Proph3tic Justice – On the Principles of Slaying.

The Annunciation: The Angel Gabriel By Gaudenzio Ferrari (before 1511) – The National Gallery, London.

“People like to be around those who give off Positive Energy.”
– Erin Heatherton

Hello, darlings!

It’s the 1st of May, a delightful free-from-work Monday for the majority of people all across the globe – the Sun is casting its brilliance on national barbecues frying traditional sausages all over Romania (also known as “littles” lol), adding a touch of Gold to the working men off duty plastic bottled beers.
As much as I would like to keep it simple (and I don’t), the socialist meaning of such an important feast does not comfort me, therefore I did a little side-searching on the elevated spiritual significance of this day to comfort my thirst for Art and Beauty.
Of course, the results of my search are much more appealing than your barbecue (d/g)rill – “Seek and you will Find” – thanks to God – I didn’t necessarily want to conform to the sausage inauguration today, instead I went with the Wiki flow in order to honor May Day as the popular secular celebration it has become since pre-Christianity, celebrating the traditional Crowning of the Queen of May. (yes, that is definitely proper information for me!)

Moreover, I am thrilled to find out that on this particular day, since the 18th century, many Roman-Catholics celebrate May Day with various devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary, such as adorning her head with flowers in a May Crowning. This is also one of the feast days dedicated to Saint Joseph, the husband of Mother Mary, (Glory to the Holy Family), a date which Pope Pius XII had chosen in 1955 as a counter point to the communist International Workers Day celebration you are all following.
Smart move!

So it is the 1st of May – The Crowning Day – and Queens are born in May (my Birthday is on the 23rd, lol).
Let’s take a moment of silence and consider our lost brothers, black sheep and goats currently raving their 5th day at a local but apparently internationally (re)known electronic music festival by the seaside not worth mentioning, which will be coming back, forth and off channeling their after movies sleep deprived, high on self-prescribed “medication” and definitely bitching the rest of us over with dense vibes.
I will let you all pray for their health and benefit ’cause I am about to slay everything around me!
Step back and enjoy the feast!

“A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done.”
– Ralph Nader

Since we’re all Brothers by the Father, which is God (many of us know this fact by now, but some think they are cooler than Him – till they go nuts – what’s up, Kanye?), I am making sure the Crown shines brightly from my 7th Chakra all the way back through any moral density by Raising Awareness on how to treat yourselves after all this reckless collateral damage you collectively entered in ignorance.
I was blind and now I see with all my three eyes, baby!
Lucky you, we live in the same time, so I pretty much tested all the Tools you are still getting for free (out of Common-Sense, Social Duty and Compassion, that is).

“Perhaps we shall learn, as we pass through this age, that the ‘other self” is more powerful than the physical self we see when we look into a mirror.”
– Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

1. Treat Yourself Right – that means carefully and consciously selecting the food you consume in order for it to be as healthy as possible and of consistent nutritional value, not necessarily present in large quantities.
Please notice your eating habits with great attention as you will be able to see for yourself that if you ingest the right nutrients, you will no longer feel the need to devour anything.
I personally stay away from chicken (I have heard it might feature too many additives or hormones which are not mine for the taking lol), fries and sweets which are not based on honey (has anyone tried my favorite Arabic sweets with Rose water? They taste like Heaven!) and contain processed (whipped or any sort of) creams.
Anything not looking natural is out of my plateau as I do not insist to enter any loop of treatment when I can actually prevent illness from happening.
Use your judgement here – you can’t expect to eat plastic and look like a Greek God(dess) – take a proper lunch break daily in order to actually enjoy the food you are eating, have your nose out of your phone screen and do the chewing properly.
All this need for speed is not necessary nor entitled – we’ve all seen examples of how it can definitely damage your Prospects of the Bright Future you are working on for money! 🙂
Once you will achieve your (material) Dreams (Please Evolve – Just Do It like Nike – I really can’t understand why you all need a Beemer), I just hope you won’t draw the line after a Life of stress and poor choices just to see the C (the forth zodiac sign in the year lol) happening.
Trust me!

2. Go Green! – Surround yourself with natural plants, invite fresh air and sunshine into your personal space (whether your home or working place) or even fresh cut flowers (which you can buy on a much more profitable rate from local farmers and old ladies which sell them on the streets, thus supporting family financial outcomes for elder people – a lovely thing to do considering how society is currently treating them once they become of “no use”).
Open the windows widely and let yourself just Breathe, let the Sun Light Shine in and within.

3. Clean Out Your House (And Office) – declutter everything and offer to others the things you no longer want or need!
I do this major action every season – I revise my wardrobe strictly and give some clothes and accessories away to People who I believe they would appreciate it.
This actually implies not only the fact that I create enough Space not to feel trapped into a cluster (my Home is as Exotic as me, kind of Persian inspired with a Tribal Sprinkle – if you know what I mean – the Ambience strikes you just as a Strong, Confident Personality the very moment you step in) but I am also making a Conscious Choice to make the recipient of my gift Happy to receive something Beautiful (that’s a strong requirement for me to buy an item of any kind).
This is how I double the Energetic Value from a simple Gesture to Raising the Vibration through Small Acts of Kindness. Think about it!
To conclude on a High note, I won’t even bother to tackle tasks of common sense here, such as cleaning your own table without leaving the dishes pending in the sink.

4. Fix What is Broken – Once you repair what is broken or simply through it away (if it can no longer be used, restored or recovered), the Energy will definitely flow back into your Personal Space and your Own Mind (given all broken pieces fall into their right place, you will unconsciously enter into a relaxed Frame of Mind).
By the way, I am always careful not to be eating or drinking from broken cups, plates or dishes when I am out and usually involve various people into reconditioning my affected items (if any) as I am not really a DIY person, but a very social one, who knows each one of us is extremely good at (at least) something.
All support I receive mending the broken pieces (please read between the lines beyond the glass that fell on the floor and broke down in pieces – which is a sign of good luck, of course) comes from professionals or experienced people.
I would also appreciate a handy man around me! 🙂

5. Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp – accessory which will increase the Positive Energy by neutralizing the positive ions already present with negative ones.
Counter intuitive, they say, lol!
I have one on my office desk which is shaped like a crystal ball so I told my colleagues I see the Future in it and even allow them to touch it instead of touching me – which Is an act I must consciously agree upon prior to happening.
I would like my Personal Space to be fully Respected in all its dimensions and measures, of course.
A salt lamp could also increase the Quality of the air you breathe and the aspect of your skin (it reduces allergic reactions, as I could read online on several sites addressing its benefits).
Light it Up!

6. Salt Your Room Corners – Sprinkle Salt on the carpet or put bowls of salt into the corners of your room to later vacuum or remove along all unwanted Energy.
Do you remember that Indian story about the Princess who loved her Father like Salt?
Oh well, that surely impressed me when I was a child but now it makes even more sense to me in the light of recent discoveries regarding the benefits of salt and the multiple means of use which add value to the Quality of Living.

7. Take a Bliss Bath – According to TheLawOfAttraction, “Taking a bath or a nice long hot shower can help elevate your personal energy.
It’s a very easy and effective method. Just soak for 20-30 minutes, relax and unwind. Also, try adding unrefined sea salt (or Himalayan crystal salt) and oils to your bath. Salt water bath has long been known as a great way to cleanse aura and increase health and vitality.”
I personally love Spas and Beauty Treatments of any kind (non-invasive, of course) therefore I often prepare myself a long hot Bubble Bath to Blissfully dive myself into whenever my Energy is not on its Highest level – I use Lavender Sea Salt (which makes the water Pink!!!), Jasmine and Rose Essential Oils and Light all the Candles around (which are plenty, of all Colors and Aromas). There is always Relaxing Music on – such as Soulection.
That is a Home Spa and Aroma Therapy in the same time.
As you could probably notice by now, what I seem to do is to Double the Positive Effects of any of my Relaxation Tools (that is because I choose to live Life riding the Infinite Flow of Abundance, which is manifesting based on the The Power of Intention through the The Law of Attraction).

8. Use Essential Oils – drop them like they’re Hot! They instantly refresh your home by inviting good Chi in. According to GoWithHarmony “Essential oils are also antibacterial and antiviral so they help to make your home healthier naturally. Frankincense, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lemon Oil, Lavender, Peppermint, Clove Leaf and Cinnamon Leaf and Rose are a few powerful and beautiful ones to try.”
I personally drop them into my Royal Bubble Bath as mentioned before – depending on your own necessities and preferences, there is a large variety of flavors to chose from available in various shops.
I confess I also take a drop of Frankincense Oil into a big glass of water prior to leaving my home to go out or to work.

9. Burn Sage, Perfumed Sticks or Incense – According to Amy B. Scher, these are said to “remove all stagnant energy from your space by allowing only that of the highest vibration to remain.”
Honestly, I strongly advise you, instead of walking around your own house almost with a torch in flames, to simply purchase Incense Sticks (not as intentionally powerful though – depending of what you personally believe, of course – but they still smell pretty) or simply a traditional censer, which is available for purchase in churches or religious shops – please spare me of your ignorance and preconceptions as it doesn’t really take a Genius to know the difference between Religion as a current of thinking and the institution representing it, wow!).
Some of these censers are serious Art Statements, therefore they are worth the investment (I doubled the spiritual effects of choosing a single item again – which is both artistic and useful – it’s really all about Choices and a New Way of Thinking!).
All you need is (frank)incense and charcoal, plus the Smell is infused through the censer and there is no obvious fire threat to your environment.

10. Meditate – it is said to increase serotonin levels and thus to improve mood and behavior by maintaining a vibrantly Positive Energy field, if practiced in a Peaceful environment and Comfortable position, once you clear your mind.
Of course, I do not know personally know that much about it since it is not my kind of practice.
What I do is Pray – recite “Our Father” – which is the only prayer I know by Heart. If there is something stressing me (not ever going to be the case anymore!), I recite it 9 times and the density suddenly clears away by Magic.
That’s how powerful my Holy Father is, I just say His Name and He comes instantly, bam!
Of course, let me just remind you this is indeed the best relationship of my Life so please feel free to reach for Him yourself in your own way! I also know He won’t mind if you say Thank You more often.
Show the real G some Gratitude.

11. Visualize a Positive Outcome – Envision your Vision! Instead of stressing over anything, just Welcome into Awareness the Solution to your worrying state and act like it’s already Resolved.
Visualizing your Biggest Dream in full vivid details would also increase your Frequency and Vibration. Preserve the feeling for as long as possible.
This is what I am best at, trust me!
Ever since I was a little girl, I used to do a lot of Day-Dreaming and Fantasizing, and God, how I loved it. I can’t believe it is actually an accurate Technique to keep yourself Positive.
I still do it and very often – I just close my eyes (or not) and let my thoughts take me to the image of pleasing my desires. For example, I visualize how I will rule the world with my Future Boyfriend – the King.
You will soon see this working! 😉

12. Work It Out – People go for long walks (I like that, indeed), play different sports, lift weights, do yoga or swim to swipe the stress away.
But again, I don’t sweat it.
I am into Pilates but currently on a “relationship” break with it. I am more interested in African tribal dances, to be honest, which I find to be so sensual and too cool but I haven’t found a native trainer to teach me what I am seeing on Afropunk honestly.
Perhaps I will join a dance hall class soon, which I have been told to be slightly similar. I have been into Street Dance like… Forever and used to attend such events during my college years, that is before I started to Rave lol.

13. Solemnly Play High Frequency Music – that’s precisely what you need! Depending of your Tastes, of course, Music indeed has the Ability to upgrade your Frequency to the Highest, not to mention Self-Confidence – look at me! I am personally into African Vocal House now because (I have evolved lol) it’s both extremely Spiritual and Bouncy in the same time therefore it implies a Deeper Connection to me with the Divine.
Those Ancestral Drums and Beats have the Supreme Power to wake you up from any Conscience State you are not willing to be in. I also listen to Hip-Hop when I am tired in order to Boost my Energy Levels.
While African House Music gives me a taste of Ancestral Love by flying through Astral Planes on a Blissful Vibe, Hip-Hop really does Justice on my Self-Confidence.

14. Make It Smell Nice – Needless I say your Home should really smell nice all the time! Apart from burning Incense, lighting Scented Candles or Smudging, try a diffuser, potpourri or room spray. There are various appealing possibilities to lift the Spirit through a Smell Experience, depending on your Personal Choice and Preference.
For example, I chose a Zara Home fragrance which diffuses its Aroma through wooden sticks and a diffuser for the bathroom, scheduled to refresh the smell periodically.
Of course, at least in my case, the Home Fragrance always and perfectly matches the Interior Design, which generates a feeling of Completeness and Mood Tuning.

15. Change Things Up! – sometimes we all need a Change. According to LittleThings, if a room feels uncomfortable in spite of your best efforts, it could be time to allow a furniture rearrangement to take place in your best favor, which can lead to seeing that particular room in a different way, which is always great for lifting your Spirits! Fortunately, my Space is already Gorgeous, I am satisfied by how things are arranged although I tend to add new elements all the time (I collect Beauty), which is kind of the opposite of clearing the Ambient but since I am so inclined to Beauty, you can imagine I still reap Positive Effects from adorning my home with Beautiful new Assets.

“If we all collectively generate good energy, there will be a good outcome.”
– Shari Arison

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