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Royal Endeavors – Lost In A Moment

imageThe Stronghold – Civitella Val di Chiana, Tuscany, Italy.

Hello ladies and gentlemen of the nightlife,

Have I mentioned my latest international adventure to Tuscany on the 24th of July – Lost in A Moment in the Magic of natural forces unleashed into the divine order of rave, faith and luck? Enchanting, a mystical gathering, predominantly dressed in black, invoked by the Berlin monks under the tuscan sun. And the rain that followed.  Highly exclusive, only reachable by car, open airy meditation to spiritual techno under the moody skies of Castle Calcione in Lucignano, reigning with grace on a Sunday afternoon over extended fields of grass, bathing in the sun and colorful twilights.

The Fortune favors the bold, therefore my trip to the Tuscan playground of enlightenment and fun was challenged by unpredictable events such a train strike, which I tend to believe to be frequent in Italy by now. Nothing could defeat my quest to reach my final destination – the Stronghold in Val di Chiana, by taxi of course. From Arezzo, the nearest residential town I depicted on the Internet, with a decent train station involved. I landed on Pisa, took the train to Florence with an hour delay. The strike hit Florence, another hour of delay, my train got transferred to a bus. I had the ticket and luck on my side, it took to Arezzo and people were nice to me. Always. I like this fancy classy Italian vibe – although they don’t speak fluent English, Italians can depict vibes and match fashion requirements. Ciao, Italia!

imageIgor Mitoraj Fallen Angel in Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa, Italia.

I arrived in my bed, Il Castello dormitory at about four a.m. and devoted not so many hours to sleep prior to my overflowing energy and excitement to be heading to the exclusive rave. I woke up in the morning and took a trip around. So much sparkling greenery around inducing a relaxing and joyous peace of mind. Fresh air, natural beauty, controversial history and historical relics such as the Stronghold fortress. Enjoy the view! I was well received in terms of presence and attention, although still challenged by the local customs of siesta which provoked unfamiliar feelings of hunger. The local restaurant opened at 7 o’clock in the evening, but nevertheless served grilled octopus and prosecco. I appreciate my elegant approach in regards to setting the residence exclusively into this particular Italian village. I had my share of Me time. Check out the intense professional raving which followed.

imageLa Coppia Felice, Arthur Koch 1979 – Civitella Val di Chiana, Italy.

I ride alone and this was a trip I cannot forget, demanding my complete awareness of everything around me and the weather responses of the Universe. The Nature was at its peak reaction and I enjoyed how she elegantly replied to its necessary involvement in human behavior. Allow me to dig deeper into the details of this planetary alignment – the joy, the rain, the fun had. Exclusive performances at the Game of Thrones delivered by the Lords of Electronic Music. Technique, class and perfection. That’s what I like. Let me show you how it all went down at this tiny shiny festival. A lot of unicorns floating into the realms of supreme musical glow.

FAQ: Where are you from?
Q&A: Romania.

Hello, Sandrino! I like you a lot. You do your job right. Proper vibrations at the right frequency, fun has been had. This is how it’s done. You know what I like. We enjoy signature tastes. I’m watching you. Truth be told, let’s dig for gold.

Hello, Dixon! 1 hour is never enough. But nevertheless, you got it right. Well played, I noticed the fine tuning highlights. African, provocative, lyrical. Playing Autie Flo – Waiting for a (Woman), however dressed in white (like a bride). Delicate appearance, minimal monochrome, yet presenting a soulful techno hallo. Smile, Mr. Number #1! It confuses people.It looks like you love what you drop. Spotted in to the game of private dancing. The Leader of the Refined Spiritual Sound.

Hello, Kink! You are a one man show. Perfected techniques delivered at strategic moments to attain the unspoken crown at this eclectic and eccentric rave. Epical and assertive, taking advantage of the bizarre interference of thunder, lightening and rain. You know how to make an entrance and exit in style, invoking rain dances under the moonlight. The Lord of Devices. Predominantly addressed to the gentlemen, intriguing the ladies with rare vocals, signature trademark.

Please note this challenging display of worldly powers challenging the always unpredictable yet indisputable laws of Nature was once in a lifetime experience. I met wonderful people which helped me reach home in the end. Protection from the divine, I experienced intense feelings of astonishment, a total wet look issued and conditioned by the pouring rain. My feminine intuition allowed me to wear a bathing suit and a vaporous pool party dress. Third eye adorned with sparkling ruby red gems and pearls. I am grateful for interacting with people approaching me with a compliment. It is an amazing feeling of awareness and joy. It requires smiling – the best accessory. Let’s end this on the highest note – the truth is we should be happy all the time. Look at these two wearing glitter, I don’t know them but I like what’s going on. The one from the back is clueless. We all live under the same sky but we have different visions.
♣️ Reining.♣️



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