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7 Effective Habits of Highly Spiritual People

“I wanted to call a time out, to demand that everybody just STOP until I could understand everything.”

– Elizabeth Gilbert

Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to my new delightful spiritual endeavors episode, dedicated to the effective habits of highly spiritual people. Given the global context, I am confident these habits could serve as inspiration for acknowledging the importance of having a flexible mindset and the necessity of shaping mindful habits, in order to enhance mental fitness, increase the level of spiritual success and positively impact to the quality of life in general.

“My new deliberate and slower pace has created a higher quality in my experiences.”
– Lisa J. Shultz

This episode comes as the appropriate creative closure to the inspiration received from one of my IG contacts, who is a performance coach, personally positioned quite at the opposite end of the emotional spectrum from myself.
As a transformational coach, I consider myself to be in tune with my emotions, flexible with my own goals and expectations and patient in regards to the estimated timeline “scheduled” by my clients’ for their deep transformations. The spiritual principles I follow comply to the universal rules of “to each its own”, everyone “at its own pace” and everything “in its own time”.
Even though time as we know it is a man made concept, the only control we have is the one over ourselves, our habits and on how we decide to spend it.
We also control our reaction to surprises, unscheduled events and change of plans.

“Some of us would take our time, if we knew that we are rushing to our deaths.”
– Mokokoma Mokhonoana

I would also like to inspire my clients to allow the necessary time for changes to unfold and transformation to occur at its own convenience  – the only certainty in life is death itself and we definitely must not hurry towards this predictable end.

“Sometimes I think there are only two instructions we need to follow to develop and deepen our spiritual life: slow down and let go.”
– Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Given the global context of a pandemic requiring us to slow down, stay inside, avoid social contact and prioritize hygiene and self-care, I believe we are quite privileged to possibly witness a massive awakening, both at personal and at professional/business levels, as extremely uncomfortable issues, bottled up for years or even decades, suddenly begin to stir up and present themselves to us in a striking, psychologically violent manner, during the times we feel most vulnerable.
Change is not a comfortable process, unless it is voluntary – imagine its emotional and spiritual impact if it is being ignored for ages, while it becomes highly necessary at a global scale.
The pressuring issues arising from the ongoing crisis relate to financial security, back-up plans, resilience, meaning and purpose (of industries, businesses, jobs, facilities, entrepreneurship) AND survival instincts. They also relate to the social aspects and the impact of these circumstances on humanity, highlightening the need for compassion, mindfulness, thoughtfulness, solidarity, support and respect towards oneself and others.
“Crisis is the best Coach” – this will be the name of my daily updates provided virtually in the upcoming isolation time.

“Speed of life is a killer not a healer,
so slow down to bloom like a flower.”

– Debasish Mridha

However, after the acknowledgement of issues comes the positive note I would like to infuse you with. My aim is to inspire you to pursue spiritual endeavors and higher knowledge during this spare time we are all forced to have, which should be invested wisely, as opposed to being wasted on irrelevant social networking and the spreading of false information and fake news.
I invite you to walk besides me on the path of self-realization and personal development, by taking into consideration the following habits (and benefits) of (highly) spiritual people:


🦄 Spiritual people prioritize making the best use of their time and resources. They perceive the sudden schedule clearing and change of plans as an opportunity to invest in themselves, into their personal growth and in the strenghtening of their personal relationships. In normal conditions, they still prioritize spiritual cultivation and practice, as an effective habit which contributes to their well-being and overall success.


🦄 Spiritual people respect food and their body. In the context of a pandemic, even though they might purchase extra food and such resources, they avoid compulsive shopping.
They do not through away food but rather plan their meals and sort out their stocks and fridges, prioritizing products with short expiration dates. They might even save leftovers for the street cats and dogs and bread for the birds.
Moreover, fasting and strict dieting at certain times of the year are common to most ritualistic traditions and can be considered as means to detox the body, strenghtening the immune system and deepening spiritual practice.

🦄 Spiritual people take time and make room for private introspection and reflection. They detach themselves from the fast paced chaos of the modern world, in order to analyze the conscious and sub-conscious mind and the reasons behind their reactions and behavioral patterns. They search for the harmonization of different fragments of personality into a coherent personal discourse, which aims to prevent information bombing, while maintaining a healthy self-image, mental hygiene and cultivating their resilience in front of complex social paradigms.

🦄 Spiritual people act with awareness of themselves and their actions. They are using intention wisely to communicate with the future, acting as energy vehicles for the execution of “cosmic intervention in practical terms”. They use the Laws of the Universe thoughtfully, showing genuine consideration for the Higher Good and Free Will. They welcome all possibilities, synchronicities and other signs of divine manifestation into their lives by expecting the best outcome in any circumstances, even in the negative ones.

🦄 Spirituality is also concerned with maintaining an elevated consciousness when facing any circumstance or even crisis, so that the individual does not succumb to emotions and desires, especially to those which do not serve a greater purpose. Spiritual people respect themselves and their peers, fostering their ability to be grateful and their willingness to serve.
They approach life with patience and persistence by maintaining a positive perspective and supportive habits.

🦄 Spiritual people focus on the limitless possibilities in life by nurturing an abundance mindset. They embrace change, maintain a healthy dose of positivity, compliment one another and celebrate other people’s victories. They continuously learn, talk about ideas and share information with the purpose of enlightening their peers. However, they do not force their knowledge upon others, nor let extra awareness boost their ego. They are open, trusting and trustworthy in all aspects of their lives. They are capable of giving and receiving love and appreciation equally as they maintain a healthy emotional balance.

🦄 Nevertheless, spiritual people are vectors of bravery. They stand up for themselves and others and have a sharp sense of justice. They transcend limiting beliefs and overcome fear by being brutally honest and fair-play.
They manifest great, true and impersonal power and love through every thought and action. They maintain mental hygiene and spiritual clarity. Spiritual people are responsible for their karma and influence. They are accountable for their words and deeds. They build their strong character from the stones thrown at them, turn obstacles into lessons and forgive.

“The great benefit of slowing down is reclaiming the time and tranquility to make meaningful connections–with people, with culture, with work, with nature, with our own bodies and minds.”
– Carl Honoré, In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed


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