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Hello, darlings! 🧁🧁🧁

I am not sure if you know but I have taken some time off to restore and fortify my energy and optimize my mindset after a major chapter from my Book of Life had ended on the 31st of August. It took a lot of courage and a leap of faith to depart from a comfort zone no longer motivating me to search for the next adventure to put my skills and talents at the great use of the Universe and Mankind. 

I am very glad I have received powerful visions through vivid dreams and mysterious symbols during my sleep only my mind knows how to decode. It appears I am ready to start writing the next big chapter of my life, which I sense it is going to be more serious in terms of responsibilities and a lot more sparkling than the previous one. Why? Because I am fully equipped with a greater vision than before, a refined set of skills and talents which are unique in the world, as they pertain to me only as an individual, having life changing experiences, a broaden perspective on life and seeing situations from a much tolerant and compassionate point of view, deeply rooted in positivity and enthusiasm, based on the laws of the Universe I respect and follow and more lessons learnt than anyone I know. 

Photography: Volker Vornehm // #volkervornehm
Fashion Styling: Petra Paitici // #princessapetra

#PrincessaPetra #GloryToTheHoly #Proph3ticJustice

Although I don’t precisely love this particular photo shooting because of an outfit malfunction, I choose to compensate with the flow of my thoughts and accept it for what it is, having in mind that a gorgeous one which I adore will soon follow. Funny, but that’s actually how my life was before I decided it is nothing but my responsability. I had a job which I didn’t actually enjoy because it did not put my mind at use and caused a learning malfunction because the feeling of not belonging pushed me into defense mode, while I compensated with swinging between diving into frustration or doing what I love after the nine to five. 

However, given the high consumption of vital energy the nine to five involved, I became confident I must leave it in order for a greater opportunity to present itself. 
My working background is so variate that I am confident I can go way further in pretty much any field and I would gladly learn new things, even a language or two, just as long as my ideas are being heard, acknowledged and welcomed properly and my presence doesn’t cause people to question their self-worth. 
The defense mode is long gone.

Another thing I search in my upcoming career milestone to achieve through the opportunity the Universe has in store for me is a friendly environment that fully sustains creativity, respects and honors differences between employees, one whose actions are transparent and do not feel like an inside battle causing employees to either burn out of unecessary fatigue or simply quit, one which has a powerful strategy centered on people that is not only theoretical but it is strongly implemented at all levels, one which encourages cultural awareness and diversity, being respectful and tolerant, an environment which excludes the games of power and promotes open communication and collaboration between all employees. 

That’s not the sound of tomorrow, that is a recipe for success. I am glad I am sharing it, maybe it will inspire people not to settle for less than they deserve, pushing the limits of an obsolete 3D system into the realms of the 5D, where instead of a petty competition for a pretty compensation, people would collaborate together for a greater value – their greater future – increasing the levels of success of a company which knows it is nothing without the ones who implement its vision. I strongly believe such companies already exist and yes, having had a disappointing experience does not affect my confidence in a shiny future. Having mentioned these conditions is also an empowering strategy of sorting out what I want, how I see it working, leaving it written for the Law of Attraction to work its magic into Manifestation. 

I also foresee when the planetary shifts and Mercury retrograde will be part of global communication in companies in order to prevent travel chaos, technological frustration, havoc and miss-communication between employees and with their clients in order for everyone to be aware how to deal with such possible shortcomings. I know how much it helped me personally and I do hope I was not the only awakened employee in the former company.

These being said, I would also like to mention how I felt the recovery was complete. First of all, the irritation dissapeared. I was no longer aware of any trauma, but of the lessons learnt. I surprised myself when talking to a former colleague saying I can’t judge all companies by the measure of solely one and I acknowledge all that has happened served as a test of maturity. I only see what I have gained and I was successful in transforming frustration into valuable experience. 

Secondly, I practiced pilates and yoga. My last yoga session felt mindblowing. Even though I have gained a little weight which apparently makes me very attractive, I also increased the performance of the poses which I execute with a higher sense of flexibility and equilibrium. After this particular class I was very proud of, the teacher told us we have practiced poses related to the pelvis, which involves the past. It was a clear sign the past no longer affects my present and I am fully ready to take on my next challenge, as soon as Mercury goes direct. Perhaps hearing DRAM’s track Cash Machine when going out of the yoga class was a sign I should be back in the game. 

Meanwhile, I leave this powerful mantra for your attention and I hope you will reflect on it properly, just as much as I do:

I am bursting with vitality!
I have more physical and mental energy than
I know what to do with,
I approach every person, situation and circumstance with complete and utter joy,
My life, my home, my family, my businesses and my hobbies are all full and rich and complete,
My life is defined and known for its ethical excellence,
Every day I am actively engaged and vigorous in my passions,
I am fully devoted and expect to be blessed – both in this life and the next,
My life is the real and genuine deal,
There are no dead-ends ahead, I live and grow continuously.
I set goals for myself and exceed them easily every time,
My bank accounts and cupboards contain far more than is necessary to meet my needs,
It is obvious to everyone that I have an uncommon advantage in life,
I have so much, that I laugh at how much fun it is to keep giving it way,
My life is beyond what I could have hoped for, it is far superior to anything imagined,
Every day is marked by excellence.

Yours Truly,
Her Majesty,








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