Royal Endeavors – Port Cultural Cetate

1F93793C-AA0B-48F9-8096-236D55F5C5C7PrincessaPetra x Port Cultural La Cetate – Eclectic Relaxation, May 2k18

💜 Hello, my beloved Geminis rising all around the world! 💜

👑 Our time is now. Unite or perish! 👑

I would like to apologize to my beloved audience for neglecting my Spiritual duty of sharing my Wisdom and Knowledge lately. I have been distracted by earthly matters and I am now fully recovered after an intense time of depleated Energy, which manifested as an unfortunate yet temporary lack of motivation to advance on the path of my purpose, which is raising the Energy, Frequency and Vibration of the World by the Power of my Presence and the Grace of my Word. It appears my work is extremely important to our community, taking into consideration the people who cross my path and the genuine appreciation I am receiving from the elders, who seek my presence and advice. Their intentions and openess are extremely valuable to me, and so is the dedication I will inflict into advancing with my personal mission and vision of the Divine World Order. 

Time has come to lay another consistent layer to the solid foundation of Love and Enlightenment I promote through the Art of Living and the Pleasure of Being (Oneself) on my Spiritual Fashion Blog (the first and only in the world – To God Be the Glory). As I am now harnessing the Magical Power of my Enchanted Spiritual Energy for the Greater Good of Mankind, the stirring Truth reveals its sparkling facets through a very fortunate series of events, while celebrating my 32nd birthday, away from the troubling noise and quivers of Bucharest, in a complete state of total Relaxation and Well-Being, which I will tell you all about. 
As above, so below. Now it shows. 🌞🏆🌞

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I am here because I have decided to come and make this Life Heaven on Earth for me and my beloved ones. I do what I do because I want to and I am who I am because I need to and most importantly, it is needed from me. If you wonder what it means, that is living a purposeful Life, one that I own and whose direction lies in my hands only. 
The Quality of Life is a matter of personal choices, always available to and supportive of those brave enough to invite, accept, cherish and protect the Peace, Love and Wisdom within and into their Lives. 
It requires total dedication, periodically indulging into sweet solitude and giving into powerful insights. 
Let’s see what this is about.

Not long ago, my parents invited me during my birthday weekend at the annual Mountain Peony Festival, held yearly somewhere in the vicinity of my hometown, C City. 
All said and done. 
It was supposed to be an event of reasonable popularity held into the forest during the peak season of wild peonies and we were expecting to see a lot of them blooming into their national habitat during the festivities. 
We have only arrived to see no such thing but a popular parade of kitsch and cheap plastic products on display, while an impressive number of people were enjoying the promiscuous taste of artificial sodas and no name draft beers randomly. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hold anything against beer but I prefer the finer things in Life. Our choices clearly mirror who we are. The problem was the festivities, which were lacking their main symbol of  celebration, were totally inadequate for my Royal Birthday, not to mention I was hungry and we all know I turn into a gremlin when I’m hungry (that is because Princess is my natural state of being). 

Queen Mum, much more disappointed than I was or perhaps more expressive in regards to the inappropiate atmosphere and the temporary undesirable turn of events, took the initiative and suggested we should all go to and have lunch at one of my favorite peaceful retreats, Port Cultural Cetate by the Danube, an emblem of common sense and normality which attracts many tourists and locals likewise, given the divine atmosphere, the high quality of the service and the persistent dedication of its owner and staff to supporting arts and preserving traditions. 

If you are not yet familiar to the distinguished location, Port Cultural La Cetate rose from the ashes of the former port of grains which had come into existence around 1880, back in the days when wheat couldn’t sprout out of asphalt the way it does today, and the Viennese croissant was baked with the very flour coming by paddle-steamer all the way from Cetate. 
It was purchased by the poet, journalist, editor, cook and revolutionary Mircea Dinescu in 1997 with the purpose of being transformed into a manor house and a haven for the arts. In the absence of grain, he had intended to fill the barns with sculptors, writers, painters and musicians, establishing the premises of an Angel Park on the banks of the Danube, an area strewn with statues of Angels, where the Peace and Quiet indulge the traveler into a remarkable Divine State of Relaxation. 

Beside the natural beauty of the place and the genuine hospitality we are always welcomed with, what makes staying (Accomodation is also available on demand) at Port Cetate a truly special and memorable experience is the gastronomy. 
Inspired by 19th century recipes of Romanian ‘boyar’ cuisine – an eclectic mix of several Balkan and European culinary traditions – Mircea Dinescu had set out to rediscover and recreate, beyond simple dishes and recipes, a whole culinary culture and experience which has been nearly lost – or just ignored – in the past half-century.
All the items on the menu are prepared using only local, organic ingredients: seasonal vegetables and herbs from the local markets, freshly captured fish, free-range poultry, pigs and calves from small individual farms.

Every choice from the day’s menu is intended to tackle the taste buds and provide an excellent culinary experience which may go beyond your taste in any kind of expectation. Nobody rushes, except for the waitresses bringing the delicious, cooked on the place food. Everybody is cool, entertaining exciting cultural conversations at the table smoothed by the special trademark wine they serve. Some are sitting in chez-longs by the water or in comfortable hammocks daydreaming, some are enjoying the reed umbrellas beach nearby. 
No wonder I absolutely love this place!

Now, about the wines, you should know the now world famous Vinul lui Dinescu’ (Dinescu’s Wine) is produced at Galicea Mare, a century-old winery which has been equipped with new, up-to-date technology. The grapes come from two 125-acre vineyards, one located right under the wings of the winery, the other by the river Danube, on the sunny slopes of Drincea Hills. Both vineyards are quite young and have been planted in the context of an European project aimed at the renewal and re-ennobling of old Romanian vineyards.
The plantations are distinguished by the diversity of the grapes grown: seven whites (Fetească Albă, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Tămîioasă Românească, Muscat Ottonel, Pinot Gris, Italian Riesling), and five reds (Fetească Neagră, Merlot, Cabernet, Shiraz, Pinot Noir). Finished with great care by the talented oenologist Vasile Grecu, the wines illustrate a broader philosophy of life, which advocates paying close and respectful attention to the beauty and savours of nature. The presentation of the wines is exquisite as well, as the bottles containing the Divine Elixir are also accompanied by a poem composed by Mircea Dinescu, or at least my personal recommendation – Poezie Tamaioasa Romaneasca Demidulce – certainly is. 🥂🥂🥂

All my high expectations were accomplished by the presence of my beloved family celebrating my B-Day at a delicious dinner, having a taste of the local wines and home-made elderflower syrup sodas, serving a wonderful meal in the most idyllic Danube scenery, outside a beautiful manor with a lot of friendly dogs laying by trees under the Sun. Royal and Angelic. Should I also mention arrangements were in progress for a bohemian wedding celebration? That was such a perfect timing. Or should I call this an unexpected but warmly welcomed Synchronicity? Now this is what I came there for. 

As there’s a moral to every story, (especially to those I am telling) and since I am the main character (in my Life and beyond), there’s an important spiritual lesson to be learnt with each choice we make, whether it is to align ourselves to our hearts’ desires and main life purpose or to follow the crowd and its exhausting flow which does not fit to the objectives. Lead or Follow – the Choice is always ours.

Why settling for something less than we deserve, which doesn’t bring Blessings nor Light to one’s existence, when we all know the most intimate wish of each human being is to ultimately achieve genuine Happiness and live gracefully till the end of time? 
Why would you ever put your own Peace of Mind at risk for a passing moment you will soon forget? Why would you settle for anything but the very best everytime?
All these questions popped up in my mind while bathing in the peaceful Glory of the Sun by the enchanted manor of Mircea Dinescu, while enjoying a fabulous meal and hanging around a dozen friendly dogs, which filled my heart with Pure Joy. There is so much Beauty in the simple things in Life.

It’s curious how well the Universe actually treats people while invoking the Free Will of each through the mere act of choosing between two options revealing two different and quite parallel directions in the same time. It’s a such blessing to be able to distinct the options, which are always more than one.
Each choice reflects our current state of Being, in tune with ourselves and the Universe, therefore my B-Day family celebration at Port La Cetate was a respectful and inspired choice we all have made to maintain our Peace of Mind and Love Energy Flowing Freely and a well deserved gift from God. (I had His Name all over my leopard T-Shirt).
And that’s a wrap up! 

I’ll be right back soon with an exclusive insight into my London adventures and the Art of Sychronicity but for now, I’m counting on my blessings a million times.

May the Peace with you! 🌹🌹🌹

Much Love,
Your Serene Highness,
💜 QueenP 💜










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  1. Petra, Peace and strength may be with you! I can feel it and respect it. Your work is valuable. You draw your bow of rainbows across the waters and surely build bridges where needed.


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