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Royal Endeavors – San Sebastián

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Ladies and gentlemen,

Bine v-am regasit! Welcome! Bienvenido! Bienvenue! Willkommen! to my latest Royal Endeavors exclusive travel episode dedicated to the lovely seaside resort of Donostia – San Sebastián in Basque Country, a lively slice of Heaven touched by the Sun God that promises to bless you with breathtaking landscapes and incredible heights and sights. I truly hope this article will inspire you to grace the divine SanSe with your presence wholeheartedly, as its positive, uplifting energy had a wonderful effect on my mood and general state of well-being, possibly due to the excellent weather conditions which made all these fabulous pictures possible. If you ask the locals, you will be truly suprised by the fact the weather is not this friendly all the time, therefore I consider us truly blessed to have had such a wonderful experience.

Second of all, since I absolutely love my mood shining through these pics, I would like to dedicate some kind words of appreciation to the All Mighty Universe for the major global events which happened during this passed Gemini season, which made an extraordinary difference, and to show my grattitude for the positive changes I noticed since my 33rd birthday.

You will not believe the feeling of easiness, flow and relief I have since I celebrated my rebirth into Christ Consciousness, the symbolic age of the ascension of Christ into the presence of God in Heaven.

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Royal Endeavors – Cabal 05

IMG_2056Princessa Petra Rave Edition – Finessing w/ the Homies – Bucharest Bothanical Garden. 

Hey, boo! 🔥🏆🔥

Back 2 Back on Track w/ the latest news regarding my social life, barely seen online – I am presenting to you Le Grand Rave – Cabal05 Brodinski Tanner Ross Mark De Clive-Lowe Aquarius Heaven – I’ve attended this summer at Bucharest Bothanical Garden as Cabal Ambassador. I love how that sounds – Ambasador. It involves getting the right people in the right place at the right time.
Not to mention Cabal is my favorite Electronic Music Party Brand right now.
Should I state the obvious that this gig was starring the One and Only, 2QT for words but a Professional on the Set, the Man himself – Brodinski
I just Love him for his dope hip-hop beats and the way it shows in his attitude as a DJ.
He Loves what he does and I admire that in people. Above all, have you seen those long legs and his signature pose? Dope AF.
I am so glad Cabal flew this guy first time in Romania.
Note that down, please. 💅🏼👩🏻‍🎤🌸💅🏼

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Princessa Petra 014

If  everything turns gray, start wearing orange! – Bucharest.

Hola, bombones! 🍰🍰🍰

How’s your walk? Long time no see, another episode featuring me. That’s the talk. My last limited edition extensive hairstyle delivered gracefully before I turn my bob into a fluffy ball of curls. Stay close, breathe softly. It’s savory gold. Rolled, packed up, ready to go! Now, since I am not telling you what to wear, focus your 3(r)D eye vision upon me – the future looks bright. Are you ready? 💕

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Royal Endeavors – CABAL 02

imageBubbling with Joy – CABAL 02, the Bothanical Gardens.

Hello my raspberry cupcakes,

It’s time for the third lucky charmed CABAL 03 featuring Navid Izadi !live, Crazy P Soundsystem, Fish Go Deep, Fouchat – see you on the 27th of August – a supreme Saturday afternoon raising highest vibrations, uniting frequencies with the Universe, igniting musical trips, all united in the glory of fun! Future.

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Royal Endeavors – CABAL 01

imageHot Dog Sensation – CABAL 001, the Bothanical Gardens.

Hey boo! 🦄🦄🦄

Fancy a treat?
Would that be prosecco and fruits de mer? 💎
I know just what you like, it’s (too) nice and hot.
I’ll be around. 👁
You’re getting it on Sunday, the 10th of July – all inclusive, full option and limited edition of exclusive day time raving with Tensnake and Culoe de Song.👑
Oh, did I mention?
Perfect timing – the grand finale of UEFA European Championship will be broadcasted !live.
Game on, Quaresma baby, my eyes are on you! 💜👁💜

More on the event of the month : CABAL 002

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Princessa Petra 006

High Maintenance Hothouse – Bothanical Garden, Bucharest.

Hey boo! 💜

Feeling hot? Me, too! What’s up?

Guess what? I am attending my first day time rave in Romania, a very special event held somewhere in the Bothanical Garden 🙂 Outdoors of course.
Rise and Shine!
Prosecco, Gelato, Jacques Greene, Public Lover, my friends and all the prettiest faces in town!
Level of dopeness infinity +10.
Look up Cabal 01! 💜
I’ll be seeing some people I like there, hanging out with the best crowd – you know how it’s done.
Come around!

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