Princessa Petra – Deus Super Omnis Decantabilis

Ladies and gentlemen,

“Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises!”

-Psalm 98:4

Happy Spring, darlings!!!

We are finally enjoying the weekend of a spiritually intense week, while still joyously celebrating the grand opening of astrological year revealing itself by the power of a Full Moon in Libra (who doesn’t love balance in life?) in perfect alignment with massive solar storms (to swipe away unholy energy and shed light upon the witchery), Mercury retrograde (the chance to re-evaluate goals and adjust the spiritual route which enhances our destiny path) and the Equinox (when the light perfectly balances out the darkness for every corner of the Soul to become lighter and brighter due to ritual cleansing, the shedding of old skin and the removal of outdated beliefs).

It’s such a great time to be alive – the synchronicities are at their best, while fragrant trees are in delicate bloom, releasing the mesmerizing aroma of fresh new beginnings and the solemn rise of the new Empire of the Sun on a higher frequency.

I will mark this wonderful moment of hope rising high with a very special editorial, my first one of 2k19, which involves intimate portraits of me and my beloved puppy, Joy, shot in the cozy bohemian atmosphere of my Bucharest residence, on a random but rather warm Saturday afternoon in February, as part of Anca Tiribeja’s laudable initiative to support a local animal shelter.

Photography: Anka Tiribeja // @ankatiribejaphoto

But before, please allow me to reveal the most intense synchronicity which revealed itself last night, while I couldn’t sleep, so I searched angelic occurrences (such as repetitive numbers or sequences) and beings. I stumbled upon Iezalel, the guardian angel watching over those born on my birthday, the 23rd of May, who is the Angel of Fidelity and Loyalty, the 13th name of God, with the name meaning ‘The God Sung Above All’ or ‘Rejoicing Over All Things’. The striking detail is Psalm 98:4 is attributed to him, which mentions Joy(ous) twice. I was astonished by the association my mind served after taking into consideration these significant details.

Bearing these thoughts in mind, the peculiar occurrence is absolutely amazing, moreover since I initially wanted to name my puppy Angel, until I realized Happy & Joy are some of the coolest names I could call my dogs, holding great significance in a person’s life in general, moreover since their personalities perfectly evoke the genuine emotion associated to their name. They also create instant positive karma whenever they are pronounced, as my recent research On Angelic Words elegantly suggests.

Today, only three days after I found my horoscope Guardian Angel and his attribute given, ‘Deus Super Omnis Decantabilis’, I was extremely surprised to have come across a Christian choir formed by adolescents singing on Unirii street in my hometown during a spontaneous walk. I was approached by one girl who was thrilled about my style, who invited me to come see them in concert. Ten minutes later, I was passing by the Music College and couldn’t help to notice adolescents dressed for the occasion of a Choir contest. Everywhere I go there seems to be Joy and singing, which is definitely something to be appreciative of.

Which reminds me of the good boy singing in my home, who is Little Prince Joy, very vocal to any sound or person and extremely spoiled. He is a bit sensitive for having been separated from his mother, Daisy (Happy’s sister) too early and still a baby at almost 10 months of age therefore I tend to act extremely mature and responsible around him.

He does not react to a tamer or rewards given by other figures outside the family for being socially anxious, therefore interaction with Joy is dramatically conditioned by his intuition regarding one’s character and that person’s relationship to me. If he doesn’t like you, you can’t sit with us.

He also dislikes me focusing my attention on tech devices when I loose touch of the surroundings (meaning him). It’s a good things he prevents me from getting too caught up in the virtual realms. The best way we complete each other spiritually is during times of unease, such as while he’s dreaming and sometimes shivering, I lay my hand on him so he may instantly feel relieved. I also surprised him watching over and acting whenever I have a weird dream.

If these details are not enough proof of a genuine connection truly meant to be, this bundle of Joy is a Gemini, my Twin, born on the 26th of May, 3 days after my birthday (3 being the godly number of the Trinity) therefore we communicate telepathically. I was surprised I sometimes don’t even have to speak what I am thinking for him to pick up the message and act accordingly.

Dogs are truly a crystal clear mirror reflecting one’s personality and one of the greatest instruments of observation regarding the level of self-awareness he or she displays. Psychologically speaking, having a pet which matches one’s personality reveals crucial information related to core values, such as loyalty and fidelity (precisely the ones watched over by guardian angel Iezalel), responsibility, true love and commitment, affection and exclusivity (as each relationship between an owner and his pet is exclusive, intimate and unique).

Nevertheless, another fabulous synchrocity revolving around the presence of Joy into my life is that I received him from my parents, who were totally against me having this extra responsibility, during the Chinese Dog Year for all planets have alligned for me to have such a charming little companion, with whiskey fur and funny whiskers, the true definition of a “good boy”. It came as a spiritual relief during time of grief caused by the departure of my grandfather in September, who was particularly worried during his last days for me being single and living alone in Bucharest. I am sure he is having a large smile in Heaven when he’s watching over me playing with Joy.

By the way, Happy International Puppy Day, everyone! What a great opportunity to reveal this deeply personal editorial which I have been postponing for weeks by now. It’s simply fabulous how planets align lately and I am confident this will be an exceptional year for most of us.

Much Love,

Her Serene Highness,

The True and Only,

QueenP 💜

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