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Ladies and gentlemen,

I am deeply touched to finally reach the strength and solitude to convey a breathtaking Royal Endeavors episode dedicated to Romania’s highly valued cultural patrimony, which I was more than grateful to have intimately discovered thanks to the Cronicari Digitali Heritage Instameet movement. You do not realize how I deeply appreciate the mysterious ways of how the Universe reacts to my wishes and the planets aligning for the opportunity to follow my intuition when I randomly came across Cronicari Digitali page on Facebook and saw what a spectacular tour of Bucharest’s iconic landmarks they are hosting, right in the Gemini season!

The reason I was so thrilled was because I have always included majestic architectural masterpieces into my photo shootings across the years, but I did not know such an instagram movement exists, whose purpose is to unite artists and content creators from all over the country, whose footsteps would be guided on the path to greatness in order to promote the glorious cultural heritage of Romania.

This exclusive tour was a wonderful opportunity for me to find a tribe whose values I deeply share. It was my first Heritage Instameet experience and I was thrilled to be surrounded by people I have so much to learn from. The tour provided insights to four fabulous iconic buildings some of the most beautiful in the country pertaining to Romania’s cultural heritage:

🏟️ Romanian Athenaeum
🏦 National Bank of Romania Museum
🏛️ Frederic and Cecilia Cuțescu-Storck Art Museum
🏠 Ilie I. Niculescu-Dorobanțu Residence

As I am aware the internet is rich in historical facts regarding the monumental architectural gems of Bucharest, I will solely document some interesting facts and a representative pictures I personally took of them in order to incite your insatiable curiosity to find out more by yourselves and to spark the desire to embark on your own Heritage Instameet experience. 

🏟️ Romanian Athenaeum

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Str. Franklin nr. 1-3, sector 1

+40 021 3150024

Opened in 1888, the ornate, domed, circular building designed by the French architect Albert Galleron and originally dedicated to art and science is now the city’s main concert hall and home of the “George Enescu” Philharmonic, while hosting the George Enescu annual international music festival.

A symbol of Romanian culture, the neoclassical building with a romantic touch has been inscribed in 2007 on the list of the Label of European Heritage sites.

Besides the 12 Carrara marble hallway columns and the four monumental Gothic stairs inside the venue, The Great Fresco, which covers the entire dome, painted by Costin Petrescu, steals the attention and fascinates the imagination of the audience, given its size (amounting to 75 square meters), artwork which took almost 5 years to complete (1933 to 1938).

The element of surprise regarding the Atheneum, which is one of the most photographed buildings in Romania, is that it was almost entirely built through private funding, with the financial assistance of ordinary citizens who came together through a campain to support its construction, after the original patrons ran out of funds.

🏦 The National Bank of Romania Museum

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Str. Doamnei, nr. 8


Monday – Friday : 10.00, 12.00, 14.00 şi 16.00 by scheduled appointment at

  • date and time for visit
  • name and ID number
  • Contact number

Free admittance for scheduled visitors; presenting your identification is mandatory.

The National Bank of Romania Museum is one of the most imposing and massive bank edifices in Romania, nowadays a historic, art monument, protected as such. 

The head office of the National Bank of Romania with the view of Lipscani Street was erected on the former site of the inn built by Șerban Cantacuzino (1678–1688), in the eclectic style of the late 19th century, spiced up by neo-classical elements.

With the façade on Doamnei Street, the new wing of the BNR Palace was built during World War II – it is emblematic for the neo-classical style with rationalist influences which prevailed in the interwar period. The foundation stone was laid back in 1937, while the construction works were carried on between 1942-44.

It impresses through the monumental granite stairs, the huge Corinthian columns forming the façade, and the large, white marble-coated halls inside the building.

The National Bank of Romania was declared in 1890 one of the most beautiful banks in Europe. A visit to the Museum of the National Bank of Romania founded in 1943 is therefore an unique and captivating journey which will give you the opportunity to enter a treasury of knowledge through spaces filled with monetary, banking and cultural history.

🏛️ Frederic and Cecilia Cuțescu-Storck Art Museum

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Str. Vasile Alecsandri nr. 16


Wednesday – Sunday, 10:00 – 18:00
Ticket office closes at 17:30


+4 021 317 38 89

Frederic and Cecilia Cuțescu-Storck Art Museum, which is now an astonishing architectural monument, was built by the two artists between 1911 and 1913 with the help of architect Alexandru Clavel, and preserves the creations of an entire family of prolific artists. Frederic Stork (1872-1942), sculptor, was a professor at the Bucharest School of Fine Arts.

Cecilia Cuțescu Storck (1879-1969), painter, wife of sculptor Frederic Storck, was the first female professor in an art academy, not only in Romania but also in Europe. She taught painting and decorative arts at the Bucharest School of Fine Arts, while being a promoter of Feminism with a strong influence on cultural life in the interwar period, contributing to the establishment of the “Association of women painters and sculptors” (together with Olga Greceanu and Nina Arbore) and “Feminin artistic circle”.

🏠 Ilie I. Niculescu-Dorobanțu Residence

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Str. Gheorghe Manu nr. 9


The house is on sale through Artmark Historical Estate – starting price: €4,500,000; estimate: €5,000,000 – €5,500,000

The house at 9 Verde Street (today Gheorghe Manu street) was built between 1911 and 1923, initiated by Tațiana Niculescu-Dorobanțu. One of the four daughters of Ion C. Brătianu, Tațiana (1870-1940) married in 1900 Ilie I. Niculescu-Dorobanțu (1873-1943), liberal political figure and prefect of Ilfov.

The imposing building designed by architect Grigore Cerchez (Cerkez) bears the allure of a Gothic cathedral, with exquisite constructive and decorative elements: the exposed brick façade, in several shades of red, the towers’ silhouettes, the entrance portal, the imposing windows, with carved stone elements in Neo-gothic fashion, the cornices, gargoyles, stained glass windows and pointed arches that mark the exterior and interior.

In 1956, following the pressures of the Direction of Historic Monuments, that considered the building „one of the most valuable in the Capital from an architectural point of view”, it was classified as part of the heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Education, undergoing consolidation works.

Today, more than one century after its construction, the impressive Gothic Revival residence maintains its mysterious allure, fascinating the passers-by with its imposing dimensions and unique construction details, crafted by one of the most important Romanian architects.

If you have ever wondered what is behind the Royal Endeavors hashtag, embarking on this eclectic journey marked by architectural gems, with other super talented and likewise joyous Cronicari Digitali is the definition for it! Heritage Instameet has proved to be an unique experience, responsible for providing exclusive access, valuable knowledge and precious insights into some of the most exquisite buildings in Bucharest.

It has also proved extremely beneficial for raising my vibration after being exposed to so much greatness and beauty – you know art feeds the soul.

I hope you have enjoyed this spectacular episode dedicated to the glam and beauty of my residential city, it is definitely one of the best I’ve ever posted.

Yours Truly,
The One and Only

The following pictures were captured by @oprea.ionutf ☀️🙏☀️












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