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D1DE0E1D-54D1-491C-A71F-08EAAA1C29A1“Control of Consciousness determines the Quality of Life.”
– Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

Good morning, my beloved audience!

It is the 11th of February, a glorious Sunday morning I will dedicate entirely to doing what I love – Self Expression and Wisdom. I have prepared myself a cup of cardamom coffee and I am contemplating the Universe’s fascinating synchronicities in complete Silence: this is the first editorial to reach the Light and Bliss of 2k18 – the 50th Luxury Edition “Overly Dedicated” to Style and Spirituality.
You are well aware by now of my connection to number 5 – the prevailing number in Nature and Art – therefore it gives me a great pleasure and honor to accommodate its Energy and Power into my preaching and teaching.
According to Joanne Sacred Scribes, Angel Number 50 brings a message from the Angels to do with Health, Well-Being and Lifestyle Choices, to live life as it suits you personally and have the courage to make Positive Changes that are in line with your Personal Lifestyle Choices and ensure that you remain True to Yourself, always.

Photography: Volker Vornehm // #volkervornehm
Fashion Styling: Petra Paitici  // #princessapetra
Location: Vila Katharina  // #vilakatharina
Book: Eticheta Regala by Sandra Gatejeanu Gheorghe, available for purchase at Cărturești

#PrincessaPetra #GloryToTheHoly #Proph3ticJustice

Have you noticed how some people who might lack the interest and investment in personal development consider January to be a really boring month when nothing really happens? Are you aware of the fact the most depressing day of the year was, according to the statistics, Blue Monday, the 15th of January? Well, you can forget these petty little details the media “infuses” you with, and, as I do not have a TV nor a radio and I carefully select who I am in contact with, I can solemnly prove the reversed effect, which I consciously chose to adhere to and promote further in the virtual medium just by adding Beauty, Art and Relaxation into my daily schedule.
Given the fact is the first blog of “Spiritual Fashion” on the www, I will dedicate this post to praising my Life Choices made during the first month of the year and the Spiritual accomplishments as result of these choices, which allowed me to Sync in tune with Universe and cleanse my Energy during a challenging month.

Just before the Blue Monday, I treated myself to the best “Me Time” one can have – a Yoga class, an hour Massage and a Royal Candle Lit Bubble Bath on Friday evening – all these instead of going out. I finished the second episode of Royal Endeavors dedicated to Cairo in Egypt on Saturday, which I am very proud of, so on Sunday I chose to visit Casa Ceausescu by myself, right before I had the Coaching session with a Client over Tea and biscuits in a chic coffee place I really wanted to try, and then visited my friends for the evening. I knew I was going to Brasov the next weekend to the splendid Vila Katharina for the first time, a stylish accommodation with Fabulous reviews on, which I considered to be fit for my getaway and fashion shooting with Volker.
I was also aware of the intense Energy arising prior to the major celestial event on which occurred on the 31th of January – the Super Blue Blood Moon – as I was aware of myself being highly sensitive to the way the people around me chose to channel this Energy unconsciously, therefore I indulged into a well deserved time of Isolation, Creation and Recalibration, which proved to be magically productive, given the fact I wrote the QueenP’s Ten Commandments and Mars 005 dedicated to Kendrick Lamar in the same month as the Cairo experience.
I am very proud of myself.

As you might have noticed by now, whenever the Universal Energy or MY Energy is challenged by external circumstances or threatened by emotional transfer, I immediately make room in my schedule for Alone Time, relaxing activities such as Pilates, Yoga, Massages and Spa and most importantly, my Creative Endeavors. Whenever I am tired or at the risk of being drained, I surround myself by Beauty and Art. If the people I usually interact with are demanding more Attention and Energy than I can or want to offer in a context that is not Coaching, I Retreat and Treat myself to isolation and complete Silence in order to hear my own thoughts perfectly.

The inspiring visit to Vila Katharina – an architectural jewel of the 18th century placed in the medieval heart of Brasov – was one of the most luxurious experiences I have ever had, given to the flawless attention to details, the extremely dedicated staff, the Royal Environment and Sophisticated Ambience, as well as the Privacy and Quietness of the romantic location. This superb accommodation was exactly what I needed for a perfect weekend getaway by myself and I would recommend to anyone as devoted to the Quality of Living, Art and Beauty as I am.

I announced my intention of having a fashion shooting prior to my arrival and the permission was granted in an elegant manner, as well as my wish to have the best room available at that moment for my stay. I was not fully aware Vila Katharina has only 3 remarkable rooms to book but I was flattered and honored to be accommodated in the Sapphire room, a discreet and silent room which distinguishes itself through the special furniture, the famous Savoy Hotel 1930s model inspired bed and the Carrara marble bathroom with a cast iron bathtub I have relaxed in during the evening after the shooting. This room was absolutely perfect and carefully selected by the Universe through Vila Katharina’s lovely staff to match my highest expectations. It also featured a vintage writing desk so imagine my surprise and enchantment – it was absolutely meant to be.

I started my morning with the glamorous Vila Katharina specialty breakfast (staff recommendation), a royal delight consisting of duck confit with caramelized onion and a glass of Prosecco. I rarely drink when I do not go out but starting the day with Prosecco was an intriguing experience. It took me a few hours to finish the drink because I actually felt the effect of every sip, but it was totally worth it. I wouldn’t do this too often either but since I took the opportunity, I made the most of it. The breakfast was absolutely delicious, and so was the yoghurt with honey and berries for desert. Not to mention the home made delights available to try in the Dinning Salon. When Volker arrived, after such a royal treat, I was more than ready to embrace Greatness and take the World by storm.

As if this favorable celestial alignment and satisfying meal were not enough, I was allowed to take pictures in all Vila Katharina’s Royal Rooms – the Onyx Room, The Emerald Room and the Sapphire Room – during the morning. Perfect timing!
Please be introduced to the noble Onyx Room, a room with a street view, that encapsulates the beauty of the past, inside the XVIIIth century golden painting, perfectly restored, and adorned by elegant curtains and draperies made out of silk and lace, authentic Art Deco furnishing, crystal chandeliers and a luxurious cast iron bathtub.

As the most important moral of the story is not about the clothes I wear but how I wear them and how I feel – the outfit is an exclusive “twist and turn” approach on my personal wardrobe. I am sure you are familiarized with my favorite over the knee snake boots, which perfectly match to the pleated printed skirt which belonged to my mother and the pullover I bought from the C City gypsy market. None of the items I am wearing can be purchased at this moment as it is not my intention to be commercial and instigate to consumerist behavior but present the fulfilling perspective of making Conscious Choices in Life, which will always reflect in the Quality of Living and Personal Style. I do not read fashion magazines and follow 0 people on Instagram just to have my personal vision accurate and shielded from the visual “pollution” of fast fashion, unnecessary trends and lack of Quality and Creativity.
I prefer to either read or write instead and to let my imagination run wild when it comes to Styling, which is always fit for the occasion and channels my own vision.
From this point of view, I was born with style and a fascination for Opulence, Abundance and Beauty which might have went from kitsch to elegance as a result of constant personal improvement and my dedication to Spirituality and to the goal of being the best person I can be and the best version of me, myself and I – The Trinity.
Whether Life, Love or Fashion, everything must flow out in a perfect alignment of Synchronicities which resonate to the Law of Attraction and God’s Will for Peace to prevail and for the world to be at ease.

Yours Truly,
The One and Only,
Your Majesty,














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