Proph3tic Justice – On the Magnetic Power of Words.

Sandro Botticelli – Mary with the Child and Singing Angels (detail), 1477

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.”

Elsie de Wolfe

My beloved audience,

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

– John 1:1

Following my recent statement made in one of the Royal Endeavors episodes dedicated to Scotland, a solemn statement regarding how much I love writing and expanding my knowledge and vocabulary with just the right words to inspire myself and others, I have come to consider the pertinent usage of high vibrational words is of crucial importance to attracting and manifesting what each of us intimately desires.

“Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.”

– Carol Burnett

The idea of exploring the powerful vibrational resonance of words was inspired by one of my former colleagues, who surprised me one time while we were having dinner by saying I have a peculiar vocabulary – people don’t really speak like that apparently. When I asked her what she meant, she told me I simply don’t use the common words others do.

Of course, the idea of a stand-out vocabulary both flattered and intrigued me in the same time – without attempting to justify my speech in any way, I realized my state of mind, the quality of my inner thoughts, the impact of my presence and the way I express myself, apart from my aura and appearance which strike first – the overall quality of my living is deeply impacted by the resonance of the words I use. Considering I aim my presence to be warm, positive, soothing and light, I became a keen observant of my own speech and behavior.

“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.”

– Yehuda Berg

The impression one person leaves to another, the key to successful interactions, the secret of an empowering self-speech, the art and mastery behind “Ask and it shall be given to you”, the act of manifestation in the spiritual realms and the success of communication with any entity or being are all profoundly influenced by the high resonance and magnetic power of the words.

It now makes perfect sense to me why I frequently use superlatives in my writings, such as excellent, wonderful, magnificent, glorious – as you might have noticed – while I intentionally avoid any word with a negative conotation, as its impact might be as dangerous as a sword with two blades, which can spiritually endanger both the addressee’s energy and my own in a conversation. Moreover, as a conscious, spiritual being, highly sensitive to energy, I am not even permitted by the Universe to have the quality of my speech and the divine energy I invest in promoting an idea, a memory or a concept affected by low-vibrational frequencies.
There are always two polarities to conveying the same message – one is positive and the other is negative – the success of a candid speech is deeply influenced by the interlocutors’s personal choice to promote it by carefully selecting high vibrational words with positive impact.

This brings me back to what my beloved Nikolai Tesla once said that remained forever in history: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Take my word for it – in order for potent manifestation to take place, apart from Spiritual Awakening, Periodic Energy Cleansing, The Power of Intention, The Law of Attraction and The Art of Visualization, the Universe is highly reactive to the resonance of the words we are using.

I was first consciously introduced to this concept when reading Doreen Virtue – Visual Evidence of How Words Can Be Angels in Your Life.
When Doreen and her son Grant Virtue were recording podcasts, they noticed that whenever she said the word angel, the recording graphics were shaped like angel wings! So they studied the other words she said and realised that those with a spiritual or loving basis had large graphs. So they experimented with saying negative words and found that their appearance was completely different: tight and small. That’s exactly how I wouldn’t have wanted my life to be if I kept using  and therefore attracting experiences which resonate to them.

“Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.”

– Blaise Pascal

Now, when I think about the experiment of Masaru Emoto, the Japanese author and entrepreneur who said that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water, it makes perfect sense.
Emoto’s conjecture evolved over the years, and his early work revolved around pseudoscientific hypotheses that water could react to positive thoughts and words and that polluted water could be cleaned through prayer and positive visualization.

Emoto made the claim that water exposed to positive speech and thoughts would result in visually “pleasing” crystals being formed when that water was frozen and that negative intention would yield “ugly” frozen crystal formations.

If this effect has been noticed in regards to water, can you imagine how the words we are using can affect our body, which is mostly constituted of about 60% of water? The secret to reaching this level of self-acknowledgement is to dedicate a simple moment of contemplation for a basic experiment of how your body reacts when reading the next two sentences, which appear in Doreen’s book with the purpose of proving the distinct energy behind each: “You should not say negative words…” vs. “The use of appropriate words can make you feel happy.”
Take your time – do you feel the difference?

“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.”

– Napoleon Hill

The choice of words can make of break a business, a career or a financial situation, not to mention personal relationships. None of us afford the luxury of breeding negative thoughts or consolidating a negative thinking pattern. On the other hand, positive words and affirmations can literally act as partners, mentors and financial planners – they are investments which cost nothing but worth a lot, as much as they ensure the success of your endeavors if their usage becomes a healthy habit, deeply rooted into the daily speech.
Some of my frequently used words are beauty, prosperity and abundance, which associated with the superlatives I truly believe in, soothe my energy flow and therefore have become an undisputed reality.

The same rationale is applicable for health matters – by strictly using words which express what you desire, such as “I am healthy”, “I am happy”, “I am full of energy”, you are inviting a positive outcome of a certain situation into your life.
Fortunately, any negative word has a positive antonym which balances its energy into curing one’s life and stimulating his/her self-esteem.

My natural tendency is to use soothing synonyms or rephrasing anything I wish to convey in a positive manner in order for the Universe to respond favorable through the Law of Attraction. Moreover, the positive words and affirmations I am using, through their high vibrational resonance, are actually investing me back with their energy, facilitating the thinking processes and supporting my creative endeavors.

Nevertheless, if a negative thought or word escapes your attention, a fact which can happen even to the most conscious person, in order to balance its effect you can always think or say “Cancel, Clear, Delete”.
This strategy is excellent if we want to draw the attention of a person sabotaging himself/herself by complaining – we can help him by acknowledging the negative pattern and saying “In the past!”, affirmation which disables its effect for the present moment and the future.

We can also eliminate the negative energy of words by simply waving our hand in gesture that means “Go away!”. Doreen also recommends Louise L. Hay’s protective affirmation when meeting a person which uses negative words: “It could be applicable for you, but not for me.”

At last, my personal example should be worth more than all theory in the world.
The moment I have detoxified my life from negative people and restricted the information which reaches to me by eliminating anything that could cause harm, panic or displeasure, I have started to notice an increased life satisfaction and an overall state of happiness manifesting, which seem to be rather contagious and inspire others to uplift their moods as well, considering all the random people who compliment me on the street or ask me different things (I assume some really want to hear me speak), most of them being elders, more life-experienced than me obviously. I absolutely love this feeling of community and I owe this highlighted positivity to the divine energy the words I am using in a dialogue or during my inner speech conveys.
Angelic words can embrace anyone and everyone with their shining aura – all you have to do is to trust yourself, the process and their vibration.

“Beauty, the eternal Spouse of the Wisdom of God and Angel of his Presence thru’ all creation.”

-Robert Bridges

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