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My beloved audience,

Welcome to the last fashion editorial of 2k18 – a super special anniversary edition which marks the splendid delivery of 60 Princessa Petra Registered Style Statements along the 2 years+ rich content creation experience. 

In spite of having postponed this one for ages (actually, by “ages” I mean less than a month, as it was scheduled to enchant your pretty little eyes on the 1st of December – Romania’s Great Union Day), I am now experiencing the wonderful blessings of Angel Number 60, which is a message from angels stability and harmony will reign in my life as long as I put all my trust in Divine Source. 
Angel Number 60 is a reminder that all supply comes from the Universe, including the material one. It is about time my spiritual wealth and intelligence would manifest itself into the material world. 

Since my Faith is stronger than ever, I will exclusively dedicate this anniversary edition to the communication with the Divine Source and its elaborate interpretation, as well as the abundance of prophetic symbols and signs enhancing my fascinating (dream) world. 

Meanwhile, please note my splendid traditional blouse is hand-sewed and embelished by my great grandmother therefore it is a legacy of unestimable worth.
It also seems to possess magical powers since everytime I wear it I feel protected and shielded as if I was wearing an energetic armour. You’ll probably see it further in my 2k19 style editorials – I am planning to revive all immortal art pieces I own. 

Photography: Volker Vornehm // #volkervornehm
Fashion Styling: Petra Paitici // #princessapetra

#PrincessaPetra #GloryToTheHoly #Proph3ticJustice

If I haven’t mentioned it by now, I am more than lucky to dream every night and to remember the details. Most of the dreams are relevant and I can tell that by the way I feel when I wake up and the images still lingering in the back of my head. I am fascinated by how vividly rich my dream world is.
It is truly a blessing to have such a private, exclusive access to the kingdom of the subconscious by understanding the personal meaning each symbol holds, how it matches the complexity of a billion pieces puzzle the human ideation is, which ultimately determines the quality of life, thoughts and everyday behavior. 
It also provides an exclusive pass to divine introspection and self-knowledge by facilitating the access to the higher realms of consciousness, those which can also be reached by deep meditation. 

Dreaming feels like I am raving in the backstage of my life while I am also the main and only DJ, whether I am a mere observer of the plot or actively participating to it. I therefore gladly admit music had a lot to do with my awareness expansion and I really miss my wild nights spent clubbing very much. I wish they would come back at another level – a higher one on another note.

A few nights ago I had a fascinating dream – I was out of the house in my hometown, not very far but near the 24/7 shop at the corner of my street, when I suddenly heard a dope track on the radio inside the shop from afar. The track was hip-hop and the beat was so wild that I decided to check it out.

There was a crowd of people who wanted to buy stuff from the shop, although they were not standing in a decent row, but they were acting very loud, each holding something in their hands (possibly money). The little shop felt more like a booking house than a 24/7 and in charge of it all was a guy who really looked like Jesus. I got in front of the crowd and asked him what radio station that was, thinking about how I was able to get the tracklist by myself later on. He told me it was “Cassius Radio”.
Imagine I spent a day going through all internet sources to interpret what Cassius stands for, although I wasn’t able to find anything relevant but its meaning of “empty, vain”.
A radio in dreams means one sided communication and also news to be received, therefore I was very curious about what I was going to hear during the next day(s). The position of the radio was also relevant as holding symbolic value to the type of news I was going to be presented with – although the hip-hop track was coming from my left when getting in front of the line, the radio was placed by the right side of Jesus, therefore the news I would hear would not sound great in terms of expectations but it would be the best thing to happen. So it did.
The next day, I finally received an answer to a job application I had a call for, which resembled me too much to the past experience in a field I do not trust, where the faith in Jesus is proved to be a better healer than all the medication in the world. It is truly amazing how great His Power is, since I am no longer permitted to face low vibrations and everything flows precisely according to His Plan. 

Deciphering the symbolic significance of the objects which appeared in my dream is not that complicated – “Cassius Radio” was a pun for a meaningless job (vain) which does not contribute to the greater good of all, but actually works in its detriment (one sided communication). The loud people waving their money (energy) were a pun for disrespectful professionals who would sell their souls by doing a meaningless job. The truth is I also did that until I discovered my own worth. 

The Universe is just brilliant and so is my heightened consciousness when I am fully connected to it.
I would not jeopardise this connection for anything in the world and yes, the lack of meaning is clearly not compatible with my lifestyle, self-esteem and the value I would like to add to the world. A job lacking meaning would deplete my motivation and would squeeze out my joy, energy and creativity for no reason at all.
The Divinity does not want this to ever happen and definitely has my back in everything. What’s meant to be will be and I am in for Greatness. If I can feel it, so shall it be. 

Funny thing, there’s a track by Macklemore on TV right now as I’m writing this statement saying:
“I feel glorious, glorious
Got a chance to start again
I was born for this, born for this
It’s who I am, how could I forget?
I made it through the darkest part of the night
And now I see the sunrise
Now I feel glorious, glorious
I feel glorious, glorious.”

And since the topic of this blog post is Divine Source communication, do you now see my point proved by this fabulous synchronicity? 😉 

One of my greatest wishes this Christmas was to watch Mary Poppins Returns and see where it gets me (when I watched the vintage edition on Christmas Eve 7 years ago in Paris, I received my first dream prophecy  – after a walking down a road watching people selling rotten vegetables on each side and a sad grey bulldog in a box also for sale, which my angel companions strongly advised me not to buy, a shiny fluffy lamb appeared in front of me that everyone was fascinated by and all tried to touch, which I thought to be either the manifestation of Jesus in the dream world or my own Christ Consciousness shining and attracting like-minded people), it is my pleasure to let you know I made it happen and also cried a bit during the movie.
I wonder if I am the only adult who cried during both Mary Poppins movies but they are so touching and motivational, so rich in moral value and symbolism that I am simply moved to tears. If you don’t know it yet – Mary Poppins is my role model –  she is “practically perfect in every way”. 

These being said, I am now wrapping up PrincessaPetra 060 exclusive editorial and a very important chapter of my life as well. There will be no mentioning of 2k18 experiences starting from the 1st of January – I am not carrying the energy of the old into the new. I’ve learnt my lessons and walked my talk. It is time to take my Energy, Frequency and Vibration to another level.
I also haven’t written down any resolutions for 2k19 because I understand my personal plans are less great than the divine one the Universe has in store for me. The past years have taught me to literally go with the flow. Considering my life is now defined by breath taking synchronicities, I put all my trust in this infinite flow of blessings, sit back, relax and carefully watch where my Energy goes. If we are being taught by modern spirituality to have no expectations, I highly doubt we can be dissatisfied with any wonderful adventures the future unfolds. I am also confident there will be no more drama in my life, that’s so last year, don’t you think?

💎💎💎 May 2k19 shine bright like a Diamond!!! 💎💎💎

Blessings x Blessings x Blessings

Your Supreme Highness,
The Divine and Glorious, 
QueenP 💜










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