Princessa Petra – Spiritual Fashion Journaling


“Knock, And He’ll open the door
Vanish, And He’ll make you shine like the sun
Fall, And He’ll raise you to the heavens
Become nothing, And He’ll turn you into everything.”

– Jalal Ad-Din Rumi

My beloved audience,

Welcome to another brilliant “Spiritual Fashion” enlightening episode, signed by your Hypeness, The One and Only, Higher Self(ish w/ her Energy), Queen P, hosted by the dazzling We Cafe, a cozy little piece of Heaven which accomodates creative evenings in the heart of Bucharest, this by taking into consideration I do find Tarot and Therapy to be among the extremely rewarding and highly creative fields of expertise, whose purpose is no different than my personal contribution to Humanity – self-realisation, growth and empowerment.

For this very special ocassion, I chose to dress up lightly, showcasing the impact of bold colors in creating a streetstyle that could match my increasing interest for eclectic harmony, one which could complement the warm and welcoming space of We Cafe with nothing but grace and beauty.
I am particularly pleased of how I refrained myself from adding too many eye-catching details to this styling, so I could accentuate the high class elegance of the Pringle of Scotland cashmere two tone schal. This reminds me of the greatest time I had in Scotland, an unforgettable journey and a spectacular country I would love to see again.

Photography: Volker Vornehm // @volker.vornehm

#PrincessaPetra #GloryToTheHoly #Proph3ticJustice


“No woman wants to be in submission to a man who isn’t in submission to God!”
– T. D. Jakes

Now that I have your attention with a touch of styling sprinkled over some solid soul wisdom, I would further love to discuss a recent observation regarding the confrontation of (mostly young) men (I know) vs. religion (Christianity, to be more specific), as I feel I hold a broadening perspective on this matter.
I believe the interest of any young man involved in an act of rebellion against obsolete norms and ineffective means of spiritual regulation should revolve more around creating a firm differentiation between religion and the institution which supposedly represents it in the depth of his knowledge by using his own judgement and experience of life, rather than blindly following the current trends of youthful separation between God and mankind. Society loves the blindness submission of its instruments, enslaved by limited perceptions and too humble to ask for their birth rights, not the a disruptive spread of higher consciousness thriving among the faithful soldiers of God.

I feel the concept of religion should be grasped in a creative, metaphoric and even an allegorical manner, welcoming its valuable contribution to Humanity through the purpose of infusing a sense of faith, encouragement and compassion into the hearts of the believers, independently of the Manifestation of God it praises. No restriction was ever made by God Himself, as Higher Consciousness, Divine Self and the Force within each of us is a realm of Abundance, never of scarcity or lack.

This reminds me of how I vulnerably allowed the unforeseen opinion of a certain guide in Israel linger and crawl into my mind. According to him, Christianity is a religion for the poor – a fictional theory I have acquired and allowed it to develop into my subconscious mind, which significantly affected my capacity to aim for more abundance into my life (I can never complain about my past and current state of being, but I can definitely blame myself for not wanting more sometimes).

There is a subtle yet distinguishable difference between gratitude (the state of being thankful for what we have) with a mild touch of (the laws of) Attraction and Resonance and the flawed state of complacency (the feeling of self-satisfaction that prevents one from pushing beyond the status quo to achieve exceptional successes).

I am personally not thrilled about hard work or the common misconception one must tolerate long hours, pressure and stress in order to prove he is working hard, but I am rather fond of smart work – finding the fastest and easiest solution or course of action towards achieving any goal.
The more vital energy leaks I can reduce by upgrading to the latest software available to me (as in personal development, mindset programming, relaxation techniques), the more I can share my positive, uplifting energy in social interactions. Truth be told, the coaching game does require a lot of focus, active listening, emotional intelligence and empathy.

Now, getting back to the false belief I grasped during my vulnerable times in Israel, an energetically demanding religious trip I had following the footsteps of Jesus, definitely not meant for the faint-hearted, I now see Christianity as a religion of Abundance, considering Jesus fed the five thousand from five loaves and two fish and made wine out of water. The control over nature is the solid proof for extreme power and limitless abundance.

I see Jesus as the Higher Self or Higher Consciousness, a Manifestation of God proudly showcasing the seven virtues and performing miracles effortlessly using the divine laws and guidance, while being hunted and persecuted by what we can call some personifications of Ego.
Jesus is the perfect example of universal love and compassion, of endurance and tolerance, of selflessness, enlightenment and modesty, yet these traits do not exude poverty, but the unshakable richness of spirit. And where there is richness in spirit, there is abundance in all aspects of life.
Jesus is the prophet who rules over matter, raises the dead and connects all dimensions – divine gifts which can be accessible to humans possessing a Higher Consciousness, in one aspect or another – you can take this lightly – please be reminded of allegory. But still… some of us believe in Magic and need no proof.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you clear two thousand years of outdated programming by breaking a terribly dysfunctional thought pattern with the basic table leg method for changing limiting beliefs. If you knock enough legs, it will collapse. Please allow me to perform a quick recap for which an unrequested opinion worming through a vulnerable mind lacks solid foundation and must be gone:
1. Jesus performed Healings. Healing is the process of becoming healthy again. Spiritually, healings speaks of finding a connection to something greater than yourself, a sense of virtue or meaning, God, a higher power or some sense of higher truth, beauty or sacredness in life. Healing supports abundance in all aspects of life, it is not based on lack, it is restoration and transformation.
2. Jesus fed five thousand with 2 fish and five loaves.
3. Jesus turns water into wine.
4. Jesus walked on water and calmed the storm.

Now, considering the limiting belief tormenting my subconscious, how many pieces of spiritual evidence do I further need to turn a mindset of lack and scarcity into the thought frame of love, compassion and abundance? Just about… None.

These being said (and done), let’s never mistake a prophet, religion or ideology with the institution that represents it – ruled mostly by men with different visions, agendas and interests. Let’s not question the purpose of the Ten Commandments and seven virtues for the sake of those undeserving of the center stage and main spot under the Light.

Nevertheless, feel free to exercise changing your limiting beliefs to those which best suit your goals. If God wanted us to be poor, He wouldn’t have sent us His Son. Dead be the worms of the mind. Many blessings to all and one!

“Dare to love yourself
as if you were a rainbow
with gold at both ends.”

– Author-Poet Aberjhani

All my Love,
Your Majesty,
QueenP 💜












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