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Royal Endeavors – CABAL 02

imageBubbling with Joy – CABAL 02, the Bothanical Gardens.

Hello my raspberry cupcakes,

It’s time for the third lucky charmed CABAL 03 featuring Navid Izadi !live, Crazy P Soundsystem, Fish Go Deep, Fouchat – see you on the 27th of August – a supreme Saturday afternoon raising highest vibrations, uniting frequencies with the Universe, igniting musical trips, all united in the glory of fun! Future.

Meanwhile, let’s throw into the game evidence of the enlightening CABAL 02 featuring Tensnake, Culoe de Song, Helen !live, Disco Snagov, Andreea Veder.
Bubbles, Ballons, Glitter and Gold. 👑
Smooth and elegant, all details aligned.
See for yourselves, darlings ! 👁
Cream on Top – the Peace of Mind cocktail, it perfectly matches any outfit.
The taste is divine. Nevertheless, grilled seafood on the deck. Yuuum! ♣️
Everything was perfectly combined into the natural beauty of the Bothanical Gardens.
Absolutely divine. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This was a rave at its finest. Beautiful people. All my friends were there, lovely! 💜
Music matched the crowd, lyrical spiritual techno.
The light was dancing voluptuously between the purple trees.
At the right place, at the right time.
By the way, I love African beats, they unleash a feminine awareness of movement and body. Tribal but elegant.
Genuine flow, addressed to the ladies, powerful yet meaningful. You know what I mean. 💋

Enjoy this shiny adventure into the realms of pure fun and join my unicorn team lol. 🦄💜🦄







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