Mars, Style

MARS 004

imageAnderson.Paak – Something for the Ladies – The Dot Stands For Detail

Hello, gorgeous! 🦄🦄🦄

Anderson.Paak – what a vibe, ladies and gentlemen!

The Royal Pearl of RnB, future sounds, Aquarius Rising – adventurous and lyrical, deep and divine.
An Angel has Risen! He’s a Chosen One!
This must be the crowning of a Prince.
Welcome to the indigo zone, darlings. Long Live our Purple Swag!
Praise and Preach, Anderson brother!
The revolution is irresistible, fire it up! 🕊👁🌹

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Pluto, Style

BOO 001


Hey boo,

I adore you. I adore dogs!
This is Happy, Queen Miniature Pinscher, caramel gold, super sheer and I owner her! 💜
She’s my favorite WWW, I 💜 her to the Moon and back!
There’s nothing like her, she has all dogs bow.
High profile, baby!

ROK made this.

💜 xoxo