Royal Endeavors – St Andrews

9406873E-CBD2-4DF6-A754-708DC4602174Ladies and Gentlemen,

This post is exclusively dedicated to St Andrews, a chic seaside town northeast of Edinburgh, on Scotland’s east coast.
It’s known for its many golf courses, including the Old Course, with the landmark Swilcan Bridge at the 18th hole, the British Golf Museum which chronicles the history of U.K. golf, the ruins of St. Andrews Castle with its medieval bottle dungeon, located on a headland nearby and the University of St. Andrews, founded in 1413.
There’s gothic romance floating in the air and it’s attractively odd, but maybe it is not the most suitable for the ones who don’t like students or golf. 
For me, it was the cherry on top.

St Andrews has the loveliest atmosphere I have experienced in Scotland. 
It is not only due to the fact Prince William met Kate Middleton in the most relatable way possible at the cosy North Point Cafe. 
It must because of the great memories I instantly made when reaching this wonderful place. The very moment our group left the coach at the designated meeting point, a symphonic orchestra was preparing for a recital.
They already had a few spectators resting on benches and they were just about to begin. 
The delightful fact is the conductor had the brilliant inspiration to make my day glorious and, out of the sudden, he paused his manoeuvre and waited for us to reach the top of the hill in order for the recital to commance. 

I must admit this extraordinary synchronicity was one of the best in my life! You can imagine how profoundly emotional it feels to have an orchestra begin a recital the moment you arrive in such a charming town. Spectacular!
Perhaps only high ranked diplomats have this special welcoming, although it might not be that warm, as it is previously carefully prepared and continually repeated, it doesn’t just happen spontaneously because the Universe working through people wants so. 
This is the real beauty of life that truly matters and I want everyone to know – the one people confuse it with jobs, titles, followers, “influence” and possessions, when they turn their back to Universe’s magic by being profanely material, or when they simply don’t know know who they are. 

One of the other reasons I must have felt at home in St Andrews is the fact the Holy Apostle Andrew the First Called is in fact the Protector of Romania and the Enlightener of Romanian people. 
That is why he is the protector saint of many monasteries and churches in Romania, but also the protector saint of Romanians all over the world.
Saint Andrew was first recognised as an official patron saint of Scotland in 1320 at the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath an appeal to the Pope by Scottish noblemen asserting Scotland’s independence from England.

Perhaps the chic medieval stone buildings of the St Andrews’ University impressed me the most. St Andrews is a unique place to study and live. Nestled on the east coast of Scotland, students may find themselves crossing golf-courses on their way to class, or jogging along the beach after dinner. Not only does the University have a world-class reputation, it also offers a diverse range of social activities, including over 140 student societies and 50 sports clubs. Historic buildings are juxtaposed against the modern facilities, and the many student traditions truly make studying at St Andrews an unforgettable experience.

From concert halls, theatre stages, and sporting fields, to the innovative and cutting-edge laboratories in the research centres, the University offers facilities to help students achieve their potential wherever their interests lie. 

Moreover, St Andrews is the oldest of the four ancient universities of Scotland and the third oldest university in the English-speaking world (following Oxford and Cambridge Universities). It was founded between 1410 and 1413, when the Avignon Antipope Benedict XIII issued a papal bull to a small founding group of Augustinian clergy.
The Times Higher Education World Universities Ranking names St Andrews among the world’s Top 50 universities for Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. 
Curiously, over one-third of the town’s population is either a staff member or student of the university. Everything is within a five-minute walk, although five sometimes becomes 15 as it’s a friendly place.

We have started the tour around this fancy old town with St Andrews Castle. The castle is now a ruin which sits on a rocky promontory overlooking a small beach called Castle Sands and the adjoining North Sea. It was the castle of Archbishops of St Andrews, dating in part from the 13th century. 
It doesn’t look as impressive as simply walking around the town to get the genuine taste of its chic hospitality, but it is still an imposing scenery worthy of an extended walk around its premises, a close encounter with hungry seagulls and some wonderful pics to be taken. 
In spite of my obvious preference for glamour and luxury, I cannot deny how well I fit in the rocky scenery and how long my legs appear to be in the pics Queen Mum took of me. A dream come true, isn’t it? 

After visiting the ruins of the castle, we have decided to spend the spare time on our own until the meeting hour so we could enjoy a walk around St Andrews, discovering its old-fashioned charm or simply search for an appealing restaurant to have a delicious meal prior our departure.
The time was always pressing during our daily trips around Scotland, but not that much to be a burden although I admit it could have felt stressful if my stomach was empty. I was quite eager to try Fish and Chips in St Andrews as well, but this time I really wished to try sweet potato chips along the fish. 

It reminded me of a night in London when we’ve been to Byron and I effectively could not stop eating everyone’s sweet potatoes chips. 
They are simply addictive but the reality is you can’t really find them everywhere. 
Just like you can’t easily find my favorite hand cooked Balsamic Vinegar Kettle Chips in Romania either.
I am not sure if the recipe is originally from United Kingdom but these people do know how to bake a real potato. So crispy and tasty!

After various attempts to reach a nice place to eat, not fancy but rather authentic, like a Scottish pub, I told my parents I would walk faster in front of them to search for one. 
At one point, I saw two hipsters drinking beer, one of them blond, rather cute, all dressed in black, not really my style but I sensed he had a refined taste and that made me think the beer should be good.
Great reasoning process, I was just in front of St Andrews Brewing Co.. I knew my parents would wish to taste the best possible local beer Scotland has to offer but I didn’t know whether the brewery would have any tables available or if they served Fish and Chips. 

Curiously, there was a plastic colorful Princess ring for children (I could tell because of the crown symbol) left outside on a metal table but not enough chairs fir the three of us. When the nice girl taking care of the place came outside, she told me we can come in because there is plenty room for us and they even serve sweet potato chips. 
I was obviously thrilled, moreover since we were getting too close to the meeting hour and I was extremely hungry.
You can only imagine how satisfying the food was!!! Absolutely delicious – one of the best meals I had in Scotland –  my parents were thrilled with the generous local beer offerings and the fast and cheerful service.
As if this amazing chain of marvelous synchronicities was not enough, old rock music was playing in the background and it was such a welcoming atmosphere that, at some point, Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze came on and all I could say out loud was to repeat “Excuse me while I kiss the sky.”
I believe that is what I did. 

On our way back, although it was a challenging adventure to reach the meeting place on time and safely after such a delightful feast, we had stopped by the British Golf Museum so I bought myself a fancy souvenir. 
I could not have left St Andrews without a cute little porcelain saucer with a vintage golf paysage ornation on it. 

And this is how my magical day in St Andrews ends, ladies and gentlemen. 
It indeed was one of the highlights of our journey in Scotland, in spite of the little time (just a few hours) invested in it. 
This wonderfully chic town charmed me from the second I arrived to the moment of my departure and it truly felt like a perfect match. 

I am looking forward to enlightening you tomorrow on Halo-Win – All Saints Day – with a breathtaking post about the majestic Rosslyn Chapel and the myths and mysteries behind this astonishing architectural masterpiece of Scotland. 
I can’t say I have saved the best for last but I have waited indeed for a special occasion to expose my discoveries related to one of my favorite spiritual matters – the Twin Flame Connection or Divine Complements. 
Stay tuned for the Grand Finale of the RoyalEndeavors – Scotland. 

Your Supreme Highness,
The Queen of all Kings and Queens,
Yours Faithfully,
Queen P 💜












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