Princessa Petra – Mercury Retrograde

#PrincessaPetra x #MercuryRetrograde @ #LuigiCazzavillan Park

Hello, darlings! 💜

Have no fear, Mercury retrograde is here and there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for my intent of delivering this superb editorial masterpiece during the most controversial astral setting a lot of people I know are terrified of.

What does Mercury Retrograde mean afterall? Well after I spent 30 minutes, let’s make it 45, so basically almost an hour on its first retrograde day exploring the depth of modern days astrology and its impact on human behaviour through my psychological perspective in accordance with ancient wisdom, always furbishing my mad skills in written English through a designated Facebook post, some hours later I noticed the text was gone!!! Not all, just the most important part and punctuation, making me look kind of sloppy, possibly tired, which of course I am not. 

The truth is, my overthinking process feeds on tiny little details I must take charge of and my inclination to perfectionism rarely allows my conscience to sleep on a job half-done. 

Mercury rules communication, of course – you must have already sensed I am a Gemini somehow (if not, it’s stated all over social media – I praise my zodiac membership – that’s all you need to know) from my brilliant self-confidence, charming intelligence and constantly bathing in the after glow of showing myself off (I’ve always been cool, you know) – and more importantly, the technological means of communication, such as social media, a tiny little detail which is obviously out of my control. 

Photography: Volker Vornehm // #volkervornehm
Fashion Styling: Petra Paitici // #princessapetra

#PrincessaPetra #GloryToTheHoly #Proph3ticJustice

What have I learnt along the way of paying attention on planetary transits? Pretty much a lot – even though I am the Master and Commander of my Speech and the way I choose to convey my message to others through verbal and written communication is not affected (I mean the coherence and the mutual sense of understanding is smooth as always), I take no further blame if technology fails and the channel simply doesn’t work. 
In other words, I know what I am saying but it’s not really my fault the platform can’t live up to my virtual game, correct? 

Nor will I stress any second about it – I got smarter priorities to set into motion, rather than getting grey hair and wrinkles (some possible effects of stress I would like to avoid) for something which is beyond my control and, after all, absolutely irrelevant to my existence. Will I remember my Facebook didn’t work a year from now? Certainly not, I would honestly find it hard to remember even when the retrograde is off. I do hope you feel the same way and think further about the consequences of your thoughts – it might save all of us a lot of Energy until the 6th of December, given Mercury is retrograde 3-4 times a year. 

The best of this notorious retrograde is that I have explained it so thoroughly to people that, at the moment they complain with frustration for certain things malfunctioning or situations causing chaos, pressure and an unfortunate feeling of displeasure, I just have to mention Mercury is retrograde and they suddenly cool off. 
They get that sudden insight, the revelation of “Aha! This is actually in my best interest so as soon as this retrograde is complete, the path will be much smoother, the sun brighter and this awful feeling so long gone.” 

Nevertheless, no matter how retrograde Mercury is and how fruitful the full moon tonight in Gemini will be for my restless, intellectual sign, I have finally reached the culmination point of delivering my highly pertinent spiritual work dedicated to Manifestation, therefore I can ultimately focus a little more on my stylish endeavors. This editorial was captured in one of my most energetically challenging times of past summer (which did not felt like a summer at all) therefore I am grateful the outcome is brilliant. 

Having a creative mindset is always helpful when dealing with a lot of emotions – I can turn my feelings into art and channel my challenges into the creation of beauty. I have programmed myself to respond to stress in this manner that is constantly pushing me forward pit of my comfort zone. You’d ask: “What comfort zone?” Well, instead of crying with frustration for whatever life serves as an opportunity for growth and valuing my own self-worth, I push myself into my creative endeavors and recycle the energy I would otherwise consume with discharging myself. My goal is to make use of all my talents into the creation of something to inspire others to set out to the Moon and turn their face to the Sun. 

These pictures are shot in one of my favorite parks, the chic Luigi Cazzavillan Park in Bucharest, and I simply adore the mild air of bohemian perkiness my outfit is channeling, virtuously accompanied by the lively cherubs adorning the fountain in the background. Some captions are synchronistically surprised to match the artistic viguor of a vintage aquarelle, as I could perfectly stand out in a well reputed gallery honoring ceremonial masterpieces of divine co-creation. Nevertheless, you do deserve some honorable mentions – the red hot swimming suit belongs to Pull & Bear and the wide leg trousers are signed by Stradivarius, both representative of the spring, yet rather summer 2018 collections which are probably not available anymore. 

I am confident you have enjoyed my stylish outtake on Mercury retrograde as wrapping up projects pending for a long time is one of the most auspicious things to do at this particular time. Let’s hope the havoc it causes into people’s life is for the best and many brilliant moments will occur once my ruling planet goes direct in no time. 
Hang on, little tomatoes, soon it will be Christmas and the best is yet to come! 
Trust Life!

Yours Truly,
Her Royal Highness and True Majesty, 
QueenP 💜











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