• Royal Endeavors – La Conac by AIO Living

    “Just as writing can become calligraphy when it’s creatively, skillfully, and consciously performed, so can all other activities become art. In this case, we are reflecting upon life itself as an artistic statement—the art of living.” – H.E. Davey Dear ladies and gentlemen, After the successful Monumentalist Tour in Craiova, which created the premises of gaining […]

  • Proph3tic Justice – On the Bliss of Manifestation.

    Michelangelo – Creation of Adam (detail), Sistine Chapel “True elegance for me is the manifestation of an independent mind.” – Isabella Rossellini My esteemed audience, Thank you for embarking with me on the rewarding journey to self-discovery and personal development. Choosing my support and service as a Spiritual Leader brings me much comfort, joy and […]

  • Princessa Petra – Promises Made At Midnight

    When I Smile, The World Stops and Stares for a While – Bucharest.  Hello, my Golden Seahorses!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Have no fear, Your Queen is here! Buckle up! This will be the beginning of a Fascinating Journey, Riding the Winds of Change for the Best and Success. As I am a Living Work of Art (I […]