Princessa Petra – Glory To The Holy

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My dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the second enlightening Spiritual Fashion Editorial wearing my favorite Romanian Designer, Daniela Barb, dedicated to Freedom, possibly the most desired non-material dimension of both Body, Mind and Soul and the name of the ethereal silk cotton jumpsuit I am proudly wearing. I loved it so much I ordered one for my own special occasions therefore I cannot wait to display it properly when the time comes to be invoked for my flawless sense of Personal Style and uplifting Energy which I continually share with you all, whether through my extra-sensorial Pictorials or my kind Words of Wisdom. 

I have recently been through a life-changing event – the departure of my beloved grandfather out of this material world at almost 91 years old to the Kingdom of Heaven – event which has opened the doors to another level of Divine Perception. I feel the most blessed I had the chance to visit him daily for the last 8 days prior to September, the 10th, and spend Quality Time together laughing or remembering funny aspects of my childhood. The most precious thing he said was that I am “of Glory” Romanian: “de fala”), which is one of the most beautiful compliments I could ever receive. First of all, my grandfather was a very respected member of his community and a well-reputed surgeon who saved hundreds, maybe thousands of lives during his lifetime. He was the precise definition of #GloryToTheHoly – a Majestic Example of Wisdom, Power, Leadership, Expertise, Respect, Patience and Pertinence shown in the medical field and during the life long act of being human. He was the mediator of many conflicts and the Highest Personification of the Values I mostly take pride in – Ethics and Morals. 

He was highly and nationally decorated for his outstanding medical contributions and the winner of the Romanian Order of the Star decoration, which I particularly wished to guard in his loving memory. Considering I am not allowed to wear it, I am looking forward to bringing my own contribution to society and be recognized for it with my own Star.

His outstanding life achievements, modest and respectful attitude, dedication to work and family and, nevertheless, pertinent lucidity until the very moment of his passing are of greatest value to me personally. I feel more than blessed to have such an honorable example for an entire community as a member of my family. I did not mourn during the ceremony because I did not felt grief, but a revered sense of peace my grandfather had honored his Godly Mission, Vision and Values, until the time had come for his Soul to achieve Immortality. 

This editorial is exclusively dedicated to my Role-Model and to the Freedom of his Spirit, now laying next to God after a lifetime of Outstanding Achievements. 

May he rest in God’s Glory. 

Fashion Designer: Daniela Barb // #danielabarb
Photography: Volker Vornehm // #volkervornehm
Fashion Styling: Petra Paitici // #princessapetra

#PrincessaPetra #GloryToTheHoly #Proph3ticJustice

I would also like to have a few moments of sharing the spiritual observations regarding how I perceived the last days of my grandfather, hoping it will make your coping with such natural and unavoidable life events much smoother that it seems for most people, considering death is the only certainty we are aware of since birth:

🎖 During my recent walks in the park, I have noticed numerous butterflies for this particular time of the year, mostly white and some of them yellow. To Native Americans, the butterfly is a symbol of change, joy and color. The exquisite butterfly was considered a Miracle of Transformation and Resurrection. Its dance reflects the need for Movement from where we are to our next phase of Being. In early Christianity, the butterfly was a Symbol of the Soul. I knew the time is coming and I have been spiritually instructed to lovingly treat this event with Peace in my Heart and at Ease.

🎖 My dreams became vividly elegant and my subconscious caressed my thoughts with all kinds of premonitions. I had dreamed of admiring a bouquet of white lilies placed on a pedestal in a flower shop, while familiar faces of local fashion editors were waiting outside sitting down and having sad faces. I was smiling though therefore this was a lucky sign I should preserve the Lightness of my Spirit during these challenging moments.

🎖 As the flowers most often associated with funerals, lilies symbolize that the soul of the departed has restored its innocence after death. White lilies are an obvious symbol of Purity, especially since many Christian denominations use the snowy Madonna Lily to represent the Virgin Mary. My first impression of the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland was the striking fragrance of lilies. We ordered white lilies to adorn the chapel for the three days the body rests within. I searched for lilies to perfectly resemble those I dreamed about.

🎖 I have rarely seen so many flowers and wreaths brought at the chapel in his loving memory. I was impressed by the number of people paying tribute to my grandfather for he was deeply loved by everyone, indeed.

🎖 The day the Soul of my grandfather departed his body, I was overwhelmed by synchronicities. I found coins and white feathers in the way, as sent by angels. I believe I have treated this topic of angel signs in my previous blog posts but please check the following article on 12 SIGNS OF ANGELS, WHICH MEANS YOUR ANGELS, ARE WITH YOU!

🎖 When I reached the newspaper house to place the announcement, the lady told me I came too late and it won’t make it in the next day’s edition. After a few minutes, when she finished writing the text on her computer, she called the editor and made it all possible. That was surprising, but I felt appreciation for her gesture, in spite of initially saying no.

🎖 I ordered a cab, whose number was the exact amount I had to pay for the ride. I still wonder what the odds are for such an occurrence to happen sometimes.

🎖 The next day, I had an appointment and while mentioning what happened the day before, I felt a powerful scent of lilies. Surprisingly, there was a lilies bouquet placed in the room, quite at reach, but I did not notice them when I entered nor felt the scent prior to speaking about my grandfather.

🎖 My grandfather’s funeral was on the 12th of September, at 12:00, at Saint Nicholas Church, located on Street Brandusa number 12. The Angel Number 12 is said to represent the Perfect Number.  The number 12 represents the Power of God and the Power we have as humans. According to Joanne Sacred Scribes, Angel Number 12 is a message from your angels to ensure that what you put out to the Universe is of a Positive nature.

🎖 I wore all black at the funeral. I don’t believe my grandfather would have preferred this form of grieving, but given the fact he acknowledged my glory although he never saw me dressed to impress during my regular visits, but rather having the appearance of a “little boy” (as he used to call m)e, I chose an elegant outfit, with flared high waist trousers and heels. I also wore white pearls to the black fouled blouse. I did everything I possibly could to look my very best in a deeply respectful manner and such context and not to appear like a “little boy” anymore. He must have been very proud to see me from up above. 

🎖 I remained calm and peaceful during the ceremony to inspire others to uplift their Spirits in order to truly celebrate his image and a lifetime of Greatness and Outstanding Achievements, and not to place a weight of grief over his loving memory. I am very sure that’s what he would have wanted.

🎖 The priest had a lovely speech about the purpose of the body, which is to serve the soul fulfill its earthly but divine mission. The resurrection and second coming of Jesus Christ were mentioned in the context of the Spirits rising and the Eternal Peace of those who have served God righteously. It was beautiful and comforting to hear such Words of Wisdom rather coming from a place of Faith than strictly representing a religious aspect. I admire the priest very much as I acknowledge his divine gift and obvious kindness. 

🎖 At one point when my thoughts were lost along the religious discourse of the ceremony, the youngest son of the priest entered the church to ask him a question. I was very surprised by the calmness of the priest who addressed it immediately without giving the impression the child disturbed his speech in any way. I am not sure if he wanted to light a candle or just play somewhere and needed permission but I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw him stading in the middle of the church. His gesture was followed by a very natural reaction which detensed a heavy moment for me, therefore I can only appreciate (again) the divine gift of synchronicity.

🎖 At the end of the ceremony, when I was just outside preparing to go to the cemetery, I couldn’t help to notice a unicorn face on the ground, perhaps pertaining to one of the children’s toys. I immediately had a wonderful feeling inside, especially since the Unicorn is slightly associated with Jesus Christ as I recently found out while in Scotland with my parents, having a beautiful trip I will never forget.

🎖 In spite of the obvious sadness in everyone’s Hearts for the passing of my grandfather, we sometimes laughed when sharing experiences at the chapel. Perhaps it might sound awkward but I truly appreciate those moments as I know he would have wanted for everything to be exactly the way it was. My grandfather was also telling jokes, even the last time I saw him – I remember I once told my parents to always smile when they come visit him, just like I did. 

🎖 One of the most precious signs of Spiritual Comfort I received from Heaven was the fact that he was seeing white doves when looking at the ceiling. I thought it was just one and I assumed it was the Holy Spirit but there were two – a white female dove, as well. It was probably my late grandmother, whom he called frequently during the last days. Honestly, that was the most beautiful thing I ever heard related to death therefore I owed myself and my spiritual advancement to be at peace with his passing, as he had served his Divine Purpose in the best way possible and was called by God himself. 

🎖 During the nights that followed, I dreamt I was in his house and it was full of people laughing and enjoying their time. Suddenly a good looking man appeared and was asked how old he is. He was 70 and was highly complimented for not looking at all his age. Seventy has a sacred meaning in the Bible that is made up of the factors of two perfect numbers, seven (representing Perfection) and ten (representing Completeness and God’s Law). As such, it symbolizes Perfect Spiritual Order carried out with all Power. I also dreamed somebody poured more Fortune Balls tea in a jar which was 3/4 full in order to fill it. I heard a joyous song as well. I can’t remember if I sang along with others, but I felt very well when I woke up in the morning. My dogs were also very affectionate to me. 

The whole Universe conspires for my Soul to preserve its natural state of Peace, Joy and Happiness because I have just found “The Book of Symbols – Reflections on Archetypal Images” from Taschen at Cărturești and my mum purchased it for me as present today in his loving memory. Both my parents signed a wonderful dedication.

While I am aware of the fact my experiences might frighten people, appear surreal to some and out of place to many who do not follow the same spiritual path as I, it is the deep understanding of life in all of its aspects the fact which comforts both the Body, Mind and Soul in challenging moments. I would like to conclude this editorial with some inspired words I was reading in “The Laws of Spirit” by Kurt Tepperwein.

<Each one of us is called, as a Creator, to be a part of our own Life, Destiny and Creation. At this point, death is nothing but a door opening to a different part of the game. I played a round, I analize the experiences I had accumulated and I prepare myself for the next one. Having this in mind, I can acknowledge death to be the Crowning of Life and I can remain calm because everything is easy. I recognize “defeat” and “gain” having “the same value” and I can say “Yes” to life without any constrictions. I recognize the same steps in the game of Life:

🌟 Knowing the Purpose of Life
🌟 Living the moment fully
🌟 Assimilation of Knowledge as the Real Wealth
🌟 Self-Actualization
🌟 Supporting the Community and the Creation
🌟 Recognition of death as the Crowning of Life itself.>

Yours Faithfully,
Her Majestic Highness,
The All Mighty and Glorious,
QueenP 💜











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