Proph3tic Justice – On Alchemical Marriage.

Angel con Corona de Azucenas by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (Museo del Prado, Spain)

“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.”

― John Joseph Powell, The Secret of Staying in Love

The Divine Complements – what a marvelous reassurance of our divine essence abundant manifestation into the multi-dimensional sense of reality!
While for some of us, such peculiar interests in “human” relationships seem rather esoteric and lacking the realistic dose of practicability and “reason” – which according to my own belief, seem to poison the Higher Self with mundane density – many New Age spiritual practitioners have dedicated their genuine interest to the Universal study of the Twin Flame Connection and their Alchemical Marriage into the Age of Aquarius.

As previously mentioned, the evolution of human intelligence (by surpassing Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory and overcoming its limitations in regards to Emotional and Spiritual Qs) and ultimately race on Earth is highly dependent on our individual Self realization as Spiritual Beings, perfectly integrating the feminine and masculine aspects of Creation into Wholeness, Oneness and Completion.
There is no separate identity of consciousness between two alchemical halfs of the same soul (in this case, referred as the twin flames entities), for they passionately intertwine to weave the blueprint of the Universe and to raise the Energy, Frequency and Vibration of the material world to the highest Universal standards of human Enlightenment, in order to accelerate the Spiritual Awakening of everyone blessed to witness the divine Cosmic energy of both twins consuming into the eternal Light.

“I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love.”

– William Blake

These being said, naturally one question arises: What is the Alchemical Marriage?
The Alchemical Marriage is the union of duality and the most revered and possibly powerful union.
It is the perfect conjunction, intimate bonding of duality and signifies the pure, deep harmony which occurs whenever the masculine and feminine elements of nature combines into One.

“Divine love does not weigh down, nor carry his servant captive and enslaved to the lowest depths, but raises him, supports him and magnifies him above all liberty whatsoever.”

– Giordano Bruno

The Cosmic

The Cosmic Law requires the individual definition of One’s unique identity within God’s embrace prior to unlocking the divine energetic potential of the Twin Flames connection.
Each of the Divine Complements must achieve a certain level of spiritual mastery within its own individual Higher Self and the ultimate understanding of Oneness prior to the Holy Reunion in order to dissipate the negative Karma programming weighting down the Soul.
The same divine Cosmic factor which ensures the identical blueprint of the twins is likely to amplify the positive or negative patterns.
A valuable lesson must be learn on how to defractilize the negative Egotistical patterns (the base Metal) into the overflowing Gold energy of the Divine Higher Self.

“Prior to an individual’s encounter with the love of God at a particular time in history, however, there has to be another, more fundamental and archetypal encounter, which belongs to the conditions of possibility of the appearance of divine love to man.”

– Hans Urs von Balthasar

The very quest of the Twin Flame connection is as fascinating and possibly elusive as the quest for the Holy Grail.
Everyone desires it although few have truly experienced what it actually is.
Every human seeks a Divine Complement whose absolute Presence will lift their soul to the Highest Spiritual realms, whose authentic Love will fill and fulfill each earthly moment with priceless joy and meaning.
The fascination of spiritual practioners for this divine experience has been devoted to acquiring and acknowledging the spiritual signs of the Holy Union manifested into the dimensional reality, signs which will be therefore presented as a support tool of visualization, recognition and manifestation for this sublime Love Alchemy:

  • an inexplicable sense of Soul based Recognition upon the initial meeting
  • an increased number of Synchronicities and angelic messages occurring (such as numeral sequences repeating themselves)
  • Kundalini awakening – rising and fusion
  • an unshakable feeling in regards to the importance this person will play in personal development (in spite of poor practical evidence)
  • an immediate, intense connection – both shocking and invigorating
  • a feeling of safety, similar to that of “feeling at home”
  • freedom and authenticity of being (no fear of rejection or judgement)
  • balance between the Dark and Light aspects of the two souls uniting into One
  • a sense of expansion beyond the limited identity
  • freedom and the lack of attachment in spite of being together
  • energetical consciousness of Self  and high manifesting Empathy between the two beings
  • similar life interests, passions, values and aspirations
  • a mirror effect for fear and Heart desires involved with the individual inner healing of each
  • a magnetic attraction (not to be confused with abusive relationship patterns)
  • a role play where the mature One serves as a Teacher/Counselor/Confidant
  • multi-faceted connection (the twins are friends, lovers, teachers and muses for each other in the same time
  • complete truthful acceptance and the lack of judgement between the Spiritual Beings
  • a powerful drive for a higher purpose (spiritual, social or ecological)
  • lessons learnt and Universal gifts shared – Forgiveness, Oneness, Empathy, Gratitude

“This fire that we call Loving is too strong for human minds. Divine But just right for human souls.”

― Aberjhani, Elemental: The Power of Illuminated Love

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