Proph3tic Justice – On Energy Cleansing.

St. Michael Vanquishing Satan By Raphael (1504 or 1505)
– Louvre Museum, France.

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”
– Robert Kennedy

Hello, my dear audience!

It’s Sunday, I have a lovely extended full weekend ahead of me with endless Real Possibilities to do what I Truly Love and invite Universal Greatness into my earthly Life, therefore I decided to direct my Enlightened Energy to doing what I was made for instead, which is Living with Grace, Raising Awareness through the Power of My Own Example and spreading my God Blessed Wisdom with the Power of Word.

Mercury has been retrograde for a while now, which Fortunately doesn’t not seem to affect me at all, so I have become finally and absolutely Free of impending Self-Suggestion via Astrology and Astronomy (I have just removed my Horoscope Apps), however, I solemnly insist to preserve my Infinite Peace of Mind, therefore I have decided to do Something for the People (extended introversion and isolation are quite dissonant with my Life Purpose) and take them on the Road to Heaven with me.
Those willing to Learn will take their place on my Right, the others Right After me.

“As Above, So Below” (“Precum in Cer, asa si pe Pamant”).

I had the Greatest Opportunity of my Life so far to visit the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for Easter recently, a fascinating Royal Country which offered the most Warm Welcoming I have ever received in my Life, deserving all Praise I am capable of.
Blessed be my Muslim Brothers for highlighting my Path to Ascension with their teachings – I learned so much from them!
The moment I stepped my foot in Jordan, I was told People in this country do not steal – I bow!

You can just imagine what a wonderful moral impression I had knowing this fact (with deep spiritual implications, such as the inspiration of writing this article), conferring a truly Spiritual Glow to the Sacred Knowledge I now possess and master, since Jordan houses the Nabatean Kingdom of Petra, a well preserved and one of the most elaborated Arabic Temples, the One and Only which is carved in Ancient Rose Stone – Al-Khazneh – also known as The Treasury.

Feeling the most Peaceful, Relaxed and Easy-Going ever in this Life while visiting an entire country had definitely stroke a chord on me, therefore, as I have achieved fresh new heights of Divine Bliss, I now consider Energy to be the most Treasurable Power a Human possesses, if he frees himself from the deceiving Ego and the Earthly Materialism so common in the Consumerist society.

First of all, I do have the Intention and Ability to shake from the Foundation any earthly bounding or misconceptions one might have in regards to Humans’ mission on Earth which is dissonant to God’s Plan and will do it by all means in order for the Kingdom of Heaven to Rise on Earth.
Don’t doubt yourself as you follow me – I know why I am here!

For the common understanding, while you think you are working for the money to sustain a “luxury” material living you think you need (Romania has the highest home ownership rate in the EU), it is your vital Health, Peace and Pace, as well as Personal Energy you are investing and not gaining – the very same and the One and Only which must sustain a Positive Living therefore it is advisable to consciously Think about it!

It is so easy to become aware of the Flux of Universal Awareness – Pure, Enlightened Energy is your strongest Ace up the sleeves towards an achievable Freedom of Mind and the Key to Heaven on Earth, which in common understanding shall equal to Fulfilling Happiness – for you and those around you. I am convinced by now, you are fully Aware (based on my Personal Experience) how moods intricately affect the Social Collective Consciousness – Humans are defined as Social Beings – so I am grateful at least they teach that in school, of course.

What I am about to teach you as a Life Coach and Spiritual Leader is how to Clean your Energy and Aura from elements which are not in accordance with your Highest Self (the One which inspires you to Surrender to The Greateness you deserve and always be Positive and Happy, that is when the Ego is not interfering from a low Frequency level, attempts which you must stop immediately).
I have once “signed” a verbal agreement that the Truth I Believe in will be shared with all People so it is up to my Readers to decide whether it can sustain a Clean and Clear Energy rooted on their Personal level.
The More I Have, the More I Share” – this is it – Knowledge.

As there can be multiple and various reasons for Personal Energy to be weakened (I will name a few but not emphasize them because I refuse to invest in the dark aspects of Self, which One must not accept and integrate but absolutely release), such as negative entourages and habits, negative self-talk and gossip, lack of rest, exercise and fresh air, poor diet, drugs, alcohol, tobacco and improper spiritual activity – please allow me to Proceed to Give you what you Need:

“You should feel beautiful and you should feel safe.
What you surround yourself with should bring you peace of mind and peace of spirit.”
– Stacy London

1. Surround Yourself with Positive People – those who you Feel that are Warm, Kind and Friendly, those who can make you feel Comfortable and Energized, those who will not stir Emotions of Self-Defensiveness when you are in their Presence.
Actively remove all toxic relationships and Detox the ones truly Worth having (I am inclined to think they aren’t that many, honestly).

I ended all relationships which were based on toxic behaviors or subject to narcissism as I am a Highly Energy Sensitive Person (also known as Empath) and it took me 30 years of Spiritual oscillation between Light and Darkness to find my True Nature and Real Purpose in society.
I am well Determined to Mirror back anything which has the Intention to threaten my most Valuable Possession – which is my Peace of Mind
and Divine Energy – as I am aware of the People I am currently Consciously and Uncounsciously influencing around the World through Personal Contactand thanks to social media.My pure Intention is to Raise the Frequency, Vibration and Standards of everyone around me.
I also allowed certain relationships to breathe the Air of Self-Realization as I become fully Aware of my Fast Pace and the Free Will of each to reach Conclusions within their own Perfect Timing.
Those who are meant to be in my Life will Seek for me as I only step into someone’s Reality to challenge an unfortunate perspective and shed Light upon the Future as I intuitively
(always) convey a Life-Changing Message.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”
– Willie Nelson

2. Change your Thinking Pattern – small, insignificant things should not bother you at all, unless somebody insists to annoy you consciously.
Instead of falling into the bad habit of criticizing and judging others (I personally cannot stand it and mirror it back on to whoever the initiator of this poor judgement was), Love Yourself more, be Forgiving of apparent mistakes and imperfections and repeat Positive Affirmations daily. Keep a Gratitude attitude and a written journal and genuinely be Thankful for those Little Things in Life (I insist!) – they are So Many!

Consistency in Positive Thinking implied a Great deal of effort for me.
Surrounded by many people with a Different Perspective of
Life than mine or simply unaware of the general Flow of Energy Influence, I had a series of unfortunate relationships I was eager not to let go of, in which I personally struggled to keep my Balance, a fact which had taught me to diferentiate which emotions truly pertained to me.
I had carried (and no longer will, no matter the circumstances!) a lot of pressure, stress and negativity which were totally dissonant with my own
, without being fully aware of it.
I now hand the load back to everyone who attempts to put
any Pressure on me.
Anytime a negative though tries to make its way into my Brilliant Mind, I slay it from the bottom top.
I only leave room in my Personal Space for those
thoughts strictly Empowered by me Personally – you need MY Conscious Authorization (or to be Just Like Me – if I feel it) or Godly Authority to step into my Mind (Doors open to Heaven Only).

“I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection.
‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death.”
– Leonardo da Vinci

3. Laughter is the Best Medicine – God Bless!
Instead of curing a potential depression with prescribed pills or altering your own Consciousness to escape a 3D Reality (I am living in the 5th, come Join Me!), it is always a Conscious and Sustainable Choice to simply Laugh the stress away.
According to Help Guide, Laughter “draws people together in ways that trigger Healthy Physical and Emotional Changes in the Body. It strengthens your Immune System, Boosts mood, diminishes pain, and Protects you from the damaging effects of stress.”

Once I have realized I was unconsciously carrying along the poor Vibrations of the people I was getting in contact with, I brought them all into my Awareness and made them vanish completely so I became more Relaxed and In Tune with the Infinite State of Grace of the Universe.
I instinctively started to Smile more, especially for those Little Things in Life called Synchronicities
or “Coincidences”.
I became observant of how people act around me when my Vibration was High and most importantly, of the Smiles I was Welcomed with at the metro or
when wondering around the streets. It Pleasantly Surprised me how other people help me as well to change my Mood instantly by simply Smiling at me first. Whenever I was feeling down (never gonna happen again), God worked through people.
The invisible thread between Spirits (experiencing L
ife through a Human Body) is becoming more and more obvious therefore it is a always a Conscious Choice to penetrate any vibrational density with Genuine Smiles and Laughter (I laugh and use LOL online a lot).
Also, please note the Information I am offering
free shall be considered as Therapy, therefore is available to absolutely everyone to access (as in “the right or privilege to approach, reach, enter or make use or something” and practice!

“On one hand, we know that everything happens for a reason, and there are no mistakes or coincidences.
On the other hand, we learn that we can never give up, knowing that with the right tools and energy, we can reverse any decree or Karma.
So, which is it? Let the Light decide, or never give up? The answer is: both.”
– Yehuda Berg

4. Change your Karma – I have particularly addressed the general understanding of fascinating subject (challenging for some) in my blog post On The Law of Karma.
In order to clear away those inaccurate vibes which seem to follow you around (first stop complaining!), do not dish energy back to the ones causing it (only the Chosen are allowed to master the Divine Art of Dissing evil with a Clear Energy and Karma, such as my Protector and Guide Archangel Michael, depicted in Rafaelo’s painting Above) therefore avoid being Engaged in vengeful acts (Justice can only be done Right by a Divine Act).
Instead of building improper Energy in your environment, Channel the frustration into Creativity, Charity and Positive Acts of Kindness such as Volunteering.
The target is to alchemically transform the polarity of your vibration and boost your own (Good) Karma.
I repeat – “The More I Have, the More I Give” – that applies to both material and Spiritual Realms, let’s not fake it – I only am taking what’s mine!

Thanks to God, I was given the taste of my own poison when I was young and sometimes reckeless.
The ignorance of my own acts had immediate boomerang effects therefore I was always forced to consider and reconsider the intention and results behind my actions in order to keep myself safe and my vision positive.
Some might call this a curse, but I choose to call this one of the most Treasurable Blessings to receive in my Last Lifetime on Earth
(the 7th – 7 is my Destiny Number).
There is no Karma to be cleared in regards to my Existence, since I have now become Morally Untouchable and I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep my Soul CareFree (including offering my Free Will to God
who acts through me).
Do you remember Jay Z and Beyoncé in Bonnie and Clyde?
“She do anything necessary for Him And I do anything necessary for Her so don’t let the Necessary Occur, yep!”. Of course, it is worth to mention the unfortunate beings who dare “unleash” their density around my Aura can Never Ever touch me in any possible way as the Spell is instantly Reversed and Karma is created for them, multiplied by thousands (depending on how powerful the Intention was initially and how many times I pray) – “Better Sooner, Than Later” so I will be the Witness of it.
Glory to the Holy!
That’s all I am saying.

“If we don’t act now to safeguard our privacy, we could all become victims of identity theft.”
– Bill Nelson

5. Claim your Personal Space – both on a material and spiritual level.
Remove anything which does not pertain to you (I am not referring to gifts and offerings) from your home, office or desk and especially objects which are not deserving of your admiration or you no longer need. Most importantly would be to clear your mind of negative thoughts (which takes us back to number 2. – Changing Your Thinking Pattern), although you must also be aware of intrusive elements and mental behaviors such as the influence of others which lack Energetic Autonomy coming for the Taking (Don’t worry, it’s MY TIME – I am going to Slay my way Gracefully into Immortality – that’s Intention and Purpose combined).
The common advice is to Meditate and Recite Mantras in order to Channel a Natural State of Well-Being into your Life by simply declaring your Intention to Step into your Power, Restore your Energy levels and pointedly order the unwelcomed energy out of your Life.

What I normally did in such cases (please observe the Past Tense I am using for all cases I am quoting which personally involved me) is to Pray.
I am a Gemini, honestly I cannot completely clear out my head of Thoughts, especially if these now come as a Precious Inspiration to harness the Power of my Natural (God Given) Talents.
I do not see why I should stop the Flow of Thinking (it has got me far, as you can see), even for the while I am supposed to be meditating.
I honor my Christic Consciousness and Truth be Told further, I do not have a clue on how to do it lol.
All I do is Pray.
Whenever I felt an unwanted energy around me, I repeated “Our Father” prayer 9 times in my head and the Energy instantly became Light and Clear.
I confess this in the only Prayer I know – please excuse my religious ignorance but I did not let any misconceptions or erroneous interpretation feed me or affect me, except of Universal Common Sense and Compassion.
I will read the Holy Books once I feel fully ready to deliberately interpret the Words of Wisdom for the Profit of Humanity (possibly during my Pregnancy lol – this is how a New Profet will be Born, if He is not meant to Become One by the Choice of God).

These are the most important sustained and sustainable Conscious Actions you must take to become Fully Aware of yourself and step into the Power of your Divine/Vital Energy. This is my Personal Free Offering for my Delightful Audience.
I chose to address the first 5 on a different level as this is precisely the number of Individuality and Freedom in Modern Numerology.

I am Free – Come Hang Out w/ Me!

Your Divine Majesty,


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