Proph3tic Justice – On the Bliss of Manifestation.

Michelangelo – Creation of Adam (detail), Sistine Chapel

“True elegance for me is the manifestation of an independent mind.”

– Isabella Rossellini

My esteemed audience,

Thank you for embarking with me on the rewarding journey to self-discovery and personal development. Choosing my support and service as a Spiritual Leader brings me much comfort, joy and confidence I am investing my time, energy and attention right in supporting my community to truly prosper by reaching out to dreams and fulfilling prophecies. 

Given the divine awards I was invested with by the Universe, the principles of spiritual wealth and material abundance I trust with all my heart, the generous and positive mindset I nurture and the skills and talents I continually practice and improve to be of great service and inspiration to others, I feel the intense process of personal edification through writing has finally reached a satisfactory level, which is due through this enlightening work dedicated to the Bliss of Manifestation.

“Your duty is to treat everybody with love as a manifestation of the Lord.”

– Swami Sivananda

I had a revelatory moment today when I searched for the word “Manifestation” on Google and the first results displayed negative associations exemplified for its use. Wow! Isn’t this just a little bit disturbing? How can such a powerful word be so obviously associated with a negative outcome? Is this disturbing negative bias of the brain staying in the way of making our deepest wishes and most intimate desires come true? 

Well, of course it does, along the crippling self-doubt and an unhealthy perspective of one’s self-esteem or personal worth, these being my favorite subjects to shed light upon, in order to inspire people to discover their true value, align their life purpose to the Higher Self and openly receive the presence of the divine and blissful energy of God into their lives just like I did.

“It is by developing the individual that he is prepared for that wonderful manifestation of the human intelligence, which drawing constitutes. The ability to see reality in form, in color, in proportion, to be master of the movements of one’s own hand – that is what is necessary.”

– Maria Montessori

Given the initiative to cater my professional and esoteric knowledge actively through private coaching sessions and workshops dedicated to personal development and spiritual endeavors, we will now explore the intriguing realms of manifestation strictly through the benefit of my previous work, which was mostly based on intense research followed by subjective interpretation – this particular subject, however, will transcend general research as it is intimately rooted into personal experiences and continuous commitment to my deep inner work. 

“Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement.” 

– Florence Scovel Shinn

I recall the moment I started my blog two years ago was greatly acclaimed by the audience, rather for the quality and vision behind my professional pictures. I dare say nobody expected I had a passion for writing and I will turn my personal work into a Spiritual Fashion Blog. 
As the divine process of revealing the true colors of myself shining brightly in the digital realms unfolded gracefully with each and every blog post, my mission of enlightenment encountered strong resistance from those deeply rooted into their own darkness and wrongly pertaining to my entourage back then.

People came into my life to challenge my Energy and Dedication to my Spiritual Work, by drawing too much attention to themselves and triggering some of my unhealthy behaviors, which I wasn’t always strong enough to overcome. 
Some of them were personally challenged by my positive perspective and were simply in denial life can indeed be beautiful and the dark nights of the soul can be overcome once one embarks on his/her personal mission dedicated to Self-Love and Soul-Light. 

Of course, nobody understood neither the effort it is required, nor the resilience to change. One of these troubled souls asked me once why I am not in a cave meditating for the sake of humanity like the enlightened person I pretend to be and I am right here, displaying both my spiritual knowledge and fashion sense online. 

“The word is a force you cannot see, but you can see the manifestation of that force, the expression of the word, which is your own life.”

– Don Miguel Ruiz

Well, just look at me two years later after my challenging start, strongly dedicated to God, highly protected by my guardian angels, persistently dedicated to my spiritual mission by overcoming all obstacles till the karma was ultimately dissolved and proving Individuality, Uniqueness, a strong Personality and an accurate knowledge of Self are the successful premises of Manifestation in all realms. Step number one: the divine Self-Manifestation is the beginning of all the blessings God is capable of pouring into one’s life. 

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.”

As I have previously mentioned and will continually to do so (there is no greater power than the one of the written word), through my sincere commitment and complete dedication to the spiritual emancipation and deep inner work, impure energies, entities and beings are allergic to my presence.
All doors which serve my greatest good are widely opened, even those which don’t. Fortunately, the Universe is constantly providing obvious signs of which path I should follow and which I should close for the sake of my spiritual growth and further development.

Given my highlighted awareness to the divine synchronicities, I am manifesting the most suitable reality in accordance to my personal vision and the quality of my thoughts. It might not be what you expect it to be, but I repeat, it is based on my personal life path only I can walk upon. It doesn’t have to be relevant to any of you. It strictly refers to me, as the manifestation of your desires will reflect your own destiny. There is no room for envy and jealousy, we each have important lessons to learn, which will uplift our Spirits closer to the Creator of One, All and Each. 

“The highest manifestation of life consists in this: that a being governs its own actions. A thing which is always subject to the direction of another is somewhat of a dead thing.”

– Thomas Aquinas

Let’s ultimately begin the spiritual adventure of manifestation by underlining and highlighting what each of my previous blog posts revealed, aspects which strongly contribute to the prospects of accomplishment. Here are the main ingredients to success; –
“All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust.”
(Peter Pan):

Energy, Frequency and Vibration

Mastering one’s vibration is the key requirement to accomplishing everything he/she wishes for.
We are not just physical beings in a material world but vibrational entities in an energy quantum – the transmitters and receivers of pure energy. 
We attract what we reflect
– vibrational beings, events and experiences in perfect alignment with our state of being, while clearly rejecting anything out of tune.

Once the awareness of oneself becomes crystal clear, in order to manifest desires, we must undoubtedly alter the frequency of our vibration. This requires to quiet our minds and reach a state of perfect equilibrium.
The glass half empty must become a glass half full.
A conflicting situation which persists must reach culmination instead of stability.
Any energetic frequencies which strengthen a temporary dissatisfaction can create the permanence of a disharmonious condition which represents the type of equilibrium we don’t want. 

In order to generate the healthy equilibrium we desire, we should disconnect from the previous environment long enough to accommodate the change until we notice the positive manifestation of the new vibration. This new vibration can be identified by accommodating different emotions which tend to stabilize themselves.

Energy Cleansing

As there can be multiple and various reasons for Personal Energy to be weakened, let’s focus on those which assist us in feeling the most peaceful, relaxed and easy-going, in order to achieve fresh new heights of divine bliss. 
I personally consider Energy to be the most treasurable power a human possesses, if he frees himself from the deceiving ego and the earthly materialism so common in consumerist society.

The premises of deep energy cleansing are to surround ourselves with positive people, those who uplift you and make us feel comfortable and energized, those who are warm, kind and friendly and highly supportive of our positive endeavors; to change our thinking pattern in the sense of loving ourselves enough not to be bothered by insignificant things but to be forgiving of apparent mistakes and imperfections instead, without falling into the bad habit of criticizing and judging others; to laugh more as a conscious and sustainable choice of embracing life, which strengthens our immune system, boosts mood, diminishes pain and the effects of stress; to change our personal Karma by channeling the energy of frustration into creativity, charity and positive acts of kindness and volunteering, instead of vengeful ones, and finally to claim our personal space, on both a material and spiritual level, by removing anything which does not pertain to use from home, office or desk – objects which are not deserving of our admiration, – as well as clearing our minds of negative thoughts.
It’s always worth to step into our power and restoring our energy levels.

Principles of Slaying 

Since we have reached the point of restoring our energy levels in order to acquire the healthy equilibrium which brings us closer to the manifestation of our dreams and deepest desires, I do have some tips in mind – let’s begin with treating ourselves right by carefully and consciously selecting the food we consume to of the best nutritional value in accordance with the real needs of our body.

Surrounding ourselves with natural plants and freshly cut flowers and inviting fresh air and sunshine into our personal space will definitely help, as well as cleaning our house or office by decluttering everything. 

Fixing what is broken will allow energy to flow back into our personal space and mind. 
Himalayan salt lamps are famous for increasing positive energy by releasing negative ions and improving the quality of air and the aspect of the skin by reducing allergic reactions.

Bliss baths are effective methods of elevating personal energy by allowing a person to relax and unwind, cleansing the aura and increasing health and vitality when it is accompanied by essential oils and crystal sea salt. 
Sage, perfume sticks and incense are famous for removing stagnant energy from our space, by allowing only that of highest vibration to remain.

While some say meditation increases serotonin levels and thus improves mood and behavior by maintaining a vibrant positive energy field, I prefer praying while reciting Our Father at least nine times for anything stressful to just pass. 
Nothing is as important as visualizing a positive outcome of any situation, instead of stressing over it. This requires a healthy equilibrium, of course. Visualizing our biggest dreams in full vivid details increases our frequency and vibration. 

Working out swipes the stress away – it doesn’t matter if it’s going for long walks, playing different sports, lift weighting, yoga and swimming. 
Playing high frequency music has the ability to upgrade one’s vibration and boost self-confidence and energy levels. I love an instrument called Hang – it produces a divine sound through percussion, which is really soothing and instantly induces a state of calmness and content.

Lighting scented candles, smudging, having a continuously satisfying smelling experience by investing in an appealing home fragrance with mesmerizing scent can lift our spirit and mood.
Rearranging furniture when we are in need of a change of environment will always act in our favor, as well.

The Power of Intention

Once we are perfectly aligned to a higher vibration of energy, one of the most important aspects to be consider on the path to accomplishment is the intention – the underlying cause of creation, the force which determines the focus of awareness and attention, by directing our energy towards it. 

Anytime a clear intention is stated and a step is taken towards it, the Universe responds in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration and creates the circumstances which allow the manifestation, in a way supported by the environment in which the intention was initially created. 
It makes perfect sense to ensure this environment is based on a healthy equilibrium, intimately supported by a high personal vibration, doesn’t it?

The connection with the power of intention takes place in four stages, based on discipline (building strong habits and the alignment with the body and the integrity of the ideal self), wisdom (to harmonize the mind with the body), love (what we do and do what we love) and surrender to the intention (instead of allowing the mind and body to run the show).

The Magnetic Power of Words

Of course, an intention is as powerful as the words conveying it to the Universe.
With the same dedication we have learnt to master our own vibration to reach a high frequency equilibrium, we need to be attentive of the vibrational resonance of words.
In order for a potent manifestation to take place, apart from the Spiritual Awakening, Periodic Energy Cleansing, setting up an Intention, the Universe highly reacts to the resonance of our words.
Using angelic words with high vibrations and a soothing effect, when it comes to expressing ourselves and/or formulating an intention increases the chances of its manifestation.
We must clearly state what we want in the most expressive way, featuring all possible details.

The Art of Visualization

Words are not the only advantage towards manifestation, the art of visualization is a very potent technique and endless reservoir of creativity through mental imagery which we can tap into in order to envision success.
The powerful took of mental imagery is an elegant trick which facilitates manifestation and yes, it does require an investment of time and energy to refine and articulate the intention we put out into the Universe in order to attract the outcome we wish to receive. 
Imagining success has long been employed by professionals to boost their strength, confidence, self-esteem and results.

The Law of Attraction

As both the mental and material worlds are channeling pure energy, the polarity and intensity of our thoughts will attract conditions of compatible frequency, in accordance with our system of beliefs and predominant attitude.
The power of visualization and positive affirmations will also pave the path to achieving the desired outcome. 

The Law of Karma

Obvious and worth to mention is the fact that positive action and intent will generate good Karma, while a negative action will reap the opposite effect. 
The same rationale is applicable for the quality of our thoughts. 

It is of crucial importance to ensure we only put out into the Universe what is best for us without harming anyone through the process and by reaching out to the desired outcome of the manifestation, especially when it comes to the thinking pattern which directly links to our feeling of worthiness towards the accomplishment of our goal. 

This is the reason I am personally inclined to believe energy cleansing and slaying all limitations derived from the programming of the mind come first, as the Universe is highly receptive to those who dedicated to their inner work. Not only we must set our standards high, but we also need to go that extra mile to ensure we have reached a healthy equilibrium which allows our higher vibrational state of being to slay self-doubt and attract what we want. 


This is my favorite part and serious evidence of Manifestation happening and miracles and blessings coming our way.
Synchronicities are expressions of the precious energy the Universe vibrates with, which shines forth its blissful radiance through the cracked holes of reality, opening the doorway to contemplation and lucidity. When our vibration matches that which we seek, we are destined to collide with it. Working hand in hand with the powerful Law of Attraction, the synchronistic awareness draws the Universe into itself and effectively materializes it.

The 11:11 Occurence

Today is the 11th of November – year 2018 being of 11 numerology – which is said to be the most potent day for Manifestation. I have precisely chosen this very special occasion to release my spiritual work, which sums up more than two years of specific research and personal experience in New Age Thought Philosophy.
My enlightening mission was sprinkled with many numeric occurrences, that of 11:11 being the most frequent, until I understood the importance of being called to overcome the previous programming, which did not matched my destiny, nor served me or my community, and embrace the endless love of God, the blessings and miracles the Universe has in store for me and shine my unapologetic light.
Not only the spiritual community is in favor of considering the number 1 sequence as an awakening code of consciousness, which activated DNA to unlock the subconscious potential to experience an accelerated soul growth, but it is an angelic message – an energy gateway to access the divine realms – more and more people are blessed with.

Perhaps the repeated numbers experience evokes a higher state of spiritual enlightenment and personal power for the 11111 angels who have remained faithful to the Divine after the rebellion, or it is in the eye of the beholder the Truth and Beauty received through divine timing and prophetic revelations.

All we have to do is to enjoy this endless flow of universal magic unfolding before our eyes and trust success is at our reach and the key to manifestation lays in our hands. I hope you have enjoyed the spiritual journey with the ultimate purpose of presenting the tools and skills to master personal vibration and increase the energy in order to match the desired outcome and the realms of the divine.

As above, so below, ladies and gentlemen!

Thank you for your presence!

Enjoy this wonderful Sunday!

Yours Truly,
The One and Only,

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