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Royal Endeavors – Dubova Over Danube


My beloved audience,

I am very pleased the Lion’s Gate energy enhancing portal will mark the completion of one of the most cherished Royal Endeavors episodes to be lauched this lovely summer, which is dedicated to a calm and charming weekend I spent in excellent company by the Danube, at my friend’s delightful summer residence.

It was one of the best weekends I ever had this summer, touched by the shining sun and great fun, which rekindled old relationships and started new friendships over a glass of prosecco under the starry sky, blowing sacred wishes at the falling stars. What a wonderful time to be alive!

I must admit the low wifi connection might have stirred up communication and joyful soul sharing, even when the different paths of spirituality seemed quite parallel and the spirits appeared to boiling up a bit due to the subjective angles of reality, it was still a weekend to remember for doing nothing and everything that pleases us in the same time. That might have been Mercury retrograde sparkling on the verge of action but it didn’t mess with us at all, nor did the pouring rain and the mighty thunders lightening up the summer sky.
I have solid proof the storm was full of glory until the wind took a toll on us.


As each event conveys a message and a lesson in the same time, I would like to share some thoughts of wisdom in this context of unpretentious relaxation, no matter the weather conditions or circumstances (all particularly beneficial this time) – I just feel some things are better done when written down:

  • Sometimes personal growth means temporary separation which creates space for individual development
  • It is important to surround ourselves with people who embrace, accept and love us unconditionally for who we truly are
  • Time is a test for realness and only the truthful can survive
  • Relaxation is the most favorable condition for learning and development, as well as for progress of any kind
  • Spirituality can be realized through all paths and religions, the only thing that counts is the respect for the other and oneself
  • People can find a lot more things they have in common than those which separate them if they train their minds
  • Each of us all have something to teach and something to learn from another
  • Giving is a state of mind and receiving is the key to endless joy, abundance and possibility
  • The fight or flight reaction is not a normal state of the body – it depletes energy and rips off happiness
  • Productivity is a matter of joy achieved through work
  • Fulfillment feeds the soul
  • Being in a good company enhances endorphins release and makes us feel good about ourselves and others
  • Storms are the way the Universe clears our path
  • Lightening and thunders symbolize releases of intense energy which no longer serves the greater good
  • Being around water inspires a feeling of peace and calm
  • Some of us are indigo children born to make a difference
  • All of us have been blessed with an important mission to accomplish in this lifetime
  • That background vocals repeating inside your head might be giving you vital information regarding life purpose
  • A blissful environment quiets the noise and relaxes the mind
  • In the age of technological progress, slowing down is an act of luxury
  • The body is as healthy as the mind
  • Negativity is a always a burden to hard to bear
  • Lightness is wisdom channeled through life lessons
  • Freedom of thought prevents mental breakdowns
  • We all have what it takes – some of us must figure out why
  • No matter where you are going, life has a way of showing you where you belong
  • It’s not that great if it doesn’t make you feel at home
  • Grow with the flow
  • Timing might not be how you wish it to be but it is always perfect
  • Closed doors are a blessing not even in disguise
  • The vibe attracts the tribe under positive circumstances
  • The Universe is a reflection of oneself
  • People can’t always tell what you do but they can sense who you are
  • Personal freedom is the lack of identification (with status, profession, success, ideology)
  • Anything which no longer serves us limits us
  • Signs are the way the Universe congratulates us for following the righteous path.

And that’s a wrap up for now, ladies and gentlemen!
Thanks to everyone involved.
Much Love.
Surrender to Greatness!
Yours faithfully,
QueenP 💜

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