QueenP, Your Hypeness

Princessa Petra 014

If  everything turns gray, start wearing orange! – Bucharest.

Hola, bombones! 🍰🍰🍰

How’s your walk? Long time no see, another episode featuring me. That’s the talk. My last limited edition extensive hairstyle delivered gracefully before I turn my bob into a fluffy ball of curls. Stay close, breathe softly. It’s savory gold. Rolled, packed up, ready to go! Now, since I am not telling you what to wear, focus your 3(r)D eye vision upon me – the future looks bright. Are you ready? 💕

You know what else is bright and orange? Soundcloud, all my 458 likes. I’m thinking about addressing every outfit with documentary links for your reference on what’s hot in electronic music, since my life is a love rave. I could go dressed up like this to a party. Let’s create the ambient, set mood right for my self talk. We’re co-creators of an Universe of eternal peace and style, delivering spiritual abundance through ethereal beats. I manifest my thoughts into reality – make me feel good about yourself. 👁

God, I love colors and this editorial is definitely a statement. Need I say more? No. Orange – all 50 shades, American Apparel Tights, Jumpsuit by Nikole H., adorning the walls of I don’t know what. Love the posters though, perfectly matching my outfit. Spotted walking, the best move is heads up on the path of glam and glory. Everything you need is at your reach. 👀

Vibes atract tribes, who’s with me? Let’s elaborate a plan to uprise the mood of everyone by delivering solely what you perceive as being art and beauty. I would like to see it happening, regardless your outfit. Supreme vibes only. Light and Bright. Smile!
This urban Royal fashion episode is elegantly captured by my favorite photographer, Volker Vornehm, featuring his lovely daughter, Lara and the mermaid extended mix hairdo by Alex Serban. You all know him by know. See you guys at the Bothanical Gardens for grand finale of Cabal sunlight raves, Cabal 03. Click the link. Saturday the 27th. Wear something I’d like. No heals. 🦄🦄🦄

Yours truly,

👑 Princessa Petra 👑





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