Collabs, Your Hypeness

Hats On Clouds 004

imageWhite Skin, Gold Soul, Born to Win! – Bucharest, 2015.

Hey boo!

It’s time to throw back into the game this 2k15 angelic edition of my summer resistance to the concrete B. city, first broadcasted on Hats on Clouds – Style Spirit.
Tribal scent. 👁

Each of my superbe items captured by Volker Vornehm and channeling my ethnic  has an enchanting story to tell – the white gown is Italian, the sandals are Greek, my bag is Portuguese and I’m wearing Morrocan necklaces – all combined in an intercultural perfection aligned to the divine touch of my Snow White skin.
I greatly enjoy traveling places – earthly and inside my head – let’s call this a multidimensional expansion of style and grace.
I encourage people to take the trip.
Don’t forget to dream.
Life is our friend.
It’s time for your life to begin. ♣️

iLOVE: Hats on Clouds





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