QueenP, Your Hypeness

Princessa Petra 017

Let me love rave you! – Kafe Pub, Brasov.

Wonderful ocassion, my beloved unicorns! 💕💕💕

Buckle up! Have I mentioned my adventurous weekend spent in Brasov recently? Gorgeous! Truth must be told, I dig for gold and I fit well in the urban scenario, the streets are calling me lol. This was one I’ve never done – I spent a weekend Me Time away in Romania. Alone. Wow. No raves! That’s a start. Elegantly immortalizing myself on DSLR into the dreamy medieval peissage. Lines intersected, I’m well connected, game on! Delight yourselves accordingly! Let’s pour down some unicorns in my team supreme – it’s pumpkin season, yum! 🦄🦄🦄

Coffee, Tea, Me? 🙂 No sugar. All good.
A$AP Rocky said it:
“Quit with all the fronting
You ain’t around my clique for nothing
Cause our Presence is a Present
Just to Kick it is a Blessing.”
Please be introduced to my latest favorite Spumante recommended at Trattorian Artisan Food – Moscato Rosè Fashion Victim Dolce, baby! Delicious. I love it. Crystal sparkling, pink and fruity. I asked for sweet prosecco but did not expect a fashion statement lol. Perfect match – love at first drop.
High on Life and myself living, Suede on repeat. Anderson Paak, Anthony Hamilton on Tiny Desk, alone in my room, perfection, room with a view over  Piata SfatuluiAmen!

During this marvelous retreat time spent in Brasov indulging myself on vacation mode on through an intense visual recovery after the excitement of modern metropolis life lol, I found myself having a delicious coffee in my vintage gypsy dress, gold around my neck, adorned by my tiny little waist, wearing nothing but military boots and a snake bag – real and dead. Bathing in the sun light, shimmering brightly with purple glitter. Listening to hip-hop on the radio. Supreme.
Hang me on your wall!
Superbly photographed by Volker Vornehm.

Peace and Love. Drunk in Love with life. LOL xoxo






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