Proph3tic Justice – On the Law of Abundance.

Simon Vouet – Prudence Leading Peace and Abundance

My esteemed audience,

Welcome to my exclusive blog post dedicated the Law of Abundance.
Buckle up – it is going to be an amazing ride, brilliantly sesoned with personal tales of decluttering and deprogramming all outdated thoughts, just in time for the thrilling second eclipse of January, which I believe to be an exciting opportunity for all of us to shine. Just remember, playing small does not serve the world.
I could not think of a better time to deliver this spiritual masterpiece than today, Wednesday – my favorite day – the 16th of January, just the day after a dreamy winter day sprinkled with an abundance of fluffy snowflakes falling down the sky, adorning the grey streets of Bucharest. The weather is decently warm and I believe even Joy greatly enjoys the fluffy snow.
In spite of what I assume to be some challenging traffic conditions, it feels quite magical to synchronize thoughts with the Universe. What a wonderful time to be awake and alive, isn’t it? By the way, did you know China’s cotton seeds which landed on the Moon the 3rd of January have just sprouted? Spectacular.

“Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.”

– Steve Maraboli

When it comes to abundance, we each have a different perspective corresponding to it, or better said “attached”, which could differ a lot considering the personal background, education, experience, expertize and most importantly, personal choice (I invite you to step into your power, ladies and gentlemen).
For some of us, abundance might refer to money and fortune, while for others the concept reveals the symbolic significance of emotional and spiritual wealth. I have recently come to the conclusion the spiritual wealth must manifest itself into the 5D reality, just as fast as synchronicities occur and manifestation of thoughts takes place every moment for those who have leveled up to their true feelings of worthiness and power. I will offer you a surprisingly simple example which most people would evaluate from a different point of view, neglecting the large spectrum of possibilities and choices which can occur by simply switching the perspective to a different angle, anytime an option or result seems unappropiate for you. Let’s embrace diversity of thought and welcome the fresh breeze of modern christianity, as interpreted by yours truly, QueenP.

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”

– Anthony Robbins

Do you have a minute to talk about our saviour, Jesus Christ? Well, thank you for your time and patience – please be reminded that according to the Bible, He is the King of all Kings, the Son of God and the One and Only True Emperor of the World. “May all kings fall down before Him.”
Do you remember what he received from the three magis at birth? Myrrh (burial), frankincence (deity) and gold (kingship on earth), ladies and gentlemen. His choice, however, was to remain humble from having all kings bow down to him, cure the sick, feed the poor and bless every ground he walked on. The good news is we are all sons of God, all capable of spreading His Word, curing the sick and feeding the poor, literally or symbolically, and most importantly, at any point we own the Power of Change by Choice.
As Jesus was perfectly capable of creating abundance out of 5 loaves and two fish to feed 5000 people, so should those blessed with Christ Consciousness. Christianity was never a religion for the poor as some would insinuate but of spiritual wealth miraculously manifesting on material levels, proven by biblical facts each time Jesus encountered someone in need. Take a deep breath and think about it.

All I am saying is even though Jesus was the undisputed King of all Kings, he made the Choice to manifest his Divine Royalty through an Abundance of Miracles, therefore, taking it as an example, we have the choice to manifest abundance in the form of our preference, as we shake off outdated patterns of thinking such as humility, instead of humbleness, poverty, instead of gratefulness, unworthiness, instead of divine purpose. There is a very fine line between the significance of these concepts an educated heart (and mind) must perceive.
Can you image the Universe always provides for us even more than we wish for? That is why it is very important to identify the blockages to our abundance, bring them to our awareness, eliminate them properly and replace them successfully. You can find some of the blockages present at etymological level listed above, while others are deeply rooted into our collective consciousness, such as the thought money is the cause of all evil. Wrong! Greed is. Money serves its purpose therefore it is ridiculous to judge an object, a tool throughout the importance and illusion of grandeur we or others attach to it. Otherwise, money is absolutely worthless without the value it represents to us.

Let’s not forget I once said Adam and Eve leaving Heaven was a hidden opportunity for the freedom (free will) we had to co-create Heaven on Earth. I’m still thinking about that fruit of knowledge of good and evil Eve ate in spite of God’s will.
Theoretically, shouldn’t the mere act of eating the fruit (in spite of the biblical consequences) give us the Gift of Knowledge, the Power of Choice to distinguish good from evil and the Opportunity to create a New Heaven? Yes, indeed. Think about it. Take your time. See where it takes you.

“If you always attach positive emotions to the things you want, and never attach negative emotions to the things you don’t, then that which you desire most will invariably come your way.”

– Matt D. Miller

These are only two frequent abundance block examples some of us choose to believe in consciously, or might simply lay deeply rooted into our system of beliefs, triggering missed opportunities and pushing the individual in a perpetual struggle with life, fighting to the point of exhaution for the abundance available first at the level of his heart and mind. The manifestation is just one step away from the actualization of conscience into removing the self-programming after the realization of a blockage.
First I would like to share with you one of my own blockages concerning money, which was not inherited but it was a product of my own associations. Every day of the month I received my salary at my former job, I observed some strange things were happening. I either saw a lot of pooh on the the streets or homeless people acted weird around me. That felt ackward and intimidating, causing me to naturally decipher the event association to be “money is shxt”. It was right in the stage of my ascension I used to visit some so called “poor countries” where people seem to be truly at peace with what they have, which lead me to think rather small concerning my income, as if it was enough usr as far as my spending is involved but not in the sense that it must reflect my professional value.

Money is a measure of exchange between a need and its supply, a service and its value – dealing with my own unworthiness at that point did not make me think about it in terms of a profitable exchange for both sides, which must reflect my personal and professional value, but a random number. Therefore, the result of my own thoughts was a lack of interest for both money and my career, disrespect for my job (associated with the same pooh the money came along) which concluded with not having a raise for two years. These are all examples of abundance blockages one person could have without even noticing it.

Nevertheless, I had also identified another common blockage which is present for numerous people that “we must work hard to earn money”. This is wrong on so many levels. In the technology era, with so many tools, devices, systems and programs, AI, it is surreal to think we must work still hard for success. We must work SMART. And smart does not mean draining ourselves to death, it means willingness to contribute, availability in a respectful manner, taking advantage of all technology available at this point, using our brain and imagination, and keeping the right attitude which facilitates learning and development at all levels.
These being said, Iet’s find out more about the Law of Abundance.

“There is a lie that acts like a virus within the mind of humanity. And that lie is, ‘There’s not enough good to go around. There’s lack and there’s limitation and there’s just not enough.’
The truth is that there’s more than enough good to go around. There is more than enough creative ideas. There is more than enough power. There is more than enough love. There’s more than enough joy. All of this begins to come through a mind that is aware of its own infinite nature.
There is enough for everyone. If you believe it, if you can see it, if you act from it, it will show up for you. That’s the truth.”

– Michael Beckwith

The Law of Abundance

“God will overflow your cup, so grab the biggest one you can find.”

– Rob Liano

The Law of Abundance affirms the fact that life’s abundance is offered to us through our spiritual legacy, being available and accesible any time. It is often through our careless spiritual behavior and lack of faith its limitation takes place on both interior and exterior wealth, which naturally leads to lack.

The moment a person truly knows himself and takes charge of his spiritual legacy, the law of abundance starts to manifest into his life. Those surrendering to this law know no lack. Just remember what Jesus said “To those who have everything, more will be given. From those who have nothing, everything will be taken.”
He was obviously referring to the knowledge of Truth, to the ancestral wisdom. As soon as we give in the thought life is destined for abundance, we invite it to manifest. However, this realization is valuable just as long as we transform our whole life through the openess to inner abundance. Better said, the ones who don’t recognize the inner abundance are standing into their own way to success by blocking its manifestation. No struggle, no effort invested in thinking positively nor imploring the divinity will help, as outter reality can only reflect the real inner world.

We should therefore recognize first that it is through our inner nature that we are rich and successful. Living within this frame of conscience will attract even more abundance. Anything coming to us is, considering the perspective offered by our inner potential, an opportunity life has given to manifest abundance through itself. We must never surrender to the exterior circumstances because even where there seems to be nothing left to be discovered there are plenty of possibilites. Even when the exterior reality contradicts the interior imagery of abundance or the circumstances are tough, we can still rise above and transform them.

“As long as we remain vigilant at building our internal abundance—an abundance of integrity, an abundance of forgiveness, an abundance of service, an abundance of love—then external lack is bound to be temporary.”

– Marianne Williamson

All positive thinking and struggle cannot lead to success if we insist to focus internally on limitations and lack. Or if we decide to think the lack is generated by karma. Even karma can be changed at any time – nobody can force us to remain victims of an erroneous pattern of behavior. However, sometimes we might not feel worthy or valuable enough to live prosperously in abundance. This manner of thinking challenges the gifts that life is willing to generously offer to us. “To receive” represents one end of the law, while “to give” acknowledges the other. To focus solely on one end of the law cancels its power. Just remember the famous biblical sayings “Give and it will be given to you.” “You reap what you sow.”
Abundance cannot manifest properly into our life unless we become channels ourselves for its manifestation.

“Even the smallest shift in perspective can bring about the greatest healing.”

– Joshua Kai

We evolve by eliminating all thoughts, conscious or unconscious, cocerning borders and limitations, by not becoming our own obstacles on the way to manifestation of the law and giving with all our hearts.
The material aspects are always the easiest and less relevant, even though some of us can sabotage and destroy ourselves in their name. What is truly important and difficult to accomplish is the availability and purpose to serve The Whole (the One and All) with all our power, an act of volition which is born and raised to higher dimensions in and through love. In order to fully participate to abundance, we have “to sacrifice” our little Ego to the Higher Self, the voice of God within. Jesus said it himself: “But seek first God’s Kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things will be given to you as well.”

“Summoning gratitude is a sure way to get our life back on track. Opening our eyes to affirm gratitude grows the garden of our inner abundance, just as standing close to a fire eventually warms our heart.”

– Alexandra Katehakis

It is important for this attitude to become permanent, even when we achieve the desired success and live according to our wishes. Only it can support the endless spring of abundance. This way we will not only gain it but we will receive it and raise it, in order to use it wisely. Only when we perceive ourselves as Co-Creators who Contribute to the Creation, aiming to improve the world through our actions, abundance will always be available to us.

Abundance does not solely mean to have enough money, although this is clearly one of its aspects. Even the lack of respect towards money can separate us from the spring of abundance. The abundance is rather present at a subtle level in our daily activities, the ones we don’t pay too much attention to, in our harmonious relationships, as well as in the high dimension of our spiritual recognition. The ones living in abundance will always have whatever it takes or is needed for the complete expression of their being, as every aspect of their life is in harmony.

What does it teach me?

“Choose joyful abundance in your heart and be unbounded, free, and relaxed. Be relentless with your choice and you’ll make your mark.”

– Amy Leigh Mercree

The abundance we seek for already exists at the level of our heart. As long as we nurture our soul’s desires prior to those pertaining to our ego, we shall be at peace and worthy of receiving all the blessings in the world. The Universe always provides what it is asked therefore it is extremely important to ask the right questions and express wishes in a positive manner. Blockages are eliminated once they are acknowledged – as we updated computers and smart phones to the latest software version, so we can update our reasoning process to the present tense, manifesting new ways of thinking, generating different outcomes. It is all in the mind and it is not even hard. All it takes is motivation, the willingness to change, the correct appreciation of our value, the confidence in our talents, abilities – stepping into our power.

At any time we have the chance to choose an abundant life, independently of what abundance means to us. The Universe knows no lack and neither should we. Realization is a wonderful super-power and we all have it. All it takes is exercise and self-awareness. Living our best life is not an ego trap, it’s a divine plan. God doesn’t want anyone to struggle but some truth might be learnt the hard way. Lessons learnt are even a greater abundance. However, we should all make it easier on ourselves. As above, so below.
Bless you all.

“Gratitude builds a bridge to abundance.”

– Roy Bennett

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