Royal Endeavors – House of Dimener in Paris

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Long time no see, you wish you were me but you can’t, lol. What a genius line. 

I am living such a great life that I hardly want to spoil it by taking a million shots just to prove how cool I am but still… I gotta let you guys know what I did #WhileinParis. Taking Me-Time off alone from my lovely friends in order to indulge into the solitude of writing in order to reveal my adventures and spoil you with inspiration is never an easy task. Actually I am living my best life. Mission accomplished.

I apologize for the delay in delivering the Cherry on Top of The Royal Endeavors Paris Trilogy – the magnificent House of Dimener Episode. I bet there will be many more to be made and much to be told as I continue to flourish along my brilliant Twin – Claudiu Ciubotaru – J’Adore! Let’s dive deeply down my memory lane to land on the most notable moments which have enriched my fabulous Parisian experience. 

I am enchanted to have had the opportunity to present my latest adventures visiting the Highlights of French Art and Lifestyle – such as Château de Versailles, Petit Palais, Musée Yves Saint Laurent, Ladurée Champs Elysees – it was my pleasure – the wrap up of my adventures is always history in the making! 

Now it’s the proper time to deliver an exclusive backstage pass to access #TheLifeOfPetraPaitici in Full Bloom and all Glory, behind the scenes and off lenses. 

#RoyalEndeavors x #HouseOfDimener

#PrincessaPetra #GloryToTheHoly #Proph3ticJustice


Paris is Alive and Lovely, Social and Socialite, Always Stylish and Fun and I cannot get enough of it. Paris and I are made for each other as we’re currently involved in an long term open relationship at distance, yearly and renowned each March. Magic unfolds gracefully in every sense between us, and in spite of the absence of my iPhone, the disrupted virtual communication became !live and highly refined – I  found comfort in interacting at ease with people (there was no other option anyhow), finding places to go with no Google Maps, tuning into the scene with my exotic lean, Bouncing in 5D on the Beat of the City, from parties to museums, boutiques and fashion galleries – it all went down smoothly just like God’s Plan. 

I went to see Kendrick Lamar !live in concert with no way to record it. He is flawless. It was incredible! Such an intense experienceThere’s no track of it. That was hot. James Blake opened up the show and it was mesmerizing (and chill). Nevertheless, the Collective Energy reached its peak while Kenny was dropping wild beats, highly acclaimed and well displayed in KUNG FU visuals, till the very moment he rise above a cage singing Money Trees and delivered his closing act with God, my favorite DAMN track, and this was just one of the infinite pleasures Paris enchanted me with. 

What an amazing energy! I danced all night, hot in my spot, while I fantasized about being carried over on shoulders to see Kendrick on stage. It didn’t happened but trust me the whole scene bounced properly. I salute the Collective Conscience. I wish I had high heels on and my new iPhone to put it down online for y’all lol. All during one trip, I was complimented heavenly, I have been called a Princess several times, admired on multiple occasions, approached in many ways and I am glad I didn’t need to introduce myself – a Dream and a Vision.

#iLoveMyLife #TheLifeofPetraPaitici 


Moreover, I was well accompanied by Prince Charming – Claudiu Ciubotaru – the young Romanian Entrepreneur, Founder and Mastermind of House of Dimener – an underground luxury brand – responsible for my addictive and well acclaimed Signature Fragrance – Petra Paitici 014, all sleek and chic on a business trip, dressed all black, well set, riding a matching Mercedes, cigarettes smoking, playing some beats, introducing me to the Ground 0 of Underground Brands during our take over of Paris Fashion Week – fun has been had! I’ll tell you all about it – Twinning and Winning. 


I was enjoying my last weekend in Paris when I was announced Claudiu Ciubotaru is coming (I forgot that I can still receive messages on my iPad lol). We’ve just exchanged a couple of texts and he told me when he was arriving and that he was staying at Hotel du Collectionneur.Mon

The very next day, I made my fabulous appearance at the Hotel to meet Claudiu Ciubotaru and of course I arrived early. I went to the reception to ask if CC was there and they asked me to spell his last name, which in the spur of the moment I totally forgot. I was suggested to search it on my iPhone and I kinda didn’t like that lol. I know I was looking like I had one though but I was soooo well dressed that I could just feel my iPhone missing.

Little did I know about our meeting point. The Hotel du Collectionneur Arc de Triomphe Paris sets itself out as a landmark in the Art of Hospitality and in the Art of bringing back to life the decors of this avant-garde period. Enriched by its history, the hotel seeks to give a new vision of luxury 5-star hotels. Its style, inspired by the transatlantic liners, invites you to rediscover the splendor of the 30s in an elegant and distinguished atmosphere.

Unique works of art, bought at auctions worldwide, are on display in the hotel: • Ruhlmann, Armand-Albert Rateau, Edgar Brant, Süe & Mare and Erté • Sculpture by Martel, in the center of the lobby • Bronze and marble console by Edgar Brant in the lobby • Console by Edgar Brant in the Normandie lounge • The display cabinets either side of the entrance to the Collectionneur – Purple Bar Paris, marble motifs by Rateau for Jeanne Lanvin • Armchairs by Süe & Mare in the entrance • Bronze bench by Rateau.


Nevertheless, the plans were made for the day, sooner than later we were out and about to write history. After some fashion appointments and intense visualization of exclusively black clothes (the only trace of color being Me, which obviously increased the charm of my appearance), we were on our way to grace Galerries Lafayette with our breathtaking style and exquisite moves. “I don’t dance now, I make money moves.” Unfortunately, the selection was so basic, plain and boring, we were by all means the most sparkling stars of the Galleries (too). People were kind of stalking us to immortalize our sharp sense of style never seen before.

I knew it would come to this – it always happens when I am in Paris. People were greeting us (or men were saying “Hi!” to me), a little detail which was unfamiliar to Claudiu. I had to state the obvious “This is Paris, baby, if you like someone, you say Hi! and pass by. That’s it.” I was under the charming influence of an Off White gorgeous male model throning the featured Jimmy Choo display in the center of Galleries Lafayette Beauty sector. The brand collaboration is irrelevant to me but they surely know how to pick the models lol (at least).




Now let’s get to the Twins for the Win Game and our Celestial Fame. In spite of his evident preference for All Black, Claudiu Ciubotaru adorned himself with a white flattering long fit fluffy fur on our first day out, in order to complement my style and complete our flawless Parisian look. Perfect match! We hit it so well. But of course we do. He’s a G-E-M-I-N-I. Do you know how cool we are? Bonny and Clyde with Accurate Street Styles – a Match Made in Heaven – that’s how you do business. “We the Best.” – DJ Khaled. And by the way, it’s Twin Season. Step aside, please.

However, I can’t say the same about Hotel du Collectioneur, which, in spite of all its Art and Glory, was a little short on tea spoons later that night lol. I couldn’t leave home without finishing up my desert so I took it with me when Claudiu picked me up later that evening (what a gentleman!), therefore when we reached the hotel room, we had a mille feuille cake to share and not a single teaspoon!!! 

Claudiu called the reception twice and we kind of waited for an hour for two teaspoons which should’ve already been there complimenting the tea/coffee display box. Claudiu was on the verge of having a personality outburst concerned by the outcome of what should have been a 5 star experience, when the concierge finally knocked on the door to deliver the teaspoons lol. I picked them up from the door myself in order to avoid a possible mild confrontation.

We almost went clubbing but the champagne was too sweet, my make up on fleek and I was probably too sparkling. We just went down to Palais de Tokyo to speak to Club YoYo’s management and see if they found my phone. I’ve left it unsupervised in the ladies room at Yo-yo Club for 2 minutes on the toilet paper support and it simply vanished lol. It was around 4 in the morning during a Keinemusik label night at Palais de Tokyo the very night I have arrived in Paris. 

Impressively, I came to search for it one week later lol and I was even asked to choose what manager I wanted to speak to: Man or Woman LOL. Then I wanted to speak to the Head of Security, which was described to be looking like a large Bizon LOL. No, they did not find my phone and there were rats running down the streets – I panicked, screamed and jumped in the car with no intention to return in that area ever again. I can almost hear my aunt saying: “What did you expect at a 15 euros entrance fee?” LOL.  The entrace was 5 euros to the clubs we would have gone later that night, so between a 5 star hotel experience with slow service and no teaspoons and a questionable underground rave 7 kilometres away, Claudiu felt asleep (like a baby) and made the choice obvious haha.




The next morning we had breakfast and a couple of selfies in all the mirrors spotted in the Hotel, possibly with those Works of Art on Display LOL. I had no idea about the hype of this hotel – I can’t believe I wasn’t even curious to check it online or something. The only thing I cared about is how to reach it. Basic needs lol. I might have noticed the diamond jewelry exposed in the lobby but I found out about the Art on my return lol. The only thing clear was those damn teaspoons missing at breakfast too the next day. This time we were in the hotel’s reastaurant with a million options to eat. Claudiu’s crave for Nutella didn’t get unoticed LOL. He asked 3 different waiters (2 while sitting at the table and then he chased a lady to complain) till he finally received 3 little jars (one for each calling) after more than 10 minutes wait. Extremely amusing for me, extra annoying for Prince Claudiu Ciubotaru, the First, so he got a valet. Long story short.

Nevertheless, shortly after my make-up free breakfast with Claudiu Ciubotaru, we were on point and on our way to have the world at our feet again. Destination? Classified. That’s how we roll. What I can mention is the fact that when we finally paused the hectic schedule to have a meal, I was more than surprised and charmed by the fact his Coke came in a big glass with ice and a big teaspoon lol. Perhaps this happens when you let go of need – you simply receive, even without asking for it. The Universe always delivers, that’s what I am saying. Just observe the wonderful synchronicity of a little rain pouring while we were dinning in the US Ateliers, just across the street from Tzuri Gueta’s Costume Jewelry Shop – a multiple award winner designer based in Paris and owner of Lace Silicon © textile – on Avenue Daumesnil, which also houses Kobja – the creation of Paris based designer Monika Jarosz, who sets an eco friendly claim to her luxury products, handmade from real toad skins recovered, tanned and transformed by taxidermists through a 14 stages detailed process, with the goal to upcycle hides of these invasive and highly poisonous species in unique fashion accessories. I kissed a frog and a King was born and crowned on that day.


I wouldn’t want to wrap up our fabulous adventures without a honorable mention to be made – Claudiu Ciubotaru’s driving skills are extremely sharp and accurate. He’s been driving for little more than an year and I am seriously impressed by how well he handled Parisian traffic. With the exception of the intricate meaning behind the words “Sortir” and “Places Libres”, which held a great mystery for him, and a failed attempt to take the handicapped elevator rising from the Parking of Place Vandome (we came into our senses at just the right time to avoid any potential embarrassment).

After two days of hectic meetings and funny synchronicities, it all went down smoothly just like Drake’s God’s Plan on SWIGG Radio while we were flowing down the left bank of Seine in a Mercedes passing by Musée d’Orsay at sunset, after a full day of meetings which are non of your business, on our way to get my precious Fleur d’Oranger Tea from Ladurée Thé&Beauté. Divine. This was meant to be. What a trip!

Much Love for the Twins. True Love Always Wins.

Your Enlightened QueenP

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