QueenP, Your Hypeness

Princessa Petra – Black Panther Edition

“The Love of Your Name can only Pertain to the Flame I got in my Vein.”

Hello, my Precious! 🌹🌹🌹

Just in case the light’s too dim and you’re simply blown off your feet – this is your Goddess – #PrincessaPetra – the #BlackPanther and your undisputed Queen.
Welcome to my V Day // Black Moon “Lace and Leather” Limited Edition Exclusive E-D-I-T-O-R-I-A-L. A bit later but far Greater.
It seems the words unspoken are haunting me and memories I thought to be buried or forgotten are back to challenge me in mysterious ways. The King’s Not Dead. Long live the Queen.
There is nothing as godly as sprinkling the world with blissful transparency, emotion and intimacy, yet there is nothing as sweet as the Raw Power stirring within when you are Free.

Photography: Roxana Neacsu // #cocoroxie

#PrincessaPetra #GloryToTheHoly #Proph3ticJustice

I am so Free that the Past is burning the flame of illusions through signs, dreams and visions, illusions which once had me unconsciously dwelling on overwhelming emotions and the fear of vulnerability. What is real? What is presented or what I choose to see? Who am I? Who they think or who I choose to be? What is love? How I feel or what the others are telling me? A perpetual swing between finding the Highest Self and mirroring low frequencies until I opened my eyes, unchained my heart, faced my fear, slayed the demons and stood still for a moment just to hear myself breathe.
The fight is over, the days are warmer, the Sun is brighter and I spread the Light within.
This is an Ode to Greatness, to Self-Acceptance and Authenticity, to those who have crossed my path and shaped my Reality, the Truth through Art infused with my cinematic sensitivity, inspired by Black Panther – the Spirit Guide and Marvel Movie – and dedicated to my glorious Past as a Rave Queen. The lipstick, lace and leather, pearls and feathers, gold and glitter and the infinite trail of eyeliner I signed my name across some hearts out there.
I was young, wild and gorgeous, careless and carefree, high on myself and triggering the scene.
Those were the days of decadence and the nights bathing in its afterglow, diving deeply into the most intense emotions, from high to low, from the Solars to the Underworld.
I was deaf and blind but never lost my Soul.
That’s when I met my Inspiration, whom I admired from self-imposed distance and always froze in front of. My defenses were higher than any pills and thrills and all means of communication except music were sacredly locked. Everything was taken personally and yet that self-centered dimension is exactly what I needed in order to flourish and grow.
I never put a leash on my Imagination and Creativity though. With each party I dressed for somewhere across Europe, I was becoming more and more aware of my Emotions, rolling deep on the road of dark self-exploration, sipping drops of my own poison, in the quest of a vision with the Light shut off. A Silent Icon in flesh and blood starring in international Freak Show – very few friends and too many foes. The exaltation and the horror.
That’s how I learned that Energy is Flow – from skyrocket to low – both a blessing and a feared weapon – the “vibranium” I need to master and control.
I am the Light now, Infinite, Powerful and Strong, because of the starry Nights of the Soul, unrequited love, “coke and wine” and the Lord of the Underworld, Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman and a bold twist of Woes. Thank you.
Whenever you speak of Jesus, I feel I am being called.

Yours Truly,
💜 #PrincessaPetra the #BlackPanther 💜













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