Princessa Petra – Earthly Archetypes

CBC7EE99-DF42-4655-932F-DB38D327359EDaniela Barb – Earth Collection – Archetypes Concept – Exotique.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have gathered today for a wonderful moment of celebration – a superb milestone recently achieved by Team Supreme – the launch of Daniela Barb’s new Fall/Winter 2k17-2k18 Collection at Noblesse Palace during the enchanting Christmas Fair happening as we speak. This is the beginning of a fascinating journey, as I feel honored Daniela has chosen me as a Model and Fashion Stylist, and also the “Master and Commander”, as she likes to call it, for organizing the shooting in a very timely manner within a short notice. What a professional challenge! I was called out to prove myself in every line of what I love to do – Modeling, Styling and PR. I have never thought of working with anybody else than my Favorite Fashion Photographer for this project, Volker Vogue, whom I remain faithful to – we make a Match Made in Heaven – as you have already noticed.

Earth Collection – Archetypes Concept: Daniela Barb // #danielabarb
Photography: Volker Vornehm // #volkervornehm
Fashion Styling: Petra Paitici // #princessapetra
Location: Exotique Romania // #exotiqueromania

Originally contracted as a Fashion Stylist for Daniela’s long awaited Collection, a Splendor to Watch and Touch, given the Commitment to Her Personal Trademark, the Philosophy behind the Brand and the Flawless Quality and Elaborate Design, I shared my dream with her I would like to be the Model for the Earth Collection – the Archetypes Trilogy – inspired by Mircea Eliade – The Sacred and the Profane: The Nature of Religion, “a noted historian of religion traces manifestations of the sacred from primitive to modern times, in terms of space, time, nature and the cosmos, and life itself.” Perhaps Daniela was in doubt at first and I can’t blame her – she did not imagine she would have a 1.58 Model weighting 42 kg (XS) shooting for her collection, but has supported faithfully my dream coming true to become a model at 31 years old and I couldn’t be more thankful.

The shooting took place in one of my favorite places in Bucharest, Exotique Romania, which is currently one of the Purveyors to the Romanian Royal House in the line of furniture and interior design since 2015. I feel honored to have collaborated with such an outstanding company, whose passion for style is inspiring and whose dedication to quality is remarkable. The staff of Exotique has flawless manners and I have felt most welcomed.

I would like this to be the beginning of my career in Modeling, in a world whose fixed standards of “beauty” are currently challenged by the Truth all body shapes and personalities should be treasured, cherished and praised accordingly, within an industry which must repair the damage it perpetuated in the spirits of women for numerous years, an industry which must now raise the self-esteem of every child born and must embrace self-expression and diversity of every kind for the sake of Spiritual Evolution. Peace outshines from within – the sooner Humanity will understand the necessity of Enlightenment, the better will be for God’s Kingdom to raise on Earth.

Last night I have dreamed I was rushing home with so many children following me – I looked back and they told me to smile and so I did – just to reach the place where the Lesson of Maturity was given to me – by the time I have learned it, I heard a wonderful voice singing down in the street the following mantra – a message from the Angels which I encourage you too, to repeat:

”I am grateful for what I have.
I am grateful for everything.
I am grateful.”

Peace and Love,
Your Divine Highness,






















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