Proph3tic Justice – On the Law of Justice, Love and Charity.

Allegory of Justice and Peace By Giaquinto Conrrado (1754)
– Museo Nacional del Prado

“When the soul is consciously awakened can it comprehend the acquiescence of Muhammad, the unshakable foundation of Abraham and the very nature of Christ, equating the Aleph in the sealed Universe – As The Soul Speaks”
– AainaA-Ridtz, The Sacred Key – Transcending Humanity

Hello, my Knights in Shining Armors!

Perhaps it is time to address to you as My Faithful Warriors, as the Ones who Reach, Teach and Study the Speech of Your Majesty are being called out to join the Sublime and Blissful road towards the Eternity and Freedom of Heart and Mind.
Yes, I am Shaking Grounds, Making Heads Pop and the Rain Drop for Abundance and Peace so that all Hidden Mysteries of the Universe would Align in a Perfect Divine Symmetry.

Please note I have my own Spiritual Approach on the Biblical “Myth” of Heaven that I will keep repeating until it is well established in the Collective Consciousness – “As Above, so Below” – in other words, let me put it this way: once Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden for being faint-hearted or “weak as water” (lol) by falling into temptation, they were given a Second Chance to become the Co-Creators of what should be the actual (Rise of) Heaven on Earth.
By taking this matter into consideration, the classical ideology of Baptism for the sake of Constant Forgiveness for the original sin a newly born is exposed to does not make sense anymore, as I personally believe we are symbolically perpetuating weakness of Spirit which was done by our Original Ancestors, Adam and Eve, such a long time ago, spiritual mistake that haunts every child born and raised in Christianity – do you see my point?

Let me ask you a fairly simple question (and I expect answers, of course) – why would God have made the Human after its Own Perfect Resemblance and then condemn him to a tragic Life of Sins in which he would only suffer and sacrifice?
This rationale does not make sense to me at all and I am also not inclined to accept the Darwin’s theory on Evolution, which appears to be the “privilege” of the half wits and primitive Spirits.
I feel we are actually baptized in the Name of Divine Love to be One with Christ (Consciousness), the Son of God (The Prophet), as we are All his Children (Creation) therefore we must Embrace the status of Ascended Beings given the gift of Co-Creation, the Right of Free Will and the Wisdom of Divine Love.

I refuse to be dragged down by the original sin of some “hominids” and neglect the Purpose and Value of thousands of years of Spiritual Evolution which have culminated to my Blissful State of Consciousness now.
Another Question arises – why should a child’s Expansive Mind and Light Heart carry the symbolic weight of Weakness in Spirit and be taught the Sins of Mankind?
Such programming is illogical and invasive to a Pure Being, which is morally against the whole point of acquiring Experience and Wisdom to enter God’s Kingdom, as we must all preserve the Conscience of a Pure Heart (Jesus Christ).
Isn’t actually Creating Heaven on Earth the easiest solution ever made Possible for what we call the Christ Consciousness and the Unity in Love for One and All?
I am simply pointing out some aspects out of Respect for the Human Race and the sake of Evolution which definitely needs to be more Spiritually Prominent.

Nevertheless, I believe we all seek such an Enlightening Sense of Purpose, Grace and Unity, independently of our Origins – or else, what should I tell to my (now imaginary) children?
“Oh well, darling, mommy is an Ascension Master but your Dad believes in Darwin Theory.”
All I am saying is that it would be easier for everyone to believe in God Only, shed the false programming and secular manipulation away and ascend into the Divinely Unified 5D Reality where none of these earthly sins and Mind limitations which harm the Spirit (the One connected to God) – this is the Magical Land where the Unicorns run free I am preparing you for by giving you the most powerful Ascension Tools (The Law of Attraction, the Power of Intention, The Art of Slaying).

Now, enough with my perception on aspects of the Bible(s) which I haven’t actually read (that is the reason I afford to have such a Fresh and Clean perspective by simply following my gut instinct on the information I would like to access and suits my personal experience, the acknowledgement of a Higher Self and my Faithful Dedication to God Only – my BFF as I like to Call Him) – I would like to Shine Light over the Law of Justice, Love and Charity.

Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.
– Malcolm X

Well, Malcolm, I am a WoMan – I will Take It All and Teach my Siblings – we are all Brothers by the Father so I would have to make sure Greatness is always Winning.
I was made in the Resemblance of Perfection therefore this is what I am Offering.

All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: Freedom, Justice, Honor, Duty, Mercy, Hope.
– Winston Churchill

Let’s proceed Expanding our Awareness in all of its Glory by tackling the vast subject of Justice, as preached in The Spirits’ Book, part of the Spiritist Codification and regarded as one of the five fundamental works of Spiritism, according to Wiki.
It was published by the French educator Allan Kardec on April 18, 1857.
It was the first and remains the most important spiritist book, because it addresses in first hand all questions developed subsequently by Allan Kardec, to which the Spirits of Truth are responding promptly – a fascinating read which I recommend to everybody which has evolved beyond the preconceptions of Earthly human condition.

According to The Spirits’ Book, the sense of Justice is so natural that the human (with a Moral Condition, I would like to add) is immediately appalled by the idea of injustice (opposite), as God has placed this feeling in the Heart of all human beings, which is the reason why Justice seems to be a much stringent notion in primitive nations than in others that appear much more Educated, based on the passions (as opposed to Virtues) which mingle with this Sentiment and corrupt it, causing subjective perceptions on it.

The Moral Arc of the Universe bends at the elbow of Justice.
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Nevertheless, “Justice is Respect for the Rights of Each and Every Individual”, rights determined by human and Natural Laws. The human beings have created laws in Harmony with their Values and Character – those established rights vary with the Progress of Enlightenment therefore the rights established by humans are not always compliant with (Divine) Justice but only govern certain Social Relations, while there is an Infinite Number of actions tried privately by Human Conscience.
The basis of Justice according to the Natural Law is the Desire to see your Own Rights Respected as the rule of True Justice – ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.’ When uncertainty arises towards what we should do to others at any given moment, we should ask ourselves what we would want others to do to us under the same circumstances.
The Safest Guide we have been offered by God is our Conscience.

Justice has nothing to do with victor nations and vanquished nations, but must be a Moral Standard that all the world’s peoples can agree to.
To seek this and to achieve it – that is True Civilization.
– Hideki Tojo

As Allan Kardec continues, “The true measure of Justice is, in fact, wanting for others what you would want for yourself. Merely wanting for yourself what you would want for others is not exactly the same thing. As it is unnatural to wish harm upon yourself, if we use our personal desires as the guide for our behavior towards our neighbors, we would never wish anything but good upon them. Universally, human beings have always sought to enforce their Personal Rights, while the unique factor of Christianity is the application of Personal Rights as the basis of our neighbors’ Rights.”

Peace and Justice are two sides of the same Coin.
– Dwight D. Eisenhower

“Natural Rights are the same for everyone, from the smallest to the Greatest. God has not sculpted some human beings from a better Quality clay than others, and All are Equals in God’s Eyes. These Rights are Eternal, while societal Rights die with its institutions. Furthermore, people distinctly know their Strength or weakness, and will always be Conscious of feeling a sort of Deference to those individuals whose Wisdom or Virtue deserve Respect. This is important so that those who think that they are Superior know what duties give them a Right to be Admired. There will be no defiance when authority is only granted to superior wisdom.”

Fidelity is the sister of Justice.
– Horace

According to Mitchell Kalpakgian in The Lost Meaning of Justice, “the traditional meaning of Justice defines the Virtue as the obligation or debt that is “due” or owing to another person. Human Justice, however, goes beyond the contractual or economic realm and encompasses what each person owes to another person based on the nature of their Relationship. All persons owe to one another the Virtue of Respect and courtesy because of their Dignity as human beings, because they are created in the image of God, and because each person possesses, In St. John Paul’s phrase “Inestimable Worth.” The commandment “Love thy neighbor” and The Golden Rule encompass this duty to Honor all persons because of their Humanity.

Furthermore, far beyond the economical calculations of Justice and debt in 3D society, Kalpakgian establishes Fundamental Virtues regarding well established Social Relationships based on debts which do not require compensation, therefore a criteria of quantity can never provide an adequate standard to determine the proper degree of Justice.
“Parents owe their children Loving Care, constant Attention, the Security of a stable home, a proper Education, and the example of a Happy Marriage. Parents need to instruct the young with Justice and Mercy, Discipline and Love, and Manners and Morals. Fathers need to provide Models of Manhood and mothers examples of Womanhood to teach the young the Complementary Virtues of men and women that form families. Parents owe Unconditional, Generous, and sacrificing Love to their children, love which surpasses all economical calculations.”

“Children, in turn, render Justice to their parents – also to grandparents and ancestors – in the form of Piety: the Honor, Respect, Obedience, Affection, and Gratitude they deserve for a Lifetime of Care beyond measure.”

“In the Sacrament of Marriage men and women owe each other Lifelong Fidelity, Respect, Affection, Selflessness, Sacrifice, Mutual Helpfulness, and the Gift of Self.
“Man and woman owe each other a Commitment to the Indissolubility and Unity of Marriage. Sacramental Love does not calculate in terms of profits or losses because it is for Better or worse, for Richer and for poorer, and in sickness and in Health.”

The meaning of Justice as the debt every person owes to another person in the form of what it is “due” by way of Respect, Dignity, Kindness, Civility, Obedience, Hospitality, Care, Affection, and Loyalty according to the Nature of the Relationship.”

Charity is a Supreme Virtue, and the Great channel through which the Mercy of God is passed onto Mankind.
– Conrad Hilton

As The Spirits’ Book describes it properly through the concepts of Christ Consciousness, “Charity is Benevolence for everyone, indulgence towards the imperfections of others, and forgiveness of offenses. Love and Charity complement the Law of Justice since Loving your neighbor is to do to them all the good in our Power, all that we would wish to have done to ourselves. This is the meaning behind Jesus’ words, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself“.

According to Jesus, charity is not restricted to giving alms, but covers all our Relations with our fellow human beings whether inferior, equal or superior. It preaches Indulgence on our part because we need the same ourselves, and it forbids us from humiliating the unfortunate, as is too often done. How many of us lavish Respect and Attention on the rich, yet think that being civil to the poor is not Worth the time or effort? Yet, the more deplorable the situation of the poor, the more painstakingly we should refrain from adding humiliation to their misfortune. Those who are truly kind, try to elevate others to their level by reducing the distance between them.
In a society based on Divine Law and Justice, a provision would be made for assisting the weak without humiliating them. This way, everyone who is unable to work would be guaranteed the means necessary to live so as not to leave their life at the Mercy of chance and individual goodwill.”

True Charity is always Gentle and Compassionate, because the manner of practicing Kindness is as important as the Deed itself. A service, when Gracefully rendered, has twice as much Merit. If this same act is rendered in a patronizing manner, despite being accepted, the recipient’s Heart is not touched by it.”
“‘Love One another’ is the Divine Law by which God governs all the worlds of the Universe. Love is the Law of Attraction for living and organized beings and Attraction is the Law of Love for inorganic matter.”

“Never forget that all Spirits, regardless of the degree of Advancement, whether reincarnated or errant, are always placed between a more Evolved Spirit who Guides and Perfects them, and a less Evolved one towards which they have the same duties to fulfill. Be Charitable, and not just by coldly tossing a coin to a beggar who dares to ask for it from you, but by seeking out the poverty that hides itself from plain view. Be indulgent to the faults and weaknesses of those around you.
Instead of despising the ignorant and vicious, educate them and make them better.
Be Gentle and Compassionate to those lagging behind you and act the same with Respect to the humblest beings of Creation and you will have obeyed God’s Law.” (Saint Vincent of Paul) The improvement of the World ultimately relies on spreading this Education.”

Remarkable Contributions are typically spawned by a Passionate Commitment to Transcendent Values such as Beauty, Truth, Wisdom, Justice, Charity, Fidelity, Joy, Courage and Honor.
– Gary Hamel

According to Henry Karlson in There is No Charity Without Justice, “Charity, if it is to be True to its inner Essence and Character of Charity (caritas), must be done as an Act of Love. As love is Generous and Merciful, so Charity must be Generous and Merciful. It seeks more than Justice because it seeks to Raise someone up beyond the expectations of Justice, but it does so in a way which does not undermine Justice either.
Charity, by its Foundation in and of Love, is always looking for what is Best, and the best must always include the Good which is found in and established by Justice. When Justice is ignored, Charity is undermined, because Charity in its desire for the Greatest Good wants such Justice, wants what is Right and Good to be established in society.

But the effects of Justice and injustice upon a society are the same as their effects upon the Soul: the Just man is at Harmony with himself, and he is a Friend to himself, to all men, and to the Gods; for the Gods are Most Just, and thus it is not surprising that the just man is like them and their friend. The unjust man, however, finds that his situation is the opposite in all respects.

Thus, as Prophets commanded, we are to do Good. We are to act on behalf of the cause of Justice as the result of God’s Gracious Mercy to us: “He has showed you, O man, what is Good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do Justice, and to Love Kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” (Mic.6:8 RSV). Forgiveness of sins in us comes, not with the ignorance of Justice, but its Promotion.  “Wash yourselves; make yourselves clean; remove the evil of your doings from before my eyes; cease to do evil, Learn to do Good; Seek Justice, Correct oppression; Defend the fatherless, Plead for the widow.” (Isa. 1:16-17 RSV).

Once injustice is approved, Charity is lost. No one who Loves someone else will step back and allow some sort of injustice befall their Beloved if they are able to Prevent it. If they were to say they let their Beloved suffer so they could later show their Beloved an act of Sympathetic Love, what would be demonstrated is not Love but selfishness trying to present itself as Love – and the same must be said about Charity. If someone were to say they do not seek Justice in society because they want the opportunity to show Charity to those harmed by the injustice they did not prevent, they only show what they offer is not Charity but vainglory.

Charity, therefore, most always seek Justice, though it can and should also Transcend it, not by ignoring it, but by making things Greater. We see this in what Jesus has Accomplished for us. We receive from him not only the forgiveness of sins and the restoration of the Original Face of human nature, we  also receive a share in the Divine Life, becoming as St Peter explained, Partakers of the Divine Nature (cf. 2 Ptr. 1:4).
We are made greater by God’s Love for us, who in and through such Love, creates a bond between God and us which lifts us up supernaturally beyond ourselves, to receive a Goodness which Transcends Justice and yet does not run counter to it. And so, we in our Charity in the World, must seek to do what we can, not only to restore Justice, but to lift others up beyond its confines if and when we can.
Charity cannot sit back and ignore injustice.
Any who claim to act in charity but ignore injustice is to show that what they hold to is not charity but its false simulacra, and so without love, they will end up having nothing, not even the forgiveness of their own sins.

I will be as harsh as Truth, and Uncompromising as Justice… I am in earnest, I will not equivocate, I will not excuse, I will not retreat a single inch, and I will be heard.
– William – Lloyd Garrison

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