Collabs, Your Hypeness

Hats On Clouds 005

imageEmbrace Your Inner Greatness – Bucharest, 2015.

Well, hello gorgeous! 💜

It’s your Hypeness again, QueenP, throwing back into the spotlight this masterpiece pictorial, 2k15 limited luxury edition captured by Volker Vornehm featured on Hats On Clouds.
I adore it. It was possibly my first shooting, how can I not?
It’s splendid.

I was wearing this perfect Le Petit Indigent Royal jumpsuit, totally black (I know, right?). Every now and then the past reveals itself lol.
I used to wear black, yes! It’s gorgeous (every once in a while, evening gowns, perhaps) but it should not become a habit.
It does not stand alone for greatness.
The design, the fabric, the light and the shade – everything matters.

Story Untold, Anda invited me for a lovely adventure which I will never forget – my fashion blogging initiation. I do not recall to have experienced participating to a shooting before so I am thrilled the first one was with me modeling for Hats on Clouds. 💋👁

I love to pose, it goes away back, I’ll show it to you someday.
An indigo styled star child.

Buh-bye for now, babies, see you soon ! 🦄🦄🦄





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