Princessa Petra – The Sacred and The Profane

“Concision in style, precision in thought, decision in life.” – Victor Hugo

Hey, babes! 💜

Long time, no see! Literally. Fun has been had so little Me Time was left to indulge into the Pleasures of Writing and revealing myself virtually. My life is hype and I live it !live. It’s time for the last Fashion Editorial highlightening my Stylish Take-Over of Vila Katharina in Brasov –  a sparkling gem of historical significance and private inspiration shining in one of the Cities iLove. 🎀🌸🎀

So artsy and vintage. I completed the outcome and complemented the princely decor all adorned in Cashmere and Fur, reading Mircea Eliade’s The Sacred and The Profane: The Nature of Religion, under the painting of a sad man (crying over me). Sorry you can’t hang with me – I am too deep. Actually, I finished the book on my delayed flight returning from Paris after a series of wild adventures, perfect timing and a weekend magically spent style twining and matching outfits with my Fabulous Gemini Boo, Claudiu Ciubotaru. I will tell you all about it soon. Stay tuned! 🌟👑🌟

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the Synchronized Perfection of my Relaxed Princess Poses. This all could’ve been a Pictorial but I decided to enrich it with the Essence of my Presence and the Refinement of my Speach. It’s the Cream on the Peach. Petra Paitici. En Vogue. Don’t you wanna be? Haha. 👁👁👁

Photography: Volker Vornehm // #volkervornehm
Fashion Styling: Petra Paitici  // #princessapetra
Location: Vila Katharina // #vilakatharina

#PrincessaPetra #GloryToTheHoly #Proph3ticJustice

God bless me! 💜

Just look at me! Glamorized and Gorgeous, adorning the Perspective of an architectural Jewel of the 18th century the Grace of My Style. What a Precious View! What more can I say. Hip Hop Hooray, lol. It all rhymes in my head. “I’m living my best life, it’s my Birthday – at least this what I’m dressed like”. – Cardi B feat. Chance the Rapper – Best Life. 

I was afraid I couldn’t get proper inspiration to introduce my sparkling intellectual endeavors and Self-Speech into the perfect scenario, but iLove it. 

During the photo shooting, this being the last outfit of my outstanding Vila Katharina series, under the influence of Prosecco, I got wild captivated by Sade and captured by Volker while equilibrating on a very tight wooden rail with my tiny little waist, all packed and heated up, showing off my Style under a Large Smile. Charming! I’m so romantic lately. Maybe I’m in Love. “I cannot with me!” Too cute. Now carry on. That is all! 💜

Peace! 👑👑👑

Yours Faithfully, 

Your Supreme Highness,

The Goddess,

QueenP 💜

💋💋💋 Pupiiiiiiiiiii 💋💋💋










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