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Royal Endeavors – Forest Retreat & Spa

IMG_2360Princessa Petra Wet Look Spa 2k17 Limited Edition – Forest Retreat & Spa.

Hello, my Shiny Dolphins! 🐬🐬🐬

Welcome to the first time you see me that naked and relaxed about it online lol, totally wet (look), stunting with my flashing white skinniness, in my American Apparel  XS. I’mma do rhymes now, like my new QT,  Aminé says in Yellow:
I wanna flex, I wanna show off
Humble when I’m blunt, but I gotta go hard
You’re damn right, I’m feelin’ myself
You know you’d do the same if that was yourself.

Let’s delve into the relaxing weekend I have spent in Forest Retreat & Spa, feeling myself in the pool and sauna, drinking nothing but sparkling water and sleeping a lot lol. I recovered myself completely from head to toes, 30 rounds swimming back and forth the semi-Olympic Mosaic Pool adorned with discrete blue lights and divine music. Perfect retreat. However, the place was fully booked and also had a baptism shower for a baby girl on Saturday night. I wasn’t alone either but accompanied by my lovely family, Mum, Dad, my brother Stefan and his girlfriend Andreea and my aunt Denisa Denise, who lives in France, on her annual holiday along my cool French-Romanian cousin Sebastian and his Asian friend Artur.

Adventures were implied, contained and featured but we won’t talk about that now. The unexpected manifested but was highly managed. I took an emotional advantage of the serene environment and loungely vibes, smiling babies, potential fans and couples, which nevertheless impact me favorably. This place is really the perfect getaway into a land of deep recovery and bounding through sense engagement and social contact, if wanted or necessary. The staff is smiling and helping, the restaurant is offering, food is internationally generous and tasteful, and some amazing pictures of me were taken by pool staff which I will now show off, along those taken by Andreea, which make me look extremely tall lol. Appealing, but still I am proud to be a shorty. It’s sexy. Which makes me look spiritually hot.

Forest Retreat & Spa was a delightful experience which  propelled my relaxation sense and perception on a whole new level of achievement. The place looked so welcoming and proper, I felt comfortable trying everything, from 30 min well spent into the amber ambience of a Himalayan Saline, to both dry and hot saunas (2 for each – one larger and one more intimate), alternated with mild tropical showers, what a bliss!!! A jacuzzi was featured as well, but I was honestly more by entertained by the possibility of exercising my fitness peach body by swimming in my personal style lol. God bless my refreshing Power naps, too!!! This is how it’s done. Not too much social media but many pictures instead, of course. It’s actually more enriching as a human contact and exercise of brainstorming imagination (if you consider the visual impact pictures channel – a detail which very important for me to explore for psychological reasons). Nevertheless, Fun has been taken (with a capital F) therefore I would recommend it to absolutely everyone, from couples to family and friends, children – in no particular order lol. Enjoy with Joy!

Forest Retreat & Spa is available on Booking.com. Most likely it is fully booked but you can imagine why 🙂

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Keep Your Standards High! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Your Serene Highness,
Highly Wet and Gorgeous,
Princessa Petra








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