Evoke Awareness – Synchronicity and Harmonization

“There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

– Shakespeare

In my previous article – Ten Psychological Laws To Use To Your Advantage – a sustainable direction was brought into attention to neither waste or misuse the inherent power that springs from the psychological forces every individual possesses – forces that can be optimally regulated through the proper use of the ten psychological laws – yet to further explore and exploit it to our evolutionary advantage.

As sustainability and evolution should be the purposeful preoccupation of any individual engaged in the process of self-actualization, yet the geopolitical climax is seemingly attempting to quell this lifetime unrest that animates the last level of Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs by conditioning the needs for safety and security and even the basic physiological needs being met, it becomes increasingly difficult for individuals to channel their now precarious psychological forces in the direction of serving humanity through their own development and evolution, instead of succumbing to irrational thoughts, fear and worry.

In the dictatorship era of pragmatism, cerebrology and epistemic horizontality, when the critical mass is now struggling to make ends meet globally, conquering the vast unknown territory that encompasses the mind, matter and spirit is an act of rebellion and heresy. It takes great courage to slay the dragon in its lair with regards to the impediments that arise to making inner growth top priority.

“The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself… The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.”

⁃ Warren Buffet

Yet the increased frequency and observance of the phenomenon of synchronicity – the significant coincidence between the inner state (of art) and exterior occurrence(s), which appears least probable in a particular configuration, is to be considered proof of the advancement of collective consciousness beyond the paradigm of dry materialism and cognitive daltonism specific to rational sciences that has dominated humanity.

And since the new found preoccupation of young generations for mysticism, esotericism and spirituality is advancing and conquering new territories, given the answers they attempt to provide to the big questions in life in regards to purpose and meaning, the primitive square of reason and logic is fast forward liquifying into becoming the spiraling force that elevates the paradigm of cohesive totality through harmonizing matter and consciousness under “Unus Mundus” – the unitive process and archetypal principle that animates, inhabits and informs all things.

In order to evoke awareness and insight in regards to the “interdependent system of unbroken, coherent wholeness” that facilitates the emergence of synchronicity, as response to the crisis of opposing world views and with respect to the two primary dimensions that each individual must conquer, actively foster, attentively curate and intrinsically merge into its own life philosophy or configuration of reality – Cognition and Consciousness – I challenge the reader’s “adopted” fixation on Newtonianism by briefly enunciating the following principles and laws that plead in favor of unity, interconnection, harmony and synchronicity:

🔸 The Law of Series (P. Kamerer) – postulates that “a series is noted when a random event considered extremely rare happens several (at least two) times in a relatively short period of time. The name “law” suggests that such series are observed often enough to indicate an unexplained physical force or statistical rule provoking them.” According to P. Kamerer, seriality is the umbilical cord that connects thought, sentiment, science and art to the womb of the Universe they have emerged from.

🔸 The Theory of Relativity (A. Einstein) – demonstrates that the observant’s subjectivity (or consciousness factor) interferes with any situation, thus the universe is never complete or static, since something always adds to it.

🔸 Quantum Theory (N. Bohr) – militates for indivisibility and complementarity, as two particles are non-locally correlated, without being in proximity.

🔸 Uncertainty Principle (W. Heisenberg) – states that the observer of a system inevitably interferes in its unfolding/development.

🔸 Noncausality (W. Pauli)

🔸 Retrocausality (Ph. Guillemant)

🔸 Indeterminism (A. Aspect)

🔸 The Theory of Implicate Order (D. Bohm) – reiterates the existence of an Universal Consciousness informing nonlocally the explicit order of our spatio-temporal reality.

“The implicate order represents the proposal of a general metaphysical concept in terms of which it is claimed that matter and consciousness might both be understood, in the sense that it is proposed that both matter and consciousness:

🔹 Enfold the structure of the whole within each region, and

🔹 Involve continuous processes of enfoldment and unfoldment.”

🔸 The Morphic Resonance Theory (R. Sheldrake) – advances “the idea of mysterious telepathy-type interconnections between organisms and of collective memories within species.”

🔸 The Theory of Hidden Order (D. Peat) – synthesizes research in quantum field that supports the principle of synchronicity, which connects spirit and matter.

🔸 The Theory of Necessary Hazards (J.F. Vezina) – explores the occurrence of synchronicity in human connections and relationships, warning the significant coincidence concerning the encounter with certain individuals corresponds to the existential stage one is in.

🔸 The Theory of Quantum Psyche – advances the idea that “the human psyche is a particular excitation of an underlying universal psychic (consciousness) quantum field”, postulated “to have a representation similar to a quantum system, with virtual and physical states corresponding to the potentiality and actuality of the human mind”, while “free will plays a central role in the transition from potentiality to actuality and vice versa”.

🔸 The Theory of Akashic Field (E. Laszlo) – promotes the existence of universal information field – the millenary Akasha concept – and explores the Integral Theory of Everything from the perspective of modern science.

🔸 The Theory of Double Causality (Ph. Guillemant) – aims to explain synchronicity and other bizarre processes through the existence of a secondary (retrograde) causality, stating that the future can be altered if destiny (time line A) migrates to any alternative time line that coexists with A, under the influence of our core intentions, thus the existence of Free Will.

🔸 Theory of Endosystem (J. Soulieres) – evokes the link between chaos and synchronicity, exploring multiple concepts related to it, including the mythological Trickster.

Having explored the principles and theories which reinforce the idea of an Universal Consciousness which orchestrates the phenomenon of synchronicity transcending space and time, the reader is now invited into the quantum space of potential and possibilities in regards to tailoring its own “theory of everything”.

Claiming to have address WHY evolution is necessary for the advancement of humanity and succeeding the process of evoking awareness in regards to creating new learning for the reader, thus expanding the dimensions of Cognition and Awareness, several questions arise:

🔸 WHAT enables a natural, gradual and sustainable consciousness expansion, aligned with individual particularities?

🔸 HOW can Cognition and Consciousness be harmonized within the individual Theory of Everything?

The response is contained by appealing to the Art and Mastery of Transpersonal Coaching – the most approachable liaison between Cognition and Consciousness – which enables the active observation, exploration and understanding of the archetypal playfield of synchronicity.

Although it cannot draw out information the client does not possess, nor activate resources it does not have, coaching asks the questions the client (doesn’t even know it) needs the answers to, thus addressing its innate meta need for making sense of everything and finding meaning in anything.

From the perspective of elaborating and enhancing the individual Theory of Everything, as opposed to singularly addressing different aspects of it (Performance, Resilience, Mindset, Action Plans, SMART Goals, etc.) that basic coaching generally does, the client who consciously chooses to observe and explore the quantum field of synchronicity within the coaching process is able harmonize the overflowing energy of non-causal occurrences and redesign the structure of the psyche and outer reality with minimal inner disturbance.

By training the observational capacity and by cultivating a lifelong preoccupation of living aligned to the Universal Consciousness and in tune with the presence of synchronicity, the client is able to expand its own non-judgement field and move forward in the direction of potential and possibility with a renewed sense of purpose and refreshed psychological energy, by following spiritual verticality.

Given the crisis of meaning generated by the volume of superior knowledge exceeding the calming effect the expansion of consciousness could instill in the psyche, crisis that causes the mirage of power and certainty to collapse, the harmonization of duality is necessary in rebalancing the psychological forces in favor of inner growth and not damage control.

Instead of a proverbial “Tower Moment” imploding in the structure of personality, given the incompatibility between illusion and reality, dramatic moment whose effects are difficult to ponder and control, harmonization between Cognition and Consciousness can be proactively achieved through Coaching. The process is advisable to start at the time the big questions of life start flickering into the field of awareness.

In this case, the preventive perspective of coaching intervention is desirable in timely addressing the discrepancies within the personality and reinforcing the stance of self-leadership, rather than appealing to the curative hypostasis of the process, which in this case, might exceed the capacity of professional coaching by leaning towards therapy.

“A well-sculpted mind is always geared to a certain degree to harmonize the whole system, which includes the body, the emotions, and the energies.”

⁃ Dr Prem Jagyasi


In accordance to the ICF Core Competencies, the purpose of this article is to:

7. Evoke Awareness

🔹 Considers client experience when deciding what might be most useful.

🔹 Challenges the client as a way to evoke awareness or insight.

🔹 Invites the client to generate ideas about how they can move forward and what they are willing or able to do.

🔹 Supports the client in reframing perspectives.

🔹 Shares observations, insights and feelings, without attachment, that have the potential to create new learning for the client.

8. Facilitates Client Growth

🔹 Works with the client to integrate new awareness, insight or learning into their worldview and behaviors.



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