ⁃ William Pollard In articolul “Trezirea Spirituala – Un Salt Calitativ la Nivel Profesional. “Short Notice” pentru Organizatii.”, modelul DSCO (Drama – Situatie – Choice // Alegere Constienta – Oportunitate) […]