Princessa Petra – Folkloric Heritage

img_0848Glory to the Holy – Folkloric Heritage High Fashion – Bistro Stradivari, Brasov.

My Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have gathered here today to welcome and praise a new Queen P 2k17 enlightening Spiritual Fashion episode, channeling gracefully eternal highlights of the Romanian Folkloric Heritage at the highest standards of Quality and Styling, into a Royal Urban personal interpretation which promises to educate your three eyes and elevate your spirit into the extatic 5D reality!
As I am extremely proud to be a Royal Ambassador of the Holy Land of Balkans – Romania, wherever I land my feet upon (imagine my immeasurable satisfaction to answer the most FAQ “Where are you from?), this is to be considered the inspiration culmination of my eclectic styling adventures in regards to the Romanian traditional legacy I insist to preserve.
Guided by the divine Light and Marcus Garvey’s inspiring quote, I take the following statement seriously:
“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

I had a supreme epiphany recently while contemplating the luxurious prospects of the New Year (one of my best – so far, so good), which was inspired by the loss of creative faith and styling taste the virtual world is experiencing and I seem to notice frequently, as broadcasted aggressively on all platforms of social media. While cheap thrills and the lack of visual quality seem to sell tremendously for being especially designated to match the still uneducated youth, which seriously lacks ethic and esthetic values, morals and role models, I invite you to flip the other side of the gold coin for a High Fashion exclusive Romanian infusion of authentic Haute Couture.

I have come to the brilliant conclusion that my Fashion financial interests and ultimately investments should now strongly and independently distinguish themselves from the mass market offerings, as I can no longer accept, for being an open minded and strong-willed individual, to be a part of the mass trending global “sports illustrated” too pret-a-porter merchandised heard. Along with my life time Spiritual and General Knowledge Education, I am also interested in the refinement and emancipation of my own Personal Style in luxurious directions, a Future comfort zone by all means,  where the High Standard, Quality and genuine Creativity shall reign forever in Peace.

According to HSBC managing director Erwan Rambourg luxury power ranking, recently featured on Business Insider, Bespoke items remain the ultimate luxury good, exclusively leading the High Fashion “game”, mostly due to what I call the global demystification of luxury branding– therefore I indulged myself into the (still affordable) luxury of ordering the Maramures rural fairytale jerkin with tassels I am proudly wearing to a local elder folklore artist on my first traveling experience to this wonderful part of Romania, a truly luxurious work of art which took 3 months in the making.
Please delight yourself with my Royal Endeavors – Maramures Design Easter Edition post for further reference.

While the flawless execution of my Romanian Hot Couture vest, beaded sleeves with tassels and traditional chocker (another indisputable proof that my glorious ancestors were ahead of Fashion and time) was exclusively done by Midas touching human hands, the inspirational EtnoStarSkirt is a digital art masterpiece signed by the Romanian Designer, Lana Dumitru, which perfectly blends into the vivid ensemble of Romanian Fashion Couture I am proudly wearing – Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.
Indeed, my blood is blue.

This sublime exposure of traditional yet avant-garde reinterpretation styling was elegantly captured by my favorite Fashion photographer, Volker Vogue, in the gorgeous Stradivari Plus Salon of Stradivari Bistro, Brasov – a match made in Heaven to Perfection and Greatness!

Thank you! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼





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