Royal Endeavors – Interior Design


Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome back to the spiritual realms of my Royal Endeavors artful episodes, featuring Your Divine Highness, the One and Only, QueenP. As always, I will be your delightful host for this wonderful edition, praising nothing but Beauty, Art and Luxury, as a freshly graduated Interior Design aficionado supervised by the famous Martine Claessens, in the context of the intensive course provided by Designist – Creative Learning.

After 7 intensive weeks of graceful lectures, sprinkled with wonderful visual details and celebrated through inspirational homework, which for me was a real pleasure to complete, I have decided to show off my progress through a dedicated blog post. Please excuse my professional ignorance, but as a spiritual being having a worldly experience, I have always assumed that architects symbolically limit our direct communication with the Divine Source by placing a roof above our heads and several walls around our body. Little did I know how relevant would Interior Design be from a symbolical perspective, by triggering the much expected step further into maturity I needed to take, in what concerns both my mentality and behavior.

As I have previously mentioned, 7 is my Destiny Number, so it is a matter of synchronicity and not coincidence we were notified during out first classes the course will be intensive and finalized earlier than expected, taking up 7 weeks. The number 7 is a highly spiritual number. It is the combination of both 3, the number of unbridled creativity, and 4 the number of mastery of the material plane. When you combine these forces, you end up with an astonishing spiritual aptitude and an unique destiny. You can imagine the frequency I have observed both 3 and 4 in triple sequences lately (333, 444), but also 7 and 8, which I consider to be a very lucky omen.

During the 7 weeks duration of the course, I have noticed an increased frequency of vivid dreaming, all concerning the home of my departed grandparents, which now belongs to me. I was either cleaning by sweeping floor or discussing with workers on how to proceed with the renovation I was clearly in charge. The action which I recall in detail was talking to two gardeners which were removing weeds in regards to the swings I would like to have in the garden. You will probably notice the presence of a swing in Veronica’s art room presentation following the discourse.

As you could be aware of, the significance of a house symbol appearing in dreams relates to our Mind, Body and Soul, the house of our Spirit, and it is no wonder how important taking this class was for my spiritual ascension. The mere fact of beautifying a person’s surroundings, his home, the most intimate comfort zone, is the equivalent of weeding the garden of his Soul, paiting the walls of his Spirit with Grace and decluttering his Mind of the burden of negative thoughts.

For a person like myself, dedicated to bringing Comfort, Joy and Beauty everywhere I go, this spiritual interpretation I have enhanced Interior Design with is spectacular. When we are talking about an awake, spiritual person holding the Power of Creation over his Universe, on a material level, this translates into designing and decorating his own home. I am sure you follow me, therefore I will start the Royal Endeavors adventure by making the presentations and introducing my work.

Homework 1

This was not an easy task in theory, but it turned out to be a great fun. I was asked to match two sofas, one in a neutral tone and the other, as green as you can see, in mood boards addressing the same color harmony. At that point, I had no idea how to use Power Point for this task but I surprised myself when it turned out to be quite easy. Of course, using my iPad had several shortcomings, like not being able to remove the background of pics.

I didn’t even bother that much with it, considering I found alternative ways to keep the mood appealing by mixing and matching the items which sparked Joy in me on Pinterest so I would be satisfied with the final results.

I am now using an iPhone app called Eraser which removes the background and transforms my desired element into a .png, makes it perfect to be be added on top of the picture to my liking. The cool thing about all these technical skills I am now using is that you don’t really need a Master’s Degree to own them properly, as they are available at the tip of your fingers by merely using Google’s search engine. Of course, you must always know what you’re searching for, on this one I totally agree.



Homework 2

I was overly excited when I received the task to decorate an empty Parisian apartment with no budget limit. Of course, I didn’t have it too clear the presentation must give the impression of a room. My first attempt looked too vintage, therefore I had to change a few elements to give it a modern touch.



Homework 3

Transforming a minimalist kitchen into an eclectic one was rather easy, since my personal style is all about being extra. I might have found too many elements I like so I went over the top, as always. I also noticed my tendency to allow less space between elements in order for them to be better noticed.



Homework 4

For this ethnic bedroom, I had the task to combine 5 objects I had brought from my travels around the world. I had finally respected the space between elements.


Homework 5

When I was asked to make a floor plan and a mood board for a Pop Art student bedroom, I imediately thought of incorporating a framed Andy Warhol picture of my beloved Prince.


Homework 6

Color harmony could be an easy task, but having to decorate a room in the style of the movie of my choice was provocative. My choice was Great Gatsby – finding Art Deco pieces which I like was an intense journey. I was so caught up in combining those which highly appealed to me that I forgot to give my presentation the impression of a room.


Homework 7

For the navy inspired bathroom, I found so many elements which inspired me that it became a burden to mix them all into the same presentation.



Veronica’s Apartment

For the final presentation, I have received the profile of a client, which was of course, so different than myself. All we had in common was the contrast between activities and interests – that edgy side of personality, which I consider to have exploited well in my design proposal.

Veronica is young and single, living in Paris but dreaming New York. I did not go over the top when decorating her bedroom, as she surely does not spend too much time in it. She works as PR for Celine and goes running three times a week. I believe she must have become tired of the famous trapeze bag I have personally worked with, but she could still appreciate the fine cuts of a rose crystal on the walls of her bedroom.

Her favourite color is intense pink, which stands out in both her bedroom and living room. She says she likes a minimalist interior with a bohemian touch, which is self-explanatory in my choice of furniture. I also needed to incorporate her beloved buffet into her new apartment. In the top 10 of her favourite movies ranks Kill Bill, but she secretly loves Jane Austen movie. That’s why I decided to add a touch of glam with Art Deco and Art Nouveau elements, a vintage flower wallpaper and a feathered lamp.

Veronica is very social and likes to go out with friends. That means they might also come over so she should have a large sofa to accomodate them. Cooking is not her hobby and she loves sushi. Perhaps a touch of green would bring out the freshness of her favorite dish into the interior. Her next travel will be to Marrakesh. The living room carpet surely looks like she came back with it.

She is not the type to have books waiting to be read, but you can always find her iPad close by, on the couch or on the bed side table. What’s the purpose of a large bed side table if you don’t put books on top of it? Well, an iPad could add a modern touch when carefully placed over those pink suitcases she could use when traveling. When she has time in the weekend, you will find her painting or drawing. She should have a desk for drawing, just enough space to store colors and brushes and definitely an easel.

As this was the larger bedroom and I thought she might adorn the walls with her creative artwork, I had the wonderful idea to place a swing in the middle of the room, so she could both chill when necessary and admire her work when standing still. I thought green plants will be an inspired addition to the room, as they look fresh and keep the air breezy when working with paint.

Veronica has a guilty pleasure: shoes. Where will she put those 96 pairs of shoes?! Anywhere, that is, but some of them could hide well in a antique inspired golden drawer located in the living room. I would have placed other storing spaces in the generous hallway, but I believe three rooms are enough to offer an idea of how I chose to handle this challenge.




Trend Board

The most challenging aspect of this class was the creation of a trend board. I took this one very serious. I initially thought color block inspires me so I have created a presentation around it. I was never satisfied by this choice as I felt the need to have one which is better linked with my spiritual endeavors, one that it better matches both my style and personality. Having this tricky weather in Romania for the duration of the course and noticing how deeply the lack of Sun impacts the mood and energy of people around me, I decided to follow my intuition and create one revolving around the Sun, whose correspondent metal is gold. I found so much inspiration concerning my choice I had to limit myself to just one page.


There were so many elements inspiring me that it took a great deal of effort to decide, from the first monotheistic religion based on the Cult of Aten, founded my Akhenaten, King Tut’s father, to the archetypal symbol of the Sun found in dacian culture and civilization or its obsessive use in the adorning elements of the Sun King in France, all my knowledge and interests in Art, Religion and Spirituality became focused on the impact the Sun has into our lives at all levels of influence and understanding. From the current frequency of the lack of Vitamin D to the devastating effects of climate change in modern times, it became more and more obvious for me the Sun is the centre of existence and affects all of us equally. We must pay Sun God the respect it deserves, as most of our ancestors did through dedicated art and elaborated rituals.

No wonder I was asked to take it easy, I am very dedicated once I find passion in an activity. Therefore I have named my presentation “All that Sparkle is Gold”, while secretly bearing in mind that “Everybody deserves to Shine”. The rainy morning of the final presentations, I woke up with a lovely quote by Helen Keller on my Facebook home page, “Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows”. She was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, so you can imagine both the breathtaking accomplishment and the depth of her saying.


I hope you have enjoyed my progress in Interior Design and further trust my abilities to beautify your Mind, Body and Soul, in what concerns both your Home and your Spirit. I encourage everyone of you to continue pursuing your dreams and furbishing your skills, as self-realization is the very top of Maslow’s Pyramid. Moreover, who knows what the future holds… I just feel mine is going to be amazing.

Much Love from Yours Truly,



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