Princessa Petra – Breathing Spaces

3807D0E2-F40B-4F73-B26A-E38F204D929EPrincessaPetra x Daniela Barb – Breathing Space Collection  

Hello, my cosmic sweethearts!!! 💜💜💜

It has been a long time since I last enchanted you with my divine appearance and I have a perfectly reasonable explanation for it – I have decided to end my unfulfilling job contract in a professional domain I do not believe in and focus my Time, Energy, Natural Skills and Enthusiasm on the Art of Enlightening people on their own path to achieve Peace, Love, Success and Greatness using the Power of my Example.
I don’t believe in receipts for success therefore I would rather learn my personal lessons and share my enriching experiences for everyone to filter through the prospects of their own further advancement.
For the past months, I have challenged myself to keep you updated on the cultural affairs and welfare of my Royal Endeavors journeys of discovery and self-actualization in Paris and London – I still have brilliant surprises to share regarding my trip to Scotland, one of the most outstanding spiritual experiences I have enjoyed during this tumultuous summer. 
The eclipse season is finally over therefore it’s the proper time to reap what we have sown for so many years.

Fashion Designer: Daniela Barb // #danielabarb
Photography: Volker Vornehm // #volkervornehm
Fashion Styling: Petra Paitici // #princessapetra

#PrincessaPetra #GloryToTheHoly #Proph3ticJustice

I am absolutely grateful for all the people reaching out to me with words of Wisdom and Comfort, sharing their precious time and memories, offering unexpected gifts with no expectations, breeding feelings of genuine friendship and honor towards my Divine State of Being. 

It brings me an immense pleasure to finally feel a sense of Community, Compassion and Acceptance towards me – that Oneness and Togetherness all spiritual writings mention – after too many years of struggling and believing I was some sort of a social outcast because of my appearance, my choices and my manner of thinking.
Thank you so much for your great contribution and the value you all bring into my daily existence! 
I am continually blessed with so many precious individualities gracing their way into my existence that I am solemnly confident of the magical state of Awakening that is happening around the Earth at this Moment. 

I have hoped and prayed to see these days shining brightly over the Souls of my companions.
I have also lived to see the day of our Salvation – it might sound pompous but that is my personal perspective given the Law of Attraction  manifesting the Abundance and Blessings I have prayed for and drawing like minded people towards each other for the Greater Good of the 5D Reality. Our own existence under the powerful Signs of Heaven is a Miracle. God works through people and I am meeting and greeting him within each one of you. If you believe in Jesus’s second coming, I can now Caress your Mind with the Thought that He is already here, blessing our Spirits at the level of a new Conscience rising.

Apart of receiving numerous gifts lately, which I consider to be a sign of godly compensation for my positive thoughts and good deeds lately, coming from the Heart and not motivated by the Karma I overcome at last, I have been having beautiful dreams – another reason to celebrate my long awaited Freedom. 

I feel wonderful to have the chance to spend Quality Time with my family, take my dogs – Happy and Joy – out for long walks in the park, take all the power naps I need to restore my divine Energy and actually value and consider the numerous options I have for professional achievement and personal success. I cherish this spare time I get to celebrate my accomplishments without pushing myself forward to go that extra mile nobody needs.

During my past years of spiritual awakening, which came as a reaction to a restrictive environment which did not leave me other options than to flourish or perish so I had to rebuild myself from the ground and ashes of the fake social programming, I have dedicated all of my Energy to Personal Development instead of professional one because I consider the Art of Being much more fulfilling than material accumulation and, moreover, the actual source of Abundance, Wealth, Blessings and Joy.

In order to manifest all the Laws of the Universe I have tackled throughout my Graceful blog posts, I had to give up all negative thoughts and compromising actions which did not serve my Greatest Purpose, and, most importantly, I had to overcome fear in order to reach the state of being Free. 
My next professional steps will lead me towards serving the greater good of Humanity, not cashing a check at the end of the month to pay my bills and live a consumerist life in order to drown my frustration of not bringing a positive contribution to my community.

I have said this before and will say it again, money are not the fuel which keeps the world going, but Energy. Tesla was right all along to consider existence through understanding the Universe in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration . The moment each and every human being will accept his Divinity, claim back his Power and live righteously with an Open Mind and Heart by the Laws of the Universe, the Earth will shake off all these irrelevant chains of Perception which have locked down our Spirit to material density and this fake sense of separation between people will fade away into the Light of the Divine State of Being.

More and more people are becoming free and the veil between the Spiritual world and the Material one has become rather transparent. I have such high hopes regarding the future that I am one step closer to make them a Brilliant Reality. This is no false expectation concerning the Future but rather the Power of Intention enhanced by the Law of Attraction which manifests into 5D.

And since I have updated you with my enlightened speech on Spiritual Freedom, my appearance is solemnly synchronized to my words of wisdom so let’s save a round of applause for this wonderful dress, one of the highlights of Daniela Barb’s “Breathing Space” Spring/Summer 2018 collection, inspired by the South-African artist Miriam Makeba.
This masterpiece is called Malaika, which in Swahili means Angel. I love the white collar detail which I haven’t given a symbolic interpretation until now, that I have linked my fashion sense to my discourse. 

I love the numerous possibilities the design allows me to interpret Daniela’s work of art, which leaves much room to the imagination and personal style of its wearer. 
I have pictured this editorial as the uncovering of my spiritual gifts, skills and abilities and I am thrilled to actually have waited until this holy day – the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary – to post one of the best posts I have written this year. 

It is truly an honor to synchronize my creative endeavors to the Divine feasts therefore please enjoy it to the fullest, say your prayers and count your Blessings! 

Your Majestic Highness,
The Prodigious,
QueenP 💜














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