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Royal Endeavors – Iulia Hasdeu Castle

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Hello sweethearts,

Weirdly enough, I keep releasing Royal Endeavors exclusive episodes this summer, much more frequent than before, when I was focused on conveying my message regarding self-esteem, self-image and confidence through the signature Princessa Petra photo shootings.
I assume I have reached that level of inner peace to shift the perspective from showing off myself and my accurate sense of fashion to being of service to others through emotional self-expression and spiritual storytelling. #iLoveMyLife

Thank you for bearing with me – it has been an intense journey matching the spiritual knowledge and divine wisdom I receive through inner channels and personal revelations to the external Universe, which reflected my energy blueprint, the one that was and still is a work in progress, by shedding off the facets of the fragmented reality that I did not own but it was imposed to me, to the level I am currently on – one of positive (self) manifestation, limitless blessings and unconditional love.

The real deal is to have the insight and the desire to overcome limitations is not enough to secure the success of transformation; we need to be ready and aligned with the greatest good – if you are wondering what the stars have in store for you. Apparently all which does not serve me comes tumbling down as I am done going through. I am not energetically welcomed to contexts which defy my freedom and question my frequency. I am denied access to where I do not belong and there is no turning back to the old, as farther I would look back but I don’t.

The particular journey I took to Campina for an extended weekend of team work, in order to obtain my Project Manager certification, recognized by the National Authority for Qualifications (ANC) has played an important role in the realization I have healed from the negativity coming through from a toxic corporate environment which failed to match my positive intentions and growth mindset.
It had validated all my assumptions and past actions of what I thought to be a real team player acting from a genuine positive leadership position and a respectable frame of thought. And that is not all – that is just an expected professional accomplishment matching my experience and expertise – the real deal was having the chance to take a step forward in my career and have the long awaited chance to visit Iulia Hasdeu Castle in Campina, which has been on my bucket list ever since I found out about its fabulous esoteric history and the spiritist activity which it hosted, the first I know to ever have been recorded in Romania.

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Carol I Boulevard 199,

Campina, Romania


Every day from 09:00 to 17:00, with the exception of Monday (closed). On Navy Day/Dormition of the Mother of God, hours might differ.


+ 40244 335 599

It appears Iulia Hasdeu Castle is the second spiritist temple built by historian and politician Bodgan Petriceicu Hasdeu in the memory of his beloved daughter, Iulia Hasdeu, after her premature death at almost 19 years old. The plans for building this outstanding architectural gem in Campina were received from Iulia during spiritism sessions of communication beyond the grave, probably the first ever recorded in Romania. The castle is supposedly haunted by the spirit of Iulia, dressed in white and clutching daisies, significant details I honored through the outfit of the day, while wearing the daisy my friend had given me in my hair.

Iulia Hasdeu was a Romanian child prodigy, a shining star on the stage of 19th century intellectuals, who could speak seven languages fluently and excelled at singing, painting, and playing the piano, born in 1869 and a student of La Sorbonne in Paris by the age of 16. Just a month before her 19th birthday, while working on her doctoral thesis, Iulia was struck by a fatal attack of tuberculosis and passed away leaving her loving family devastated.

Her father built an altar for Iulia in the family vault at the Bellu Cemetery in Bucharest. During that time of great suffering, he turned to spiritism for answers and comfort, while spending years perfecting the shrine dedicated to his beloved daughter. He began building a folly house in the shape of a castle for Iulia, while receiving guidance from her spirit from beyond the grave, especially regarding the occurrence of magic numbers three (Trinity) and seven (Holy) – which are said to be the “perfect numbers” under Hebrew tradition.

The castle features three towers, three underground rooms, and each staircase is made up of seven steps. The massive entrance is flanked by stone thrones and sphinxes. Above the door is the Eye of the Providence marked with the date July 2, which apparently symbolizes the two Iulia – his wife and daughter.
After the castle was completed in 1896, Hasdeu moved his spiritualist rituals to the rooms he had furnished for such endeavors.

The castle has been included in Romania’s Listing of Historical Monuments since 1955, and in 1994 it was converted to a museum. Many of Iulia’s personal belongings, some original seance transcripts, pictures taken during the seances, and other items related to the family’s history are on display.

Many believed his memorial to Iulia was simply a front for Satanic practices, perhaps because spiritist knowledge and practice is apparently denied by the church. I strongly oppose to this hypothesis.

I will not proceed any further without referencing the spiritist ideology, which I had the pleasure to study a while ago. Spiritism is a spiritualistic philosophy started in the 19th century by the French educator Allan Kardec, who wrote books on “the nature, origin, and destiny of spirits, and their relation with the corporeal world”.

Spiritist philosophy postulates that humans, along with all other living beings, are essentially immortal spirits that temporarily inhabit physical bodies for several necessary incarnations to attain moral and intellectual improvement.
It also asserts that disembodied spirits, through passive or active mediumship, may have beneficent or malevolent influence on the physical world.
Spiritism is an evolution-affirming religion or better said “faith”.
The term first appeared in Kardec’s book, The Spirits’ Book, which sought to distinguish Spiritism from spiritualism.

The Spirits Book is one of my favorite books, which had definitely broadened my perspective regarding self purpose and offered a deeper understanding on the nature of creation, the origins of good and evil, life and death, soul mission, wisdom, knowledge, challenges and the importance of faith. Spiritism does not deny the existence of God, nor the morals and teachings of the manifestations of God, such as Jesus Christ and the prophets pertaining to other religious beliefs. It does not hold anything against any spirit whose purpose of self-refinement is the closeness to God.
Taken in worldly aspects, it postulates the benefits of enlightenment for the human and non-human.

Through studying The Spirits Book I have learned the purpose of each being is honoring the divinity within, which lead to a greater sense of comfort I find in everything I do with the purpose to inspire and serve others through conscious, positive actions.
It had pushed me forward into embracing divine guidance without being fearful of the channel it transcends and it deepened self-acceptance, while strengthening my relationship with God and myself.
I learnt every spirit is His servant and I must honor God in each of them. I also learnt the privilege of spiritual self-development and that embracing my divine mission and being of service for my community protects me from any harm. The Spirits Book had chosen me in a time of great disturbance of the spirit due to toxic environment, friendships and circumstances, while I struggled adapting to situations I actually needed to change and overcome. It assisted me in finding answers to any troubling questions and reaffirmed my confidence to outgrow any matter through each lessons I learn.

Of course, it is quite a simplistic overview to associate Spiritist practice with something evil if the mind is pre-formatted in freedom-refraining programs, such as religious fanaticism, lack of education, knowledge, respect for other ideology and the fear of the unknown, but the mere thought the unsettled spirit of Iulia has transcended time, space and dimensions to comfort the soul of her father beyond her grave, paved the way for a distinctive approach to faith and created a legacy which had surpassed two world wars and it is still standing all-mighty in a town, which couldn’t have been otherwise my cup of tea – that very thought is very rewarding.

The fact that our loved ones which passed away are able to still convey important messages to us beyond the grave does nit defy reasoning but it is the living proof death is only one step forward into another dimension and we must enjoy the gift of life by making the best of it, leaving behind a well set example or a legacy.

All this requires is confidence, diligence and faith.
Everything is coming up daisies.
Yours faithfully,
QueenP 💜

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