Men are from Mars – King Kendrick

C5FE6B1C-0D52-4170-AF50-9F0B4A93BE7EKing Kendrick Lamar in Michael Kors for GQ Style 2016.

Hello, Butterflies!!! 🦋🦋🦋

We have gathered on Mars today to discuss and praise the latest accomplishments of my favorite Hip-Hop Artist, Mr. Kendrick Lamar, who just stole the show at the Grammys last night by winning no more than 5 fxcking awards!!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
That’s the news I woke up to on Monday morning – Black Excellence.
And that happened on the same day/night I “celebrated” my 5th year anniversary in the pharma corporation I work for. Wow. 👁👁👁
5 is also one of my favorite numbers, like 4 is for Jay Z – 444 and the whole conspiracy – from the 23 (5) of May (05), the date of my coming to Earth, to my favorite Lenny Kravitz album when I was a teenager – which is called “5” – it’s the numerical expression of Individuality and Freedom.
It seems to be an extremely rare occasion for me to speak of the Gentlemen who Inspire me therefore I will raise my Voice, your Standards and a glass of raspberry liquor tonight for my boy Kendrick, who has made me the most proud – as a Gemini – Appreciated Creativity. That’s the Walk.
This is Mars 005, everyone.
There is no such thing as a coincidence.
It’s all about synchronicity.
Sit down – let’s proceed! 🌟🌟👑🌟🌟


Before I get any further with my confession of how Kendrick shaped my attitude towards Life, God and Relationships, I would like to tell you all a little story about what happened to me this Saturday.
Let’s call this the parable of A$AP Rocky.
I was coming from my hair appointment, all dressed up in my pink fluffy fur, with my (obviously) pink luscious Dr. Martens and superb jeans embedded with pearls, fancy but casual in my manner of speaking, styled up and on my way to attend an anniversary with Queen Mum in my hometown – C City.
She asked me if I could stop by at a local flower shop as she really wanted freesias for this occasion. I granted her wish and went downtown to see if I could find any but the ones available didn’t really seem to match my standards – they were dark red yellow and not that fresh. I can’t show up to an anniversary with flowers which are not that fresh. I asked the flower lady if she could show me other freesias but they we’re not really my type either lol. I apologized for the fuss, thanked her for her patience and the moment I went out that door, magic happened! There he was – this gorgeous guy looking like A$AP Rocky coming my way with his 2 friends looking pretty foreigners.
All this in my hometown – Craiova – imagine the shock.
I was like “Wow! A$AP. Mmmmmhmmmm. Nicey. Synchronicity.”
Imagine that – if I had settled for less, I wouldn’t have crossed paths with that Black Beauty. Life is wonderful. Nevertheless… I ran away lol.
That’s my best “flirt” move when I have an instant crush on somebody (who’s not gay). I avoid it. Which reminds me – I actually debuted this Mars “Wars” thing with A$AP Rocky. Now, to make myself clear – here are Kendrick and Rocky in one of my favorite warm up tracks before I hit the club.

Now Kendrick – Kendrick is an Act of Class.
He has the same sweetheart since childhood, he raps about Loyalty, he’s overflowing with talent and he’s not chained up with all that bling bling shxt.
I don’t even like those (too little) diamonds sparkling on men. WTF. Men shouldn’t bling more than I do. You can’t mess with my shine, boo. Honestly, if men want to show the world something, it should be their TALENT, not their Ego.
Kendrick doesn’t skkkkkrtttttt.
WTF is that, anyway?! Is that the sound of your rented Ferrari? FYKI, babies make that sound when they’re 3.
Kendrick is a Baller. A PROfessional. I bought all his three albums, beginning with DAMN last year, and I am sincerely impressed with his evolution. I had no idea who he was until “Humble” kicked in, though I heard some of his tracks played by Brodinski in his hip-hop sets.
I was like “What little bitch?! How’s this guy telling me to sit down and be humble? Who is he? Who’s he talking to like that?! OMG, so disrespectful – I don’t really like him!” till I heard that goldenline that goes:
I’m so fuckin’ sick and tired of the Photoshop
Show me somethin’ natural like afro on Richard Pryor
Show me somethin’ natural like ass with some stretch marks.”
“There you are. Kendrick Lamar. I feel you.

And that’s when I knew I loved him.
I don’t really like Photoshop either – you all have been informed before. It actually took me 2 fxcking years of modeling and blogging to hear (loudly) this major compliment last summer, which is the fact that I look just like in my pics. Art looks flawless – thank you (all). That is very flattering. We can be friends now lol.

Now let’s get serious. At the time Kendrick dropped DNA, I was dealing with conflict, vampires and loads of bullshxt which were threatening my Peace of Mind, Self-Esteem and Creative Energy.
That trip to Jordan changed everything in and for me.
Seeing the Majestic Petra, the Rose City, was the Supreme revelation – I completely and unquestionably surrendered to Greatness. That’s what I would like to be surrounded with. Greatness to inspire and motivate me.
I went “Home”, as they say. This touchdown to a modern Wonder of the Modern World reshaped the way I was thinking about Myself, the World and Humanity therefore the return to Romania (and to the ordinary) was a total nightmare. I couldn’t cope with everyone’s Reality anymore. Mine is different and in charge of it. My new way of thinking did not match the surroundings. I was coming back from a Kingdom where there is no such thing as stealing, to the very contrast of it. I was so spiritually high that everybody literally wanted a piece of my Heaven.
During emotional struggles, it’s always Art that comforts and inspires me to overcome the adversities.
Kendrick was the One to save my pretty little a$$ and put me back on my tiny feet with his prophetic flow and lyrical beats. He was God’s Gift to Petra – the new born Queen. Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN album and the inspiration to join the Life Coaching course on my birthday – a life changing milestone in my Life.
Every word touched me deeply, as if all that intense Energy and Power he preached would flood right down my veins to energize me:
“I got power, poison, pain and joy inside my DNA
I got hustle though, ambition, flow, inside my DNA
I was born like this, since one like this
Immaculate conception.”

And that’s a riff, gonna plead this case
The reason my Power’s here on Earth
Salute the Truth, when the Prophet say.

See, when I talk about Kendrick, it’s personal, just like his track “Poetic Justice”, which inspired me to have my own tag #Proph3ticJustice.
This is the Life I live. His words are the Truth for me.
I honor this guy intellectually.
I respect him in a way that is very sacred to me:
“Every time I write these words they become a taboo
Making sure my punctuation curve, every letter is true
Living my life in the margin and that metaphor was proof
I’m talking poetic justice, poetic justice
If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it?”

Because Kendrick speaks about God and we have that in common. I always tell people the best relationship I have is the One with God. Religious beliefs are a very important aspect of Moral Development and plays a key part in my Self-Awareness process and nothing makes me more proud than an artist who expresses his belief and praises God for his blessings. I am Christian but with a very personal approach on Religion and Spirituality based on my Life experience and personal studies. While I am advised not to be so explicit in regards to my beliefs as some consider them to be private or intimate, it would be boring to settle for less than preaching my high interests or writing about my preoccupations, especially if I found comfort in myself through a Power greater than anyone can have. Why would I put that on the down low if the purpose is to raise everyone to my Frequency and Vibration so we could live in Heaven in Earth? Kendrick said in it an interview for New York Times: “We’re in a time where we exclude one major component out of this whole thing called life: God. Nobody speaks on it because it’s almost in conflict with what’s going on in the world when you talk about politics and government and the system.”
“Everything I do is to embrace y’all
Everything I write is a damn eight ball
Everything I touch is a damn gold mine
Everything I say is from an angel”

I-D Magazine writes about him “That’s who Kendrick is as an artist – he’s focused on polishing his skills and displaying his mastery and pushing himself to greatness. Asked about his favorite words, besides “perspective” Lamar says, “Discipline.”
“I love that word,” he says, “because it shows who you really are. There are so many vices in the world, especially being in the entertainment business. You’re exposed to so much at any given time. Whatever you need is right there in your face. But how much discipline do you have when the camera’s off, when the light’s off? That inspires me. How to restrain that. And that shows who you really are. To control yourself, that is the ultimate power.”


There is so much Greatness in Kenny that I would go on forever. He’s a Gemini, a Twin, my brother by the Father and by what he is saying, an artist who went from nothing to being legendary by the strength of his word and his gift for oration. I feel blessed whenever I listen to him. He’s spiritually deeper than anyone I am aware of in this industry and an endless source of Inspiration. An amazing performer, an immaculate writer and a Man who makes me proud to be living in the same time on the same Earth. I’m Proud of him.
And do you know what else I would trust, besides the Words of Wisdom of the Twin? My intuition that his concert in Paris will be absolutely mind-blowing!!!
In less than a month, on the 25th of February – I will see this little guy !live. DAMN. I get goosebumps just when I think of it. Just imagine.
The Energy, the Vibe, the Hype – literally all the blessings pouring down on your Majestic Queen. That’s empowering! I cannot wait for one of the best evenings of my life. Who knows how I will come back from it. 🎰🎰🎰

Your Supreme Hypeness and Goddess,
👑 QueenP 👑


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