Proph3tic Justice – QueenP’s Ten Commandments

E2D87770-0E89-4302-A91A-295A67791BB1.jpegGuido Reni‘s Michael (in Santa Maria della Concezione church, Rome, 1636) tramples Satan.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am back in Bucharest after a wonderful weekend I spent by myself in Braşov doing all the things I love ALONE – cleansing my divine Energy, bubble bathing, wining and dining and having pleasurable early good night sleeps in a solemn princely room of a lovely boutique hotel, being blessed with prophetic dreams.

By Alone, I mean “Me Time” in a silent getaway, far away from the noise, pollution and poor spiritual practice of most people surrounding me and Alone because I adore my own company. When I am with myself, I am peaceful, content, radiant and moreover, I don’t have to speak (to anyone but myself). The Synchronicities are striking and the Law of Attraction is working at its best as I have enough space and time to see it. Everything moves in a perfect flow in accordance to my deepest desires and I couldn’t be more grateful. I am silent so I can hear the Universe speak.


All these basic lives most people are living, routine they are sinking in and complaints they are giving in is low frequency energy which I don’t have to put up with, honestly. If you want me to deal with your shxt, I am a Life Coach – you’d have to pay me for my Time, Attention and Energy. Otherwise, I am the Center of my/the Universe, your #GloryToTheHoly and unforgettable QueenP. I also don’t know why people keep saying they know me because no one really knows shxt about me – I’m a Gemini. God speaks through me. Everything I write comes to life and everything I say becomes reality. I doubt you can walk a single mile in my shoes.

I hold a great moral responsability for all those I “influence” with my Presence, online, offline and virtually, the moment I step out of my Palace till the moment I return. I finally came to terms with who I am so I am not afraid to unleash the inner beast, if necessary. My Energy is vital to me, my Art, my Creativity, to my family, the people I inspire, the ones that I work with and those few who are blessed enough to meet and greet me. If you are not yet aware of my mission, my vision and my values, these are my Ten Commandments so all of you can know how to handle me.

– You shall not do or speak any wrong in my presence
– You shall not steal away my Energy
– You shall not bore me w/ small talk, gossip and bullshxt
– You shall not judge me
– You shall not approach me with less than best intentions
– You shall not look at me otherwise than with respect or admiration
– You shall not touch me unless I (verbally) agree
– You shall not invade my personal space (physical, mental or spiritual)
– You shall not raise your voice in my presence
– You shall not try to intimidate me

I don’t need anyone’s approval or acceptance to live Life by my own rules, nor do I have to tolerate anything against my Highest Self or Purpose – most of all, I have nothing to lose but you will if my vibe gets killed. If you fxck up my high, I’ll fxck up your Life. If my needs for common sense, mutual respect and personal space are not met, oh well, I might just turn your light off. If you have never met your darkest fear, it would be a pleasure to make your acquaintance, my darling. If you say Karma is a bitch, hold your breath when I speak.

Your Majestic Goddess,


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