QueenP, Your Hypeness

Princessa Petra 013

Petra_OF3Only God can judge me and He don’t like no ugly – Bucharest, 2016.

Hey, sexy! πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

Welcome to another glorious episode featuring your favorite model, actress and guru – yours truly, the royal Miss P.
Yes, that’s right, I am modeling for my high fashion spiritual blog (for the moment), role-modeling the world and starring in my own life movie. Blockbuster, baby!
Midas TouchΒ honey, everything I touch turns to gold.
Let’s all mindfully practice appreciation for our gifts and blessings (if you know them by now).

While you enjoy a well deserved summer break from my exotic turbans and exotic luxe, and this time I am serving you an urban ethnic and ethic feast of Romanian Apparel on a gold plate, a back-to-school interpretation and another skillful invitation to escape from the mundane, dusty yet ultra popular looks I am sooooo bored of right now – tank tops, jeans and oversized almost IT bags (fake it till you make it – looks like you willΒ break it).
Fashion Fatigue is under my League, girl.
Elevate yourselves first!
I am not telling you how to wear a white T.

How about a classy lesson learnt the easiest way thanks to me paving your way to self expression with yet another shinny Petr-a-Porter styling edition?
Your dream came true.Β I adore to be adorned.
This ethnic stamp collection Romanian Apparel Lana DumitruΒ dress is reigning, lively and gorgeous, find it online and in store atΒ Molecule F, the most stylish Romanian selector of local designers.
Surf with caution, you could fall in love. πŸ’œ
Please note – my number 1 supplier of perfect leggings is American Apparel! It’s a long lasting relationship. Shoes by Zara, truth be told though, I can’t walk in them but I can model.
Supremely focus on my astonishing golden cross, I got it from the vintage bazar near the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Endless appreciation for the beautiful gifts God sends to me!
That’s why I am me and I can only be me. πŸ‘‘

While I am flying over the world like Simone Biles, welcome to the Olympics Gold style awards and the winner is Me.
Now, allow me to praise my team supreme – perfection is captured by Mr. Volker Vornehm, my favorite photographer and wing man to this material Glory.
Your number one supplier of QueenP.
Hair done right by now famous Alex Serban, the little Mini Me.
We had the pleasure of being assisted by Lara Vornehm, Volker’s young daughter and foreign languages prodigy.
She speaks three and she’s only eight.
Just gonna leave this here for you to process deeply. πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„
I love my Team! πŸ’œ

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Glory to the Holy 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟





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